The Amazing Hologram

Beloved one, I would speak with you now about the hologram that you call your reality and how you change it moment by moment, and yet, for most of the time, it seems to be a constant continuum. Sometimes you will shift the hologram dramatically, as happens when there is an “Aha” moment, but for the most part each moment seems to follow the previous moment without much change. 

As I have said to you many times, what you do in bringing a certain point of focus, a consciousness, if you will, to this reality—lower case “r”—is a great miracle. You say, “This is my reality. This is who I am. This is the employment that I have or that I am taking a vacation from. I am defined by my family, my ancestors, even by my descendants. I am defined by all that I experience.” And by focusing so specifically upon the present hologram, you temporarily forget the All of you.

As you put a focus upon your employment, it is important to you, and it defines you for a time, but it is not who you are and it does not define you to the exclusion of your Reality. In Truth, the Reality of you is what allows you to fashion the experience you call reality. You have certain interests that you like to follow, and they add to your description of who you feel yourself to be, and these interests, passions, change from time to time, because you have decreed, as the holy Child that you are, the expressive One come forth from the divinity of you, that you will experience a myriad of adventures.

Your hologram is the most wonderful extension of you. Creativeness is you. You are very creative, and you have seen this as you have come through the various stages of life this lifetime, and other lifetimes as well. You have seen how creative you can be. You have been creative in bringing forth the friends and the ideas that you throw around with the friends like in a certain game. You have an idea and you toss it to another one and you say, “What do you think about this?”

They play with the ball and they throw it back to you, or they may throw it to another friend. After a while, when it comes back to you, it looks a bit different than it did in the beginning. For in truth, if you could see one of your sports items such as the basketball and could actually see all of the fingerprints that have ever been placed on that basketball, you would see that it is a world in itself. Everyone who has touched it has left their imprint on it.

It is the same with an idea. You have an idea. You put your imprint on it and you toss it to someone, they catch it and they put their imprint on it, and then they throw it perhaps to another one and they add their imprint. You play with the ideas, and sometimes you integrate them into your hologram and they change the hologram until it is different than it was the day before or a year before.

Now you are wanting to know, “What is Reality—capital ‘R’? Who am I? What am I? Why am I? How do I work with spirit to the place where I know myself to be as the drop of water in the ocean, a drop of consciousness in the All That Is?” And there are times when you are in meditation when you are first waking up in the morning before you are totally focused on the day when you get a feeling of Allness, of non-separation.

Now, I know there are many of you who, as soon as the eyes are open, are focused upon this reality. Allow yourself a moment or so when you first wake up to spend a little bit of time that the world does not own, a little bit of time when you can look at the hologram of what you have thought yesterday to be and what you have thought that this day that you are waking up to is going to be, to the place where you can see yourself going forward in the day in love, in peace, in joy, knowing and affirming that everything in this day works to the good for you.

You will find that that day will work for the good of you, even if something that previously you would have called a snaggle happens, you will say, “Well, I have decreed that everything in this day works for the good for me; therefore, this has to be good. Now, where is the good in it?” And you will find it. You will find that it has a silver lining.

You recently had one of your moving pictures that talked about a silver lining. (You see, I do tune into your hologram from time to time.) Everything does work for the good for you in every day. So allow yourself in every morning that small bit of time for you.

Even if you are sharing the bed with somebody, allow yourself to stretch out and to take the deep breath and inhale the spirit that you are. Inhale the joy that you are. And then when you get to a certain place where you feel really good about yourself, not worrying about who you have to see or what you have to do or how much you have to get done in that day—knowing that you are always being taken care of, you are always being guided—then you can leap out of bed ready to face the day; not only to face it, but to enjoy it, to interact with it as the creative divine One that you are, making that day as you go along.

In Truth, every day is unwritten until you start to write it. Now, you have tested this for yourself. There have been some days when you thought you had to do such and such, and then something happened and you did not do those things. You re-wrote the script for that day. Perhaps there was a telephone call that changed everything and the whole day was rearranged and you re-wrote that day. In truth, no day is written before you write it. 

That brings us to the most wonderful miracle which we spoke of last month: the miracle of choice, the master secret; you always have choice. You are free to make choice. You are free to write every day. And it is interesting when you get to the end of a day and you look back on it and you say, “Oh, that’s interesting. I didn’t know he was going to call me. I didn’t know that this was going to come in the mail for me. I didn’t know that an opportunity was going to come that I didn’t even know existed, but this opportunity came today. There have been certain things I’ve been hoping for and wishing for and they’ve been taking their time getting here, but today they got here.”

So remember that each day you are re-writing, creating your hologram of that day. And if you want it to be expansive, it can be as expansive as you allow it to be. You can write into that day whatever you want to write in, with no judgment, only the freedom of choice. You will find that this sets you free from the world.

Do not ever disparage the number of the birthdays that you have had and say, “Oh, my goodness, look at me. I’m now fifty-five.” And someone else who has passed fifty-five maybe a couple decades ago will say, “Oh, you’re just in your prime. In fact, I’m just in my prime, and I have seven decades behind me and I’m looking forward to even more.” Why not? Time is of your making. Time is of your reckoning, so you can be any age you want to be.

