The Coming Changes

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. Child of the one Source. Child of Light, divine. That is who you are.  I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing, as you have chosen once again to call me forth.

Great joy to always play with you; to play with the bare toes, yes, and to be “in touch”, as they say; to be in touch. It is my great joy to come and be amongst you in this way and to share with you the love which truly we are. I will not say that I am sharing my love with you, because that would speak of separation. But I am sharing your love with me as One, and truly in that space nothing else matters.

Now, in this evening we are going to speak of the changes that are coming. The last time that we met in this way, we spoke of the new energy that is upon this plane that you have ushered in, that you have invited, and how there was expectation that the new energy was going to change everything for the better and that it was also going to be quite easy; that everything you had ever wanted to have healed, changed, and improved was going to immediately be changed, healed, and improved.

As you have gone through the six months of this year, you have found that perhaps things were not quite as easy as you thought they were going to be. There have been surprises that have come up, and you have found yourself tumbled out of the door of the employment sometimes, tumbled out of relationships, tumbled out into a place where you have wondered, “What is going on?” or “How do I handle this? I thought Jeshua said that the new energy was going to bring about change, and the change was going to be good.”

Well, it is. However, appearances sometimes look differently, and you have had to get with the program several times as things changed. You have had to go back to some of the remembrances, some of the messages that we have spoken of in previous times of being the beholder and trying to get the nose out of the pudding far enough so that you can see whether it is butterscotch or it is chocolate or it is vanilla; far enough back that you can begin to see a little bit of rhyme and reason to the big picture.

This has been challenging, but you have asked for it because you wanted change; you didn’t like what was the status quo. Humankind and the energy of creative Isness does not like status quo, so therefore you ask for change. Then when it comes, separated ego rushes in and says, “Oh, I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t want it to be this way. I thought it was going to be easy. I thought something was going to just miraculously make it okay.
Well, in truth, miracles have been happening around you all of the time and within you, because as you have come through the challenges that have been right there in your experience, you have found that maybe the challenges are familiar, but you have changed. You have had a different perspective on some things. You have been able to read the books that would give you a different perspective. You have had friends who have miraculously come along right at the right time and said something to you that perhaps they didn’t even recognize was going to be the answer to what you had been wrestling with.

But they came along and they gave you a clue or sent you on to somewhere else, sort of like following the dots or following the bread crumbs, and so you came to a place where you began to see, “Okay, there is some good in this. It’s not exactly the way I had envisioned it. It’s not as easy as I thought it was going to be, but you know, there might be that most wonderful gift that you have built into human life. There might be some hope in this.”

And so you have held out and you have looked around the corner each way to see, okay, where’s the gift in this? I know there’s a gift in this. There had better be a gift in this. And you have found a clue or two of a gift.
Now, following on from what we have spoken of previously as the new energy, we are going to be speaking this evening about the changes that are well under way, but the changes that will be coming in what you see to be your next six months, twelve months. These changes are going to be big ones. They are going to be upheavals. They are going to be ones that can be looked at as, “Oh, no; this isn’t what I wanted to see at all.”
But in the long range picture, they are the changes that you want to see, and you are going to know in the next few months of your timing and in the next twelve months of your timing for sure, you are going to know the strength within. And that is why you are calling them forth; you and the collective consciousness are calling forth the disasters, as they have been called, the tragedies, because truly you want to know your divine Isness, your creative power.

You want to know how powerful you are; not as the world measures power, but you want to know that I am steadfast no matter what the storm is going to be. You have already had clues with all of the storms that have been across the face of our holy Mother Earth, where there have been great cleansings.

There will be in what you see as the summer months and into your autumn, there will be more and more of the storms of the Mother Nature cleansing, and they will be of great magnitude, some of them.

Now, hear this well. You and all of the brothers and sisters are always in the right place at the right time, and that which you are can never be destroyed. The true Isness of you will never be extinguished; it will never be harmed.

So when you see the reports, as you have been seeing on your news media or perhaps you have been feeling…some of you within the sound of my voice have been experiencing some of the challenges coming from “Mother Nature”. Allow yourself to take stock very quickly of where you are, and allow the fear of, “Oh, my goodness, what might happen,” to be replaced by , “I Am always loved, protected, taken care of. I Am always in the arms of the everlasting Father/Mother/God/All That Is, and I will always remain in that love,” for you will.

