Thanksgiving - Living the Christed Life

Beloved One, truly thanksgiving is the body of Christ. For when one awakens to the recognition that he/she is the Child of our Heavenly Father, eternally abiding in the Kingdom, lacking for nothing, one lives each moment in a spirit of thanksgiving. One awakens in each morning with the song of the bird in the heart, thankful for the Life which activates the body, thankful for the peace of the night, for the joy of the day, thankful to the Angel of Sun for her light and warmth, thankful to the Heavenly Father for the Light which you are. The Christed life is one which is lived eternally in a spirit of thanksgiving.

The term Christ is one which has been ascribed unto me, Jeshua ben Joseph and it has been written in your Holy Scriptures that I was the Son of God and that I was Christ incarnate. And this is true. I was and am the Son of God - as you are also. I am the child ofour Heavenly Father - as you are also. And it is true that I am the Christ - as it is true that you are the Christ.

You are a great ray of Light. You are the Christed Light. And when you turn the focus of your attention away from the turmoil of the world, away from the noise and the activity of the world which would say unto you that there is much complexity and there is much activity, when you turn the focus of your attention unto the peace of the heart, you connect with your Christ Self.

Whenever the world would speak to you of chaos, of turmoil, of what you would see as challenges and problems, return quickly to the place of the heart. Take one deep breath, being very present with that breath, and it will restore unto you the peace that you have momentarily forgotten.

The Christed life is one which is lived in remembrance of Who you are. It is one which is lived moment by moment in the place of peace, of love - the Love which you are. It is one that goes first unto the place of the heart, discerning all wisdom, and then if there need be actions or words, these will be given unto you, and you proceed from the place of the heart.

In living the Christed life, does this mean that you are somehow taken out of this world, that you find yourself transported unto an angelic realm somewhere above the clouds, somewhere far distant from here? No, truly it does not. You will find yourself still seeing your brother and sister in front of you. You will still find yourself going to your place of employment. You will still see yourself going into what you call your grocery store, to your gas stations to fill up your vehicles which have the horses inside rather than on the outside.

You will still find yourself very much engaged within the activities of the world, but it will be from a new perspective. It will be from the place of the heart. It will be from the place of peace. It will be from the place of the Christ that you are. So that yes, you will still find yourself in interaction with others of your brothers and sisters. You will still find yourself doing the daily routine, but it will be seen with much more beauty. It will be seen as part of the Wholeness that you are.

Many of you have asked, "Why am I here? What is the larger picture? How do I fit into the larger picture? What is my mission? What should I be doing with my life? Are there classes and training that I should take? Is there something that I need be doing to prepare myself for the awakening or the coming unto the awareness of the Christ that I am?"

And I say unto you, the classes and preparation are well and good as your guidance directs you. Go first unto the heart and ask, and abiding in the peace which is within the heart, all answers will be revealed unto you. You may find yourself being directed to take training in various methods of healing, to take training which will give you the credentials that your world requires so that you may go unto places - business places perhaps - to interact with your brothers and sisters. And as you will be speaking unto them words that they understand, perhaps in a business sense as they would see it, you will also be sharing with them your love and your Light.

For by being in their presence, saying not a word of what is in your heart, they will feel the peace at a very deep level. Nothing is hidden, for all minds and all hearts are joined. And even though you would think that you could think a thought and hold that unto yourself, there is nothing that is hidden. The very vibrations that you emanate intermingle with what you would see as the vibrations of another individual and you are not separate.

Many there are who call unto me in their moments of confusion and turmoil and sorrow, in their moments of despair, and would have me speak unto them and yet, when I do - for I always answer - they hear me not. They do not trust the still small Voice. But they will understand the words that you speak unto them. They will understand the smile you extend unto them. They will understand when you put your arm around the shoulder and you say unto them, "I understand, for I have been where you are. But I am no longer in that place because I have found a secret - a secret which is not hidden. It is available to all. I have found the place of peace within the heart."

Many will see the peace that you feel. Many will ask, either in words or silently, to know what you have found. And you will share with them how to live the Christed life. You may not choose those words because they may not be ones that others can accept readily. You will speak a language that can be accepted. But the example of the Light and the peace that you give forth will speak unto them the potential that they are. It will speak more loudly than words, just by being who you are.

In each moment of your time return always unto that place of peace. Breathe deeply. Return always unto the place of the Christ, the Christed awareness, and then proceed from that place. This will not mean that you live a life of great seriousness. It will not mean that you must go about in sackcloth and ashes. It will mean that you will be expressing Who and What you are in freedom, and you will find yourself laughing and it will be from a place of knowing your wholeness - a place of knowing your holiness - and being able to be the example for others who are also searching to know the wholeness of themselves.

The Christ that I am is not far distant from you. For truly, when you return unto the place of peace within the heart, we are one. When you get into your square boxes with the wheels, when you go into your restaurants, when you go into your malls, pause in each moment and remember the Christ that you are. Take a moment the next time you are in one of your busy shopping malls to just stop in the middle of what you would see as the great hallways and observe your brothers and sisters. Stand in peace and smile. Smile at each one who would pass by. See how many of your brothers and sisters acknowledge the smile. It will be a fun thing to do. Remember in each moment the Christ which you are.

You are the child of our Heavenly Father. You are the Christ. For many lifetimes you have hidden your Light from yourself and you have thought it to be afar off, to be someone else. And you have ascribed it unto me and unto many masters, and thought that perhaps if you lived a life that was pure enough, perhaps sometime I would come with my magic wand, and I would touch you upon the head and I would say that you are now a Christ. I say unto you that you are a Christ, and it is not for me to bestow that upon you for it is your divine inheritance as the Child of God.

It is time that you awaken in fullness to the Christ that you are. For truly the joy that wells up in the heart when one is in awareness of the Christ Light is trulyabundant.

I desire all of you to come home with me. And this does not mean for you to leave where you are and to abandon the ones who are with you and to go off afar somewhere. It means to come Home with me in the heart. To remember in each moment the Love that you are. To remember in each moment the unlimitedness that you are. To get in touch, as they say, with the feelings of how it feels to be a Christ. Take that deeply within your heart. Play with it - for truly it is Light.

Your homework for coming Home is to play in each moment - play being the Christ. How does it feel to be the Christ? How would the Christ act in this situation? What would the Christ think? How would the Christ feel?

Truly, you are beautiful. You are the Child of our Heavenly Father. You are one with me. You are the Christ. Go with thankfulness within the heart, not only in this season of your year, but in every moment of every day. Live the Christed life in the spirit of thanksgiving and you are Home with me.

So be it.



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