Starseeds of the Future

Beloved one, you are in training. Did you know this? You have agreed that you will incarnate to be in the world, but not of the world. You have agreed that you will serve the divinity of you while wrestling sometimes with the challenges of the world. And, you have agreed that you will make demonstration of the Light, and the joy of the Light.

You have come as a starseed from other planets, other constellations. This is not your first incarnation anywhere, and it is not your first incarnation upon holy Mother Earth. You have volunteered, in what you would see as linear time to be a long, long time ago, to come to bring a remembrance of divinity, of wholeness, and to walk amongst the brothers and sisters—who may be from different cultures and are from different star constellations—to bring your culture, your knowing, your remembrance to bear upon whatever challenge seems to be happening at the time.

You have seen that there are many different cultures in the world at this time, and you have seen ones approach life from generational teaching, what the ancestors have taught and have said was of value and should be revered. And you have seen ones go toe to toe, sword to sword, and now with other technology, to try to preserve what they have felt was important in generational thinking; in other words, in their culture, because they are from other constellations that knew other ways of being.

You are a starseed of Light. You have come from a planetary mass that knew Light and knew itself to be Light, and you desire to know that again. That is why you seek. That is why you pray. That is why you read the books that you read. That is why you go to the teachers and the workshops. 

You remember how it feels to live in harmony. You remember how it feels to be in Light and to feel light; even on the physical level to feel lighter than air and to know that you are the creative One who creates every experience. And yet sometimes you bump up against the world and you wonder, “How can I feel the Light at this time in this circumstance?”

And then you take the deep breath and you come to a place of peace within yourself that then opens a door to the remembrance that you are much more than the body, much more than the personality, much more than all of the books that you have ever read, much more than even what your teachers tell you.

Your teachers are great because they give you clues. They push you. They nudge you, sometimes in reverse psychology. They are very good teachers. The experiences that you bring to yourself are very good teachers, even though sometimes those experiences may feel scarier than death itself. But the experiences are teachers to allow you to come up over, to ascend to a place of knowing the Light that you are.

You have fashioned the body out of the energy that you are, the Light that you are, and you have fashioned the body with a most wonderful piece of equipment within the body that secretes a chemical that when you are in drama you get very excited about it. It is called adrenalin. You seek the adrenalin rush because it allows you to feel alive. It allows you to feel more energized than the usual mundane feeling of daily life. So therefore you seek out drama for the sheer joy of it, for the adrenalin rush. It is a good way for you to access more of the Christ energy that you are.

As a starseed of Light you have come through many of the different cultures and many of the different centuries, as you measure the linear time. You have come through what has been called the Dark Ages where the main goal was to sustain the body, exist, to be able to come to a certain point in that lifetime and then release the body, hopefully easily.

You have played with everything and as everything that you can imagine. You have the computer programs in you for all of the experiences of anything you can imagine. You can call it up seemingly as imagination, and yet if you can imagine it, you have already lived it.

Your science fiction, as it is called, is a most wonderful doorway to remembering what you have done as you would measure the linear time, what you have done in the past and what you may want to move into in the future, or not.

You are in training to come up over the belief in duality, the belief in darkness. You are in training as the starseed of Light to come to the place of realization of the lightness of you; not only the Light as the Christ Light, but the lightness—to take yourself lightly.

Do not worry about the morrow. Do not worry about what the world is going to say to you. Do not worry about what the co-workers and the friends, acquaintances are going to think of you. Their judgment is passing and fleeting and it is arbitrary, because as you have seen throughout the centuries of different cultures, that which was deemed to be most beautiful and most desirable changes. It is arbitrary and temporary.

As a starseed of Light, you are in a most wonderful playground called the world, a wonderful place to try out various techniques of remembrance, various rituals, various teachings to see which ones resonate and bring forth the most light feeling within you. That is what you are seeking to know. You want to know freedom from the shackles of the world, the shackles of darkness, the shackles that say there has to be suffering.

You have had generational teaching that has taught you that the more you suffer in this life, the more your reward in the hereafter. Well, I say unto you, that is not how it works. You do not have to suffer. The hereafter is going to be what you make it, and the Now is going to be what you make it. So therefore, choose lightly.

Choose your thoughts. You have control over your thoughts. Yes, I know that the news media loves to play with your thoughts, loves to report to you all of the machinations of the leaders and the ones that are seemingly in power; the media loves to bring you the news of fresh disasters and ask you to judge them.