This is not the first incarnation you have ever had, and it is not the last that you are ever going to have. Now, it may be the last incarnation upon this plane, if you so choose, but you will incarnate in some form, as some energy form, some spiritual deva, whatever, somewhere, sometime, again, because you are creators.
You are the energy that goes forth, and you are very much wanting to know, “What can I create?” And so you are going to call forth experiences. That is the nature of creativity.

So you are going to see storms of great magnitude, and you are going to see ones who “lose everything” except perhaps what they have on the bodily form. You have seen this in your news media reporting, that ones have said, “You know, we have lost everything that we ever built up in this lifetime, but here we are. We can start over.” And that is true. Even if the bodily form is released, they will start over.

You are going to be seeing more of the volcanic eruptions; some in your area, some more likely in other areas of our holy Mother, the Earth, but there is going to be more and more opening of energy. You are sitting upon a powder keg of energy known as planet Earth. There is much of energy, divine energy, within, and there is much of energy that wants to come to the surface because you are calling it forth in order to create, in order to change, and it is not something to be feared.

I do not speak of doom and gloom. I speak of change and I speak of newness and I speak of divine strength of knowing who and what you are. So do not go from this evening—and you will not go from this evening—feeling down or afraid. The message that I give to you is to allow you to know that, yes, you have wanted change; that, yes, you are seeing changes happening.

You have wanted to know true unconditional love and to know how it feels to be loved, truly, truly loved for yourself, no matter whether you have the—she’s going to love this—the bedhead (Laughter) or whether you have every hair in place; whether you have the fat thighs or the slim thighs. Whatever the appearance is, you want to know that you are truly, truly loved for the essence of you, for who you truly are.

Sometimes that is difficult in the world, because the collective consciousness yet sets a certain standard of judgment, and you have been taught by well-meaning peers and parents to always try harder to perfect yourself. You have been taught that if you try a little bit harder, you can be a little bit better.

Well, I say unto you, you are best already, and you do not have to strive for someone else’s idea of what perfection is. What you bring forth when you smile changes the energy in any relationship, in any encounter that you have with anyone. When you smile, you change the whole energy pattern around the body form. It is as simple as that.

There are two things that I speak to you quite often of. One is the breath, the power of the breath; to take that deep breath and to behold. And the other one…what is the other one? The energy of the smile, how it changes everything. If you remember only two things of my message in this lifetime, it is to remember the breath and the smile.

Those are not too difficult, but oftentimes separated ego will be right up in the face and saying, “You have to pay attention to this, that, and whatever, because the world says you aren’t going to be good enough if you don’t do.”

And then you take the deep breath and you say, “I am love. I am good enough. I love myself. I love the ones who are around me who love me. I smile because I feel loved. And when I smile, I give forth love.” It is as easy as that.

Your world will speak to you of problems in relationships. Sometimes relationships that you counted on and you thought were going to be there forever change. Ones that you thought would always be in your corner supporting you, sometimes they take a vacation, and you wonder what has happened. And separated ego, out of habit, says, “Oh, I must be the one at fault. I must have done something wrong. What did I do that’s wrong, that someone doesn’t shine their favor upon me the way they used to?

Do not take everything personally. There is a tendency, born of habit and of evidential experience throughout lifetimes, to say that I must be the one who is creating all of this; I must be responsible. And you are, but you are also responsible to see it in the whole picture, the holy picture, but it has usually become diluted to the place where you feel, “I am responsible for this mess; somehow I must have caused this and there is something wrong with me.”

There is nothing wrong with you. If a relationship changes, allow that other one to go their way, knowing that it takes nothing away from you, truly. And if you say, “Well, if they leave me, I can’t love them any more,” sure you can. They don’t have to be in the same dwelling place with you. They don’t have to be in the same proximity. You can love them even if they are half way around our holy Mother, the Earth, on the other side of the planet; you can love them.

Even if they have released the body, you still love them. Yes, you may miss the relationship of the daily discourse that you have with them, but then you come to a most sacred place of knowing that the discourse still goes on, even without the body.

That, beloved ones, is a great gift that you give to yourself, when you come to that realization that truly you do not need a body in order to love. You can use a body to express love; that is fun. But you do not have to have one. When ones will release the body and they are gone from your physical sight, they are gone nowhere away from you, because there is no place away from you that they can go. All is One. They are right with you.

