The Father and I Are One

Well, finally she has stopped talking. Now it is my turn.

I have teased her throughout the years, as many of you know, because I am always present right from the beginning, right here. And yet she has to feel she calls me in.      Now in where? I'm already in. And I would share the heart, the Love with all of you. And it is not that I would share it. It's because you are the heart of Love.

When you come and you talk with each other, and you reach out and you say, “Hey, it's really good to see you.” And you do the hugs. Where is the heart? Heart to heart exactly -- feeling the love that you so want to feel from another one. And yet, you know the secret that you cannot feel it from another one if you're not already giving.

It is a connection always unbroken; always forever the Love is flowing. That is why it is healing. That is why you feel at one with self and the self that you may be hugging. In a moment or so, you feel that connection. And it goes beyond the talking, the visual. It goes beyond the brain, thank goodness. And you get to the place of the Isness -- the All that is the Love of the heart, that energizes you. That allows you to go forward giving the hugs, the smiles, the questioning.

Wondering if you say to someone, “Where are you coming from” -- whenever there is something going on that seems to be a bit of the confusion, or a bit that needs explanation of some sort you say, “Where are you coming from? What do you really mean by that?” And then a most wonderful miracle happens, because the heart opens and you say without any censorship,” I and you are One.” And in that moment, all division flows away. And you know that you are life itself, not only the body, but the spirit of you that wants to be expressed, that wants to be spoken about in tones of love, that wants to be in the Embrace.

That is why the most wonderous symbol of Oneness came about where ones reach out and bring the other, as it seems to be, to yourself. And it is One. You become One which of course you are already and always. But it is a -- what do you call that where you come together and it is healing -- a miracle. Yes.

In the day and time when you walked with me -- and I will share with you thatyes, you did walk with me. And yes, you did walk with me. And yes, you did walk with me. And yes, you did walk with me. And yes, you did walk with me -- all of you. So too, Indian. Why? Because there is a calling that you feel, a knowing that, “Yes, I think I remember this one. I want to know more.” And I will share with you that yes, we have talked. Yes, you have questioned. Yes. I gave you a

clue. Still in this day and time, I give you clues. Bread crumbs, it would be, to follow to the place of knowing, “Yes, I AM.” Full stop period.

You don't have to go on to explain, “I am woman. I am man. I am questioning. I am the expert.” Oh! I do love that one. When people come and they say, “Well, I'm the expert about that. I have studied this.” And usually, they'll be talking about maybe a few weeks, maybe years, maybe half a lifetime. Maybe even if they are open enough, they might know that they have been there, done that for lifetimes. Which is true. But you are already, before you have put any definition on it, you are already One. You are already practiced, the expert in everything. You are the one who is posing the challenge, perhaps. And if you are the one who is posing the --what's the word -- challenge, then you already know the answer. But it's so fun watching all of you when. “Oh, that's what that is.” Well yes, that's what that is. Has been from before time began.

Ah, there is an interesting subject -- time. Some time, we will talk about timing.

And the essence of time. “Why? Why is there time?” To make you impatient? That is what happens. Yes. I see you when you want something and you want it now. “I want to understand now.” You wouldn't like it yesterday? “Well, yeah. If you can make that happen?” Well then, of course you can make that happen.

Who is the maker of time? You are? Yes. And I see you when you say so often, “I am running out of time; I am running…” I hear my Beloved friend and teacher, the one you know as Judith, she keeps saying, “I'm running out of time.” And I say, Well, that's good. You know you don't need to be in a boundary, hemmed in by time and the limitations of time. You're free. And she says, “Oh, no, but I've got to get this done today, I'm running out of time.”

Of course, you all know that feeling. And then once in a while you break out of it, and you say, “I’m taking this day for myself. I'm going to enjoy, to be in joy today. This is my day.” And sometimes you wait one whole year until your birthday comes up. And you say, “Now I can take this day off. I don't have to do anything that anybody tells me. I can have this day for myself.” Well, Beloved one, you can have any day. You are the maker of the days; you are the maker of time. And if you say to time “Stop,” it's got to stop. Well, it just stopped. Very good.