You used to have a comedian who when he turned forty, he was thirty-nine. When he turned sixty, he was thirty-nine. When he turned seventy, he was thirty-nine. It was a very good example of how you are what you call yourself to be. So when you get to a certain age that has a label upon it, you go within and you say, “Is this really true? Do I really feel that I am elderly? No, I’m still in my prime. I’m still going on, excited about ideas, new ideas; there are a lot of new things I want to experience.” And you go on.

Ones have said that my lifetime was relatively short, that I was crucified when I was thirty-three years old. But I tell you, that lifetime did not end at thirty-three. And yours does not end until you decree that you are finished with it and you want to go on with another kind of hologram; not another hologram, but another kind of hologram.

So in my lifetime, as to my truth, I lived more than six hundred years according to others’ reckoning. But according to my reckoning, I was always thirty-three and enjoying life. Know you how it feels to be thirty-three? Well, you have your whole life ahead of you. You have energy to do, places to go, new ideas to entertain.

And that is what I did with my beloved Mary and our children as well—the biological children and the ones that we took in under our wings. Some of them chose to live hundreds of years, because we shared with them what our reality—the true Reality, capital “R”—is, and they understood that they could do that for themselves.

Or they also understood that they could live a certain number of years and say, “Hey, I want to trade this in and start with something else, a new form perhaps, a new realization, a new dimension perhaps. I want to go back, or forward, to my remembrance as the ET.” And so some of them left, deceased the body, because they wanted to have the experience of being a Light-being.

If for a moment or so you slip into another dimension—and I have seen you do that in meditation, or even as you are doing some of the household chores that do not take all of your attention and you let the mind wander — you change your hologram, your reality, because you have opened up a window in it that allows something new.

Practice opening up the boundaries of what you have thought to be true. Sometimes you have said, “This is my truth; this is all of it and I’m staying with it because I know it; I don’t like it, but I’m staying with it because it’s mine.” Well, you can make something else yours, because you have choice.

The hologram is a reality that you live within as you believe it to be true, and you can expand it in any moment. For example, right now, imagine yourself to be in a garden. Look around. What flowers do you see? Are they short? Are they tall? Is there grass? Are there trees? Are there birds in the trees?

Okay, come back. For a moment you changed your hologram. You made a side trip off to a peaceful garden. Perhaps you saw tall flowers. Perhaps you saw short flowers; different colors. Perhaps you saw small birds, perhaps large ones. You can return to that garden any time you want to, by choice, even if you are right in the middle of a toe-to-toe “agreement” with a co-worker who is describing the 1, 2, 3 of what has to be done.

You can breathe and go to your garden with eyes open. Never do you miss anything. Your hologram is often like a sponge. It can take in whatever you choose to take in. You do not have to take in the muddy water. You can take in the light, the clear water. Your hologram is like the sponge. And even sometimes without thinking about it, you absorb what the world wants to give you.

As I have said already, each day is unwritten until you write it. Your future is unwritten until you write it. And if one door seems to be closed — or two or three — look somewhere else. There is always a blessing in everything, even if it seems to be a little bit hard to find, even if it takes a bit of patience, even if it seems that “no matter what I try, it never works”.

I know you have felt that way. That is the human understanding. “And no matter what I do, it never works.” And then one day something works, and you say, “Oh, my God—truly, Oh my God—things have changed.” And who has made them change? You have; by choice, by believing that you have choice, and by acting on that choice, and being happy in each day even if that which you have been “programming” has not quite come to you yet, having to exercise—remark on that word, exercise—patience.

Using patience gets easier the more you experience it, the more you exercise it. You get to the place where you say, “Well, it hasn’t happened yet, but the desire is out there, the intent is out there, and it will happen. Meantime I’m very happy with whatever I am doing.” Because if that which you have programmed has not happened yet, you are free to enjoy where you are, and you do not have to hurry up and do something else. You can enjoy just breathing.

When you awaken in the morning—those extra few minutes that you give to yourself—breathe, yawn, expand the body, expand the lungs, especially for those of you who are the side-sleepers and you are compressing the lungs during the night. Throw open the arms and allow the lungs to expand, and breathe deeply. The body will thank you for it.

No matter how you sleep, invigorate the body with breathing, with choice, and remember that the hologram of that day has not been written until you write it.

So be it.



bluefeatheryone 5th July 2013 4:29 pm

Ty, Judith, for this lovely message. That's one of the most frightening things I've ever been asked, "Who are you?" I couldn't define myself by a career. I found I couldn't define myself at all & that was hard. Then, I defined myself as a mother for a long time. Now, I'm just changing. LOL. I still can't define myself atm; but, I'm okay with it now because I know I'm growing/creating. I'm so very grateful & thankful that we are so very loved & accepted just as we are as we learn & grow & change. <3 Much love to you! :smitten:

Tiff 10th July 2013 7:13 am

What a tremendous help to my growth. Thank you, Jeshua. Thank you, Judith :smitten:


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