If you stop for a moment and you take that deep breath and you say to the loved one, “Speak to me,” and then you do the most important thing, you listen, you will feel them; you may even hear them speaking to you, because there is no place that they can go that you are not.

Now, the body speaks of limitation, but the mind and the soul of you are unlimited. The small mind—lower case “m”—feels to be limited, and sometimes you feel that you can overload that mind. But when you take the deep breath and you switch into higher gear and you go to the higher Mind, that is unlimited. That is where you access your soul, your soul grouping, and the whole picture, the holy picture of everything.

Your news media is very good at bringing you all of the recording of happenings: your economics, your economy. How many of you in this room know of someone who has been released from their employment recently? Raise your hands. Quite a few, yes.

There are changes afoot, and it is freeing. When one is released from old employment, there is a feeling again of the possibility of failure, of responsibility that was not met. “What did I do wrong, or what didn’t I do that could have changed this? Why did this happen? Where am I going to go next?”

That is separated ego that knows very well to run in from the wings onto the stage and right in front of you with a silver platter saying, “Look at this. You must have missed out here; you must have missed out there; perhaps you should have…etc.”

You look at all of that on the silver platter and you say, “Nope. Been there, done that. That doesn’t fit.” What does fit right now is freedom. “I am free. I am unlimited. There are no boundaries, no limitations to hold me back. I can be creative.”

Many of you have been wanting to be creative, and you have felt that the employment was stifling and keeping you in a certain place that wouldn’t allow you time to do what you wanted to do. You were so busy keeping up with the hours that the employment said you had to put in, the travel time, that you couldn’t really have a day to yourself unless you called in for a sick day, and you didn’t want to do that, because you didn’t want to be sick, and truly you never are sick, except sometimes you want a rest, and that is good.

Now, if you are changing your employment, you have freedom to be creative, to breathe, to write a poem, to sing, to walk in the grass, to even take a nap in the afternoon. I know some of you in your employment, if you have a desk job, some ones do catch a quick forty winks if you can do it. But if you are now freed from limitations of what the old employment was, you are totally free to structure the hours of the day and night as you want to, and to be open to that creative voice within.

You have created for yourself the most wonderful technology, so that at any hour of the day or night you can be in touch with information, in touch with friends in other time zones, other geo-political groupings at any time of the day or night. You have the technology now where you are proving to yourself that you are not separate. You are part of the great web of connectedness. So if you want to contact someone at two in the morning, and sometimes you do, you can do it. You have brought about great technological change that allows you again to know your creativity.

The economy is going to be leveling out. That means that some ones who have been quite attached to their golden coins are going to be in a place of great sadness. Some of the ones who have not had the benefit of golden coins are going to receive some; not without some change; there has to be change. But you are the ones who are going to bring about change; you and the rest of what is called the grass roots people who have formed this geo-political grouping: we, the people.

Okay, who is “we the people”? Right here. Right in front of me and within the sound of my voice; those of you who know in your heart that you want to see a quality and respect and honor for everyone, for every living being. It is not going to come without some voicing and without some pressure, the same as we spoke of the volcanoes that are going to be allowing some pressure to be released. The grass roots consciousness is going to be releasing some pressure as well, and it is not always going to look pretty. But underneath, it is going to be beautiful.

So if you know ones who are very much attached to their golden coins and they are very much attached to making choices as to what will keep their golden coins safe, speak to them of the greater good. Speak to them to take a deep breath and to ask of themselves, “When I leave this body, when I leave this plane, what do I want my legacy to be? Do I want it to be measured in golden coins, or do I want it to be measured in the good that my golden coins have done?”

Speak to them directly those words. Pull them up short so that they at least have the opportunity to consider. Now, they may choose out of habit or out of fear to feel that they have to keep all of their golden coins in what are called the safe investments and that they have to make choices—you are coming up in a few months to make a choice as to some leadership—there are ones who will feel that they have to choose according to whichever leader they feel is going to look after their golden coins better than others.

Ask of them the question that I just asked a couple of minutes ago. What do you want your legacy to be when you leave this plane? Do you want it to be that you left fifty million dollars, or do you want it to be that you have helped ones in countries where they needed some aid and some help, or even right around your own neighborhood? Ask of them.