The other beautiful part about this lifetime existence that you have is that you are the maker of time, you can make it however you want it to be. Yes, I know there is the boss somewhere and even if the boss is not in the nine to five time— right. It may be the person that you live with. It may be the small one. It may be anyone who wants to exert what they think to be limitation and power over you. But you are the one who takes the deep breath and you say, “In time I will do that.”

And they have to acquiesce because you are powerful. You are the maker of time as they are the maker of time. And if they do not like what is happening, you tell them, “Take a deep breath.” Miracles happen when you take the deep breath.

Miracles happen when the small one is yelling and screaming and jumping up and down and you say, “Take a deep breath, a deep breath.” And you show them how. “I'm not going to. I'm not going to.” But then the body says, “You need to breathe,” and they stop at least for a small bit. And you say, “Thank you.” You will surprise them that this big person is saying to them, “Thank you.” And you are because Peace reigns and feels very good. You know that feeling. Yes. Been there? Yes. Ah yes.

You are the makers of your reality/lowercase “r.” I have been saying this to you for a long, long time -- lifetimes truly. You create your own reality. Moment by moment, you are the creator of your reality, lowercase “r.” And it is the Reality with a capital “R” that allows you to do that. You are all powerful, much more powerful than you know. But you are testing it out. You are trying to see, “How powerful can I be? I'm going to change my mind about something,” you say. And yes, you can. And if you don't like it, you change your mind one more time to something else. And this is how you go through what you call a lifetime is by changing. And it is powerful.

What you are doing in this day and time, what you are doing in this grouping, what you are doing in the individual choices, is putting together a testament to your Spiritual Power. You are choosing moment by moment to live in whatever reality you say you are making. And if you want it to be different, there is no one who can stop you. Because you are making your reality as you go moment by moment through it.

So, choose for Love. Choose for the deep breath. Choose for Peace. And if the world screams at you, and it will and it does, you stop and take a deep breath and say, “Even within time, I will choose my reality, lowercase ‘r’.” That is how powerful you are. And the more you take back your power -- now yes, you have given a lot of your power to whatever seems to be needful. And yet it is not. The only thing needful is for you to take the deep breath while you are in physicality and to say, “I AM.” Full stop period. “I AM.”

And then the world will yell at you and say, “But what are you? Tell me right away? I want that answer fast, fast. There you go.” And you say, “Oh give me a moment. I am looking at the most wonderous creation, your trees. I will come up with an answer in a moment.” And there is no one, no thing, not even a tree that is going to say to you, “You have to do it right now. If you don't do it right now, it's going to disappear.” And if it does disappear, who made it disappear? You did. Because you have decreed.

But if you decree that, “I AM that I AM. I am Love. I am my own Reality, all powerful capital ‘R’, all Creative, capital ‘C’, and I will know the Love that I AM.” Everything has to change. You have decreed. Whatever you decree has to be, because it is your reality lowercase “r” that comes out of the uppercase capital “R.” Because you have decreed that it's going to be.

So. if you are living a life which does not seem to be quite as easy as you would like it to be or quite as fulfilling, Stop. Breathe. Dream.

“Oh, no Jeshua, I can't dream. My boss doesn't like me to take time out to dream. No, you can't do that.” Find yourself a piece of time, the all-elusive time, and ask yourself, “What would I like? How would I visualize this if I wanted to change any of it? Oh, well, I can't change things. This is what I've been born into. This is how it has to be.” Who says? Yes, you got it. You. You say what it's going to be.

And we have spoken often, the best way to realize this, to make it real in your experience, is to try it out and say, “Okay, I am going to stand in the sunshine.” It may be raining all around you, “But I'm going to stand in the sunshine.” And you have done this. The showers will stop for a moment. It may be raining all around you, but where you are it is sunshine. And that is true as a metaphor for all of your dealings with the brothers and sisters. You can stand in the sunshine with them and be happy, be easy.

You have found this over time. When you are starting out and you think you'll have to make a career, and you'll have to do something that the world will say is worthwhile. Now, that's a subject -- what is worthwhile? Peace. Love. Being able to say, “I AM that I AM.” Being able to walk metaphorically through life happy. And you have tested this. I can see you. And you have come up against some ones who thought they were going to give you orders. And they did. And you said, “Yes.” And then you said, “But we're going to change this just a small bit.” And you did. And they said, “Oh actually this was better.” Surprised as they were. Or they said, “No, you can't do that.” And you said,” Oh yes I can, and you left.” Okay. You make choices, because you are free to make choices.