You have choice what you will allow within your house, your mind. You have choice whether to dwell upon what was said to you, what may happen tomorrow, what you have to have ready for tomorrow, etc. You know all of those feelings. You do not have to live in a struggle within the mind.

No one controls you. Ones can suggest, but in the end you are the one who makes choice, so choose lightly. There is nobody who is going to come back and have power over you to say that you chose wrongly. Now, separated ego will love to play that script with you. But truly, every choice that you make brings a wealth of experience to you. Every choice that you make makes you more knowledgeable about results. If you did not choose whatever it was that you chose, you would not know what was down that road.

As a starseed of Light, your divine birthright is to live in Light, to take yourself lightly, and to allow others to feel lighter when they are with you. That is your assignment, and you may take it or not. In other words, the choice is up to you. But you have found that as you go through a day feeling happy about something, feeling that you are truly okay—because you are—others can feel your joy, your happiness, and then they are uplifted.

You have a saying in your holy Scriptures that, “I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me”—women, as well. I, if I be lifted up in my consciousness, lifted up into that Christ knowing, lifted up into love which is unconditional and unbounded, I will draw all men—and women—unto me to that place of higher consciousness. And then you go with a lighter step. The ones around you can feel lighter, as well, because you are not putting forth the heaviness that the world expects you to put forth.

A starseed of Light: that is who and what you are. You have come from many other constellations, many other planetary bodies, a long, long time ago, so long ago that you can barely remember it, and yet it is true. You, as a small one, have said to the parents, “Where is home?” And the parents have said, “Well, right here; you’re home.” “No, that’s not what I mean. Where is home? I want to go Home.” 

Truly, anywhere you are, you are home, because you are Home. You carry it within you. You seek outside of yourself that which you carry with you all the time. You seek in the books and the teachers, the gurus, the friends, “Teach me, tell me who I am.” And all the while you carry it within you, the Christ that you are, the power that you are.

Allow yourself, even in this evening, before and as you put the head upon the pillow, to take a deep breath and to say to yourself, “Hey, you know, I’m alive; therefore, there must be some divinity about me. Maybe what I’ve been seeing of myself is just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe my divinity is within, within my consciousness, within me, and I can choose my thoughts. Wow! I think I’ll sleep on that.” And you will. You will sleep well.

I can say unto you with surety and a guarantee, you will not have another incarnation like this, because you are not going to be the same. You are probably going to choose another incarnation — not necessarily on holy Mother Earth — and you are going to be a starseed of Light fully realized in that incarnation and in the incarnations to follow.

That is why you are going through what seems to be rigorous training in this lifetime, so count it all as good—everything. You are past the boot camp. You did that a long, long time ago. You are into what you would call some of the advanced teachings, and yet the only teaching that really matters is coming to know yourSelf—capital “S”—knowing with a conscious awareness that, “I AM all that I will ever be; the love that I am, the power that I am, the creative expression of the divinity. That is who I am, and that is what I am going to be, always. I may out-picture it differently in different incarnations and different experiences, but that will be for the adventure of it.” And you do love adventure.

All that you will ever be, all that you can be, all that you want to be, you are right now. Take that deeply within the consciousness and celebrate it. It is no mere thing. Separated ego says that cannot be, but what does separated ego know except separation from the All That Is. So whenever separated ego comes and speaks to you—and it knows you well, it knows all of the little buttons to push—you thank it and say, “Okay, you’re excused. You’ve read your part of the script. Now let me get on with something else that feels better.”

Get to know yourself. Celebrate yourself. Allow yourself to live, knowing the radiance of the Light that you have brought to this plane. Allow yourself to believe in the best of yourself, to believe in the best of each other, to believe in the best of all of the happenings. For every disaster, so-called, is an opportunity to look beyond the appearances of it and to see the Light in it.

Always, anywhere you are, anywhere you go, you are the Light. Why is it that when you see your pictures of me, the paintings of me, there is a great light usually around me? It is the same around you. All of the “enlightened”ones who have been portrayed in the paintings have what is called the halo light around them. It is also around you.

Let your Light shine. Look in the mirror and behold the Light that you are. See yourself as I see you. Know that you have purpose. Know that always you will be that which you are, the Light come forth to express and to experience the divinity of you, Beloved Starseed of Light.

So be it.

- Mother Mary in expression through Judit



Prosper503935 11th January 2011 9:06 am

I'm not sure if I should read these things anymore. Tell me something I don't know yet. Something new.