They are not going to ask of you your body, off with the head as it was in some other lifetimes where, if you spoke against the usual authorities, it was immediately off with the head or into the dungeon. That is not going to happen in this lifetime. They might not like you a bit. They are going to think you are a bit of an upstart, perhaps, but that doesn’t hurt. So what?

Speak your mind. Speak your heart. Speak to the greater good. Allow everyone to know that the changes are happening. They are going to happen anyway, sooner or later, hopefully sooner and with a little more ease as more and more of the grass roots pressure comes forward to the front and speaks for equality and speaks for honor and respect and raises up the ones who seem to be in the lowliest positions.

It is up to you. I come and I speak with you this way as I am invited. I speak with you as you drive your vehicles. I speak with you in your meditations. I speak with you always when you call on me.
I speak to you of love, how loved you are, because you are walking love, beautiful. And then I ask you to spread that love to other ones, sometimes in a way that the world calls tough love, to speak the words of your heart. Allow them to know that there are important things that maybe they want to, or don’t want to, consider, but you want them to at least have an opportunity to consider.

Your economy is the most wonderful motivator. It is going to be undergoing great change, because everything is connected and it is as a domino effect. You have already begun to see this. As the economy feels that it is getting squeezed a bit, the prices for your foodstuffs, for your dwelling places, for the energy that runs your vehicles, all of that rises as it seems to be a bit of the juggernaut around it.

It is forcing ones to come to a place of choosing priorities; a place where you also can ask, “What is important in life? Right now, what is my legacy? What am I leaving right now? If I were to exit this plane right now, what would my legacy be? How would ones remember me? Would they remember me because I had a lot of the golden coins in the bank and I put maybe a dollar into the offering plate? Or would they remember my smile? Would they remember that I gave them a hug at a time when they needed a hug? Would they remember that perhaps there was an evening when they needed an ear and needed someone to talk to, and I was there for them? What is my legacy? What is my intent?”

In the next six to twelve months you are going to be seeing changes that truly you have called for, that you have asked for, that you have wanted to come, and separated ego is going to look at these changes, and the first habitual reaction can be one of fear, judgment, loss, abandonment, or it can be one of, “Oh, thank goodness, it’s about time. It is about time. I have wanted a change.”

Allow yourself to speak. Two thousand years ago when I walked the face of our holy Mother, the Earth, as a bag of dust, otherwise known as a body, I spoke from my heart. I spoke what I knew to be true, and not everyone wanted to hear it. In fact, many didn’t want to hear it. They felt that what I was saying was dangerous, and that I would bring a sword and a dagger even into families and separate brother from brother and sister from sister according to belief, as to ones who would believe what I had to tell them and others who didn’t want to hear it.
I would bring, and did bring, division between friends sometimes and families many times. But I knew, as you know, that if one is going to move up in consciousness, one has to effect change. If one is going to evolve, if the One of us, as the creative energy in form as it is in this reality, is going to evolve to a place of the awakening, the Atonement, that One then is going to have to change something, because you surely aren’t there now.

This is what I spoke two thousand years ago to the ones who would hear me. I spoke of change. I spoke of love. But I did not speak of being a doormat. I did not speak that if anyone didn’t like what I was saying, then I would run away, or if they turned away from me, I would have my feelings hurt. Heavens. That could not be. That did not cut it, because there were many who did not like what I had to say, and there were many who did turn away from me.

But I went on. I shook the dust off of my sandals and I walked to the next place where there would be friends meeting, and I spoke to them of the power of the Isness. I called it the Father’s love, but it is the power of the energy of Isness, creative Isness. I said to them, the Father loves you so much that you can change everything and anything in your life, because you are that love. You are that energy.

In this day and time, I can speak of energy, because that is more widely understood. Love sometimes gets mixed up into human love, which can be quite conditional. The love that I spoke of two thousand years ago truly translates as energy, divine creative energy. You are in that sea of love, that sea of creative energy, and you make choices every moment. Choose you where you want to dwell.

Now, if I were to tell you, as you sometimes do feel, that there is only a small percentage of you who believe that there can be such an event as one who lived two thousand years ago coming and speaking to you now; if I said to you that there is only a small percentage of ones who believe in what you call channeling, you would say, “Yes, that’s true. It’s only a small percentage, and if I go out and say anything about it, people are going to wonder, where is she coming from, where is he coming from? I don’t know if I’m going to listen to that. They must be from that left field.”