The world will tell you that you're not free. That there are circumstances that you'll have to fulfill and a certain way you have to be. And you have said, “Maybe. I'll try it and if I don't like it...” And the world has said, “You will do it and you will like it.” And I have seen each and every one of you walk away from something that was not your choice.

You have been -- all of you who are now choosing these words, this reality -- you have stood in your Christ Reality and you have said, “No. There has to be a better way.” And even as you were choosing to be a certain Loving Being, even in the midst of chaos you were feeling and exhibiting your power, the power of the Christ. Always and forever, everything that you put together you have chosen.

And if it allows the Love to come forth and you want to stay there, it is yours. If it is chaotic and you don't want to stay there, you have choice.

“Oh, but Jeshua sometimes the choice is too hard. And I'd have to be giving up too much.” Beloved one, look at that from the eyes and with the eyes of Love. Choose for Love. There are many in your world right now who are choosing for Love even though they don't know it perhaps. They have chosen a reality that says to them, “I AM that I AM. I may not have a house, a roof over me. I may sleep out under the trees. I may have to go to a communal place and live with others for a while.” But if you look upon those choices, living with others, it's not so bad. You will find ones who open their hearts to you as you will open your heart to them. And you come each day a little bit closer to the Reality of you, capital “R,” where you know that the only thing true is Love. That is the final piece of what we have been speaking about all of these times we have so met.

The final answer to anything and everything -- it is to be at ease and to know the Love that you are.

Love is forever. You have that saying, and yet you have played with it. And you have said, “Well, I thought this was the love of my heart. And then she turned around and liked someone else.” Or, “He thought he wanted someone younger. And I'm sorry, but you know, I've got a few years of experience on me but I thought that was a gift.” And it is. Allow yourself to know the value of you. You have much to share, not only from this lifetime, but from other lifetimes.

“Oh, but Jeshua, he doesn't believe in other lifetimes, he doesn't know that I used to be in another lifetime the princess and that the king loved me as the beautiful daughter.” That’s okay. You know it. Live from that space knowing the gift that you are. Live from that space. No one else has to acquiesce. But inside of you, you know. Each and every one of you has lived several lifetimes, not only just one, as royalty. Sometimes you were a good royalty; you took care of your subjects as they seemed to be. Now in truth, no one is subject to another one. You're all equal parts of the jigsaw puzzle. But you have been, played different roles. And all of you have been in the different parts.

So, you take a deep breath and you say, “Okay Self, capital S, what should we do today?” And oftentimes, you get to find out what you're going to be doing that day as it happens. My Beloved friend and teacher, the one you know as Judith, was experiencing that just yesterday where she thought she had certain things on her plate to do. And it turned out that plate was full of other good morsels although she didn't see it that way. Yes.

All of you bring gifts to yourself. Every day, you make a gift for yourself. Every day you are the gift to other ones. And that often will help you understand your value as you -- for a moment or so just a quick moment -- you step out of self as you know yourself. And you look to see, “Hmm. how would that appear, how does

that appear to other ones? Am I loving? Am I full of laughter? Good humor? Am I the wise one that looks beyond all of the small circumstances and things that can be quite niggling? I like that word. A lot of the details of human life are niggling; N I G L I N G niggling -- new word for your vocabulary. Yes. It's how it feels.

Yes. And then you see the gift in it; much in it for you, even beyond. “Oh, I've made up a new word. Wonder if it's in the dictionary.” Probably is by now.

So, you allow yourself to be in Love. In love with other ones, yes of course, seeing what gifts they bring to you. And everything they bring is a gift even if it looks upon the surface that it is full of rubbish. And you say, “I don't want that gift. I don't want that.” And then you look a little deeper and you realize -- it is the giver that is important, not the gift but the giver. And you begin to see the value, the treasure of the one who stands in front of you or the one who is on your computer screen. Okay. Your technology is a miracle. You know that. You understand that. Yes, you can see the ones who are listening in. And in truth, the minds are reaching out, being One with each and every one of the seeming individuals.