Maybe a break through or a interesting secret or trick that will actually move me. Something that isn't simple or common spiritual knowledge.

COBALT 11th January 2011 9:48 am

:smitten: You are the new... Create.

rachelsnyder 11th January 2011 10:14 am


We need to remember that everyone is at a different place in the journey. Some (like you, perhaps) are ready to move to a different plane of knowing. Others may be having their first burst of understanding, that initial Aha! that sets them out in a brand-new direction. They are thrilled and exhilarated with every single word they read or hear!

The time of waiting for "an interesting secret or trick that will actually move me" may be behind you. As sovereign spiritual beings, the responsibility to move lies within us. There are no tricks or secrets that are truly unavailable to us -- though we may be blocked from hearing our own wisdom for a multitude of reasons.

When we are ready to move to a new or different place of experience, only we can "pick up our feet" and take the next step according to our own guidance. We may receive a nudge or a wink and a nod of validation -- but ultimately, the I Am is the mover, the movement, and the moved.

Nothing earth-shattering here, just a piece that seems timeless and always appropriate.

Satya 11th January 2011 12:06 pm

This message was so beautiful it made me cry.
Thank you!

rachelsnyder 11th January 2011 12:52 pm

Nothing earth-shattering here, just a piece that seems timeless and always appropriate.

This last line of my previous Comment actually refers to the "piece" that I contributed to the conversation -- not to the actual "Starseeds of the Future" message.

I just realized it may read as though I am diminishing the original article, which is not my intention.

Apologies for any possible confusion. The Mother Mary message brought through by Judith Coates is gorgeous, beautifully written, and chock-full of insight and illumination!

k 11th January 2011 1:10 pm

Prosper, the seeker has many periods of frustration and uncertainty, but the fact that you are seeking suggests you are on the path. The mystics tell us that the path is hard and full of obstacles, but the true seeker will never give up. The burning desire to return Home drives him even through the periods of despair and darkness. We all say meditate, listen to good music, pray etc. and yet we can still feel lost, but with time and effort the path gets easier and from a distance you will start to see Home, and you want to run in the inner silence to the gates of heaven that lay within your own heart. Love God, love yourself, and if you can not love all the people you encounter, love a pet with all of your heart. But, love something and the rest will come with time.

CanadianAngel 11th January 2011 3:46 pm

Thank you for such a beautiful and inspirational message. :smitten:

...and to Rachel...your explanation and insight was spot on! :angel:

k 11th January 2011 6:50 pm

You who are not kept anxiously awake for love’s sake, sleep on.
In restless search for that river, we hurry along;
you whose heart such anxiety has not disturbed, sleep on.
Love’s place is out beyond the many separate sects;
since you love choosing and excluding, sleep on.
Love’s dawn cup is our sunrise, his dusk our supper;
you whose longing is for sweets and whose passion is for supper, sleep on.
In search of the philosopher’s stone, we are melting like copper;
you whose philosopher’s stone is cushion and pillow, sleep on.
I have abandoned hope for my brain and head; you who wish for
a clear head and fresh brain, sleep on.
I have torn speech like a tattered robe and let words go;
you who are still dressed in your clothes, sleep on.

By Rumi

k 11th January 2011 7:40 pm

If you compare yourself to anyone,
You use an unworthy standard.
If you say “oh they are more beautiful,
They are wiser, they are more spiritual,”
You are not looking at the big picture,
You limit your perspective to such smallness.
As we look out into the vast creation we become
Humble in our smallness, because there will always
Be those who are greater than anything we are aware of.
When we know this, we focus on our own progress to the Light,
And bless every other soul as they struggle on their own path, because
We know how hard it is and we have to love anyone who has the courage
To face the darkness as they find their own way Home.
-Karla Fankhauser

k 11th January 2011 8:19 pm

And most of all, know that peace, bliss and love waits for all those who seek, overcome the demons of the ego, and find the grace of the Creator. When we get tired of looking around us for what we want, we as a last resort in desparation, finally look with in for the Beloved. Then nothing in the external world really has very much significance and we are able to see the bigger picture. Like Rabia, who lived as a hermit in the desert, we need nothing in this world, because nothing can compare with the Beloved. The wisdom of the mystics echoes through the ages and when we seek we can understand the symbols and words they left for us to follow. Many mystics have been considered to be insane, because people have not understood them. My goal is to join them in that insanity and reach beyond the illusion of Maya to what is real.


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