But if I say to you, there is a small percentage and growing of ones who do believe that you can be in touch with non-physical energy and wisdom, and that you can be happy in the place of knowing that there is a small percentage. It’s not zero any more. It is a percentage that is growing. It is evidenced by the ones gathered here in this evening.

Here you have a summer evening. You have had many choices as to where you could be in the most wonderful weather of summer, and look at you. You are inside a dwelling place listening to the voice of a disembodied being—as the belief goes—because you are calling forth your own Self. You are asking to know what is going to happen, how am I going to fit into these changes, what is going to be my role. The number of you is to be celebrated, because it is growing.

When you walk around and you say, “Oh, my goodness, there’s only a few; I only know one or two people that I can talk to about this,” then the body posture is a bit different. You feel, “I’m the odd one out; I’m strange. No one’s going to want to really hear what I have to say. I really believe this, you know, what I believe. I really believe it, but nobody else is going to believe this, so I’m going to keep it to myself.”

But, if you look at it the other way and you say, “By gum, there are more of us every day who are believing that there is more than just the body, more than just the limitation of personality, that there is possibility that one who walked the Earth two thousand years ago by the name of Jesus/Yeshua/Yeshu’a can come now and speak with us now and he is alive now and he is speaking to me…hey, that feels really good.

That opens up all kinds of possibilities. Maybe I am more than what I have thought myself ever to be. Maybe I am greater than what I ever thought I could be.” (D: Look at the number of books now that are being published by channels) And look at the number of books that you have that are coming very rapidly—even in this evening you have a new book before you—that are encouraging you to listen to the one Self of you, that are encouraging you to go within and to recognize who and what you are and how powerful that is, and to bring that forth then into the world so that you can change the world; because you do change the world, just by being; just by being.
You have agreed that you will come in this incarnation and you will walk the face of our holy Mother, the Earth; not only walk it, but you will be most beautiful in it, you will dance in it, you will spread the smiles, you will do your part in it to bring it up higher to the consciousness that says, “I am much more than whatever I have been taught that I am. I Am the creative Isness in extension and in experience in this life, this reality. I’m going to celebrate that.

Now, have you heard that well, that there are many, many of you, and it is growing daily, who are opening the minds and hearts to something that they feel to be greater than themselves, and yet it is themselves. It is greater than what they think themselves to be. I want you to be encouraged by that.

I do not want you to go out and say, “I heard this channeled being say…such and such.” I don’t want you to go out and say that at all. I want you to say, “I know…whatever.” Do not quote a channeled being. Quote yourself. Say to everyone you meet, first of all, “I love you. I recognize who you are, and I’m really happy that you’re here sharing this life with me, because if you weren’t here, it would really be a dull place.” And you can say that in truth to quite a few of your friends, because they are the salt and pepper of your life.

Do not quote a channeled being. It is not necessary. Quote yourself. Speak from your heart what you know. Go deep within yourself and say what you know. It is the same as if you walked around with a book under your arm, and every time someone said something to you, you said, “Oh, wait a second while I find it here on page 332. It says…blah, blah, blah.”

And they’re going to say, “Well, that’s great, but what do you say?” Okay, I ask of you, what do you say? Do not quote me as a channeled being. Do not say, “I went to this channeling, and boy, I was really encouraged. He said blah, blah, blah.” Who cares? What do you say? What do you say? That is what counts. That is what everyone listens to when E. F. Hutton speaks. What do you say?

Now, the changes are going to be, as it is seen now—I do not predict; I have spoken to you many, many times that I do not predict, because you are all great masters; otherwise you would not be here creating the lives that you are creating. You are all very good at improv. So if I stand here on this date in time and I say to you such and such is going to be happening, some of you are contrary enough that you would go and change it just for the power of knowing that you could change it. I jest with you a bit there, but I do not predict, because everything is open to improv.

But as it is seen now, there are going to be some great changes happening in the next six to twelve months. Allow yourself to sit with them and to ask, “Where am I needed? What is my place in this?” And quite often what you will hear, the voice within yourself, will direct you. Sometimes it will be just to continue being the most loving person that you are. Other times there will be a direct guidance to travel somewhere and to meet with other friends and to speak with them from your heart. But always the voice will be of love. That is your touchstone.