There is One Mind and you share that Love. You share and you rejoice meaning that you come back to joy once again, rejoice. Yes, your language gives you clues. We have spoken of this often how your language has a gift in it, every word that you choose. So, choose wisely and choose with thought even if it comes tripping off the tongue easily. Stop for a moment and think, “What does that word really mean? What is the origin of that word?” And you will find that it has a gift in it. This is even more important and more gifting when you deal with what you call the foreign languages.

Now in truth, there is no foreign language. Any language, especially the ones that are extant in this time, you have already spoken. You've already been there, done that. And you know the meaning of the sounds. And what underlies the sound is the attempt to communicate, the attempt to be One even if perhaps the speaker meant it as a rebuke. And yet, you can look at it and say, “Where's that in the script?” And they will say, “Well, I just made it up.” “Oh, aren't you inventive?” Oh yes, you know that one. I digress. But have you ever been holding the nail and you're going to be hammering it into something and the hammer hit the thumb.

And did you make up a word? Oh, yes. Probably unprintable, but very expressive. Exactly. Yes, on the spur of the moment. But I digress.

What we are doing now is bringing together all of the seemingly separate parts of what we have been speaking of for the last 20 years, in truth over the last 20 lifetimes, in truth over the last 20,000 lifetimes. And when we speak of various exciting ideas, such as space travel, and there is a part of you that says, “Oh, I think I know that. I know that from the big screen. But I think I know that from experience somewhere, somehow.”

Of course, there is nothing new under the sun. Your sun, or any sun. “Ah, think for a moment, are there other suns?” Well, yes, actually, there are. Have you been other under another sun? Sure. Have you had the suntan here and perhaps on another heavenly body? Yes. Have you been perhaps the little green man who didn't need sun, lived in a cave somewhere? Okay, you've been there, done it. All. That is your richness, the imagination, the stories that are told, your dramas that play out on your square box and your big screen -- the big screen of life. You've been there, done that and had your name in credits.

Yes. You know much more than what you are using in this lifetime. And that is good. What remains for you now is to realize the Isness of you, the Allness. I have called it the Christ Self. But it is the Allness from that very moment where you thought yourself to be separate. And yet you have felt the freedom of expression, the energy of expression. Even in this day, you have made choices as to where you would go, what you would buy, how you would speak to another one. Every moment holds choices. And you have made choices. And you have come to a place of realizing, making real in your experience, that you are much more than each moment that you have gone along. And that's been a WOW moment. Because you have begun to realize the vastness we have spoken often of, the facets of the diamond. And how in each moment you are expressing a facet of that most wonderous diamond that you are, and the Light that it not only reflects, but brings from within to shine forth.

You are indeed -- you have the expression -- the diamond in the rough. And quite often you look at self. And you think you are, “Well Joshua, if I'm a diamond, I'm certainly in the rough. Even when I play golf, it shows me I'm in the rough.” Okay. You are the diamond; you are the facets of the diamond and you are bringing it now at this time in your awareness to the place of recognizing Allness.

“Wow. Well, how do I do that?”                            

By using God energy. You are, in truth, a stream of God energy forever expressing the Light, the intelligence, the caring, the Oneness of God Light and energy. When I spoke to you of the Father, I spoke of the Father as the Source. For the little one just born, the father is the caretaker, the provider, the one that gives you what you need to grow. This was what I meant by the Father. Not as a separate entity above you, but a stream of energy in which you live, move, have your being. God the Allness that will always be there for you -- has to be -- God the Father/Mother/All That Is, that stream of universal energy, universal consciousness as you tune into it. It is a stream that you are in always.

Where do you think you draw your being from, from which okay? From the Isness that you are. “Is there a separate Isness?” Well, have a look at the flow of water, a stream okay. Look at that. And where do you say, “Ah, there is a separate molecule.” It streams all together; the vast ocean flows as one. You see yourself to be individuated energy, the molecule perhaps you would say of H20.

And yet, you are the Allness. How can you say that within the vast ocean the one drop of water is separate? It blends with the Allness of the ocean.

This is you -- the vastness of space as you understand space to be. And even beyond that because you are the maker of space. You are the maker of the ocean and at the same time you are the molecule that flows in the ocean. Forever beyond the confines of geography, of time, you are the essence of the flow. Not the essence of the ocean, although