Whenever you receive a message from “spirit”, allow yourself to sit with that message for a moment or so, take it deep within yourself and say, “Does this message come from love or does it come from fear?” If it comes from a place of, “I’d better take care of myself, my money, my relationship, my work, blah, blah, blah, whatever,” then know that that is coming from a place of fear, that perhaps you’d better scurry around and do something.
But if it comes from a place of peace within you, if it allows you to see everything in love, then know that it is truly coming from the Higher Self of you, otherwise known as what you call spirit. It is coming from the Higher Self of you.

We have spoken to you previously that even the body will tell you, because if you get a message from spirit, and the body says, “Oh, my goodness,” you know, the abdomen starts to tighten up, or if even the shoulders start to tighten up, or whatever, allow yourself the deep breath and recognize that that message is one from separated ego.

Take another deep breath and say, “How can I see this differently? What other message is there for me?” Breathe until you feel the peace that passes the understanding of the world, the peace that passes the understanding of all of the appearances of the world. Then you will know that you are in direct communication with the Higher Self of you. Then you will go forth in confidence and you will be able to speak from your heart, no matter what is going on, and you will sometimes be amazed at what comes forth out of your mouth and the changes that come because of what you have said. Because truly, when you abide in love and you allow the heart to be open, and you are sincere of coming from the place of love, I speak through you.

I, as the Christ of you, desire to speak through you to effect healing upon this plane. So in the changes that are coming and the challenges that you are going to be looking at, do not approach them in a place that says, “I’d better protect myself; I’d better store up the canned goods; I’d better lay in a supply of water; I’d better get my golden coins in order; I’d better see that I have enough blankets. There may be a cold winter coming. I don’t know.”

Do not look at things from a place of fear, because you do not have to. Always—I guarantee unto you—you will be taken care of. You can look back throughout this lifetime and many of the challenges you have come through, some of the narrow straits that you’ve come through, you’ve done some really funny things, and you’ve come through all of them.

Here you sit in this evening. Here you sit within the sound of my voice, alive and well and hopeful. You will always be taken care of. It cannot be otherwise, because the Higher Self of you has pre-ordained that you are going to be that which you are in essence. You are going to be the love and the Light of the Father in expression, out in the fresh air of the day enjoying whatever nature has to give you, and if it is a storm that rains down upon the head, you are going to say, “Wow, where is the bar of soap.”

You are going to enjoy whatever comes your way, because you have decided that life is going to be a gift. You have wished, you have hoped, you have asked, you have prayed, you have said, “I want to know the goodness of life. I want to live in joy.” And I say unto you, there is no one and no thing that can keep you from your joy. Your joy is right in here, right in here.

Everybody else can be doing everything else in front of you, and it doesn’t matter, because you have the peace and the joy within you. Follow your heart. Follow the joy that says, “Life is good. I am glad to be here.”

Do you know how many of the brothers and sisters wake up in the morning and they say, “Oh, my God, another day. I don’t want to go to work today. I don’t want to have to do” whatever it is that they’re doing. Do you know how many of the brothers and sisters feel that way? Have you ever felt that way? Sure you have. And then you’ve changed things. You have said, “Well, maybe I can see this in a different way. Maybe there will be a gift in this day. Maybe I’ll run into someone who will actually be fun and will have a joke or something to share with me and I can laugh in this day. If I can have one laugh in this day,” I have heard you say this, “if I can have one laugh in this day, it will be a good day, because a lot of days I haven’t had a single laugh.”

And miraculously, because you have put it out there, someone has come to you and they have smiled at you and they have said something that lightened the day. If you were paying attention, you saw the light-heartedness. There is a bit of a caveat there, because you do have to pay attention; otherwise, you get back home in the evening and you say, “Oh my, it’s been another day like all the rest of the days.”

Pay attention. Look for the joy, the laughter, the goodness. Look for it, because it is there. Look for it, and then you can live in it. If others want to go their own way, downcast, and they think the world is coming to an end, well, their world is coming to an end. Praise be. We’re going to have a change.

Allow them to be where they feel they are, but smile at them. Do not take upon yourself heavy responsibility for their choices, because each and every one of you is a master, and each and every one of you in your lifetime has made a “wrong decision”, but it was not a wrong decision. It just brought forth more experience to know how creative you could be and to see what kind of a mess you could get into and how you could get out of it.

So do not take upon yourself heavy responsibility for other ones’ choices, even if it looks like they are suffering horribly. Help them if they ask for it. Pray for them, yes. Speak to their Higher Self encouragement. Speak to their Higher Self of your love and your respect for them, but do not take upon yourself false responsibility. Believe in the Christ of them and of yourself.

Now, I ask of you one last thing, one most wonderful thing that is going to change your whole life. It is a small bit of homework. It is a very small bit, but it is powerful, and I ask of you to please remember to do this. In every morning when you get up, along with the coffee, tea, water, doughnut that you have for breakfast, take an optimism pill. If you need something tangible, take something that is of an herbal substance, a vitamin if you want, whatever you feel good with, right with. Or if you don’t need something tangible, every morning when you have that first bit of wakeup, pop in that pill of optimism.

Make sure it goes down, all the way down. If it doesn’t go down the first time, swallow it again, because there are some days when you feel like it gets stuck right in the throat. “I can’t be optimistic today. I know I have to meet with so and so, and it’s going to be a really hard day.” Swallow again the optimism pill. It is important. It is going to change your life.

Hear me well. Optimism, a pill that you take every morning, and make sure it goes all the way down to the heart. You will find that as you pay attention, you will find that as you do this every morning—and if you forget first thing, take it at lunchtime; works better if you take it first thing in the morning, but if you forget, take it at lunchtime—you will find that life begins to look different. You will find that as you go through the day, you feel better about yourself, and that is important. It is important how you feel about yourself.

Now, I know that separated ego says, “Oh, you should put yourself in the background. Everybody else is more important. You have to see to their needs and attend to giving forth love and so forth.” Take account of how you feel about yourself. Check in with yourself. “How do I feel about myself?”

If you wake up on a day and you’re feeling not that great about yourself, take two optimism pills. You cannot overdose. Even three. If you need another one at lunchtime, take another one at lunchtime, and again make sure it goes all the way down. Really swallow it. Make sure it goes down.

Take stock of where you are and what you have in your life, and I’m not speaking just exclusively about the material things. Add them in, too, because that’s important. It will allow you to see how creative in manifesting you are. So take stock of the material that you have around you that you have manifested: the beautiful raiment, the beautiful paint that you have on your toes, the socks that you wear to keep the feet warm, the suspenders that keep the trousers up—important, very important.

Take stock of the material, and then go beyond that and see how many friends you have. Already in this room you are surrounded by many friends, and they are as the tip of the iceberg, because for every friend you have here, there are many more who are not sitting right here body to body, but they are within your circle of friends.

Look at what brings you happiness. Write that down on your list, your mental list or you can make it a physical list. Take stock. When someone comes to you and they say, “Look at how bad the world is; look at how bad the economy is; everything is going to wrack and ruin”—and it’s going to look a bit like that at times—you can whip out your mental list or your physical list and you can say, “I know that I am rich, because I have…” and you list all of the things that you have in your consciousness, all the things that come to you, all the ways you are being taken care of. You are very, very rich.

And you will say to the other person, “You know, you’re really rich too. I know that you have friends. I’m one of them, and I think you’re really great.” And they’ll say, “Oh, no, not me. No, no, not me.” And you’ll say, “Yes, you. I know who you are. I’ve worked with you. I’ve played with you. I’ve suffered with you. I know doggone well who you are, and I think you’re great.” And they’ll say, “Oh, well, mmm, ah, well, mmm.”

But you make a difference in their life, because you know who you are. And if you are that, they are that also, and they may not know it yet. They may not be awake to it yet. But you, because you will speak from your heart that which you know—not quoting any channeled source; just channel yourself—you will speak to them the truth of their being, because you know who they are. You know where they’re going; not to wrack and ruin, but to paradise, to know paradise even with the body, to be able to enjoy life, even if some of the muscles don’t move exactly the way they want them to; maybe the body isn’t as limber as it used to be, and maybe if they get down on the knees there’s a bit of the creaking or so that happens; so what?

At least they are thinking. They are still physical. They are still being able to interact with you. Even the one who is lying on the bed and cannot move, cannot perhaps speak, that one has consciousness, and that one can be and is One with you in consciousness. You look at them and you use your voice and you say to them how great they are. You can say that if you are right here in the vicinity of them; you can say that mind to mind if you are not right in the vicinity with them. You can speak to them mind to mind, because there is no separation. There is only one creative Source going forth from before time began to experience and to express the creative Isness. And that is who you are. Go forth now and smile.

So be it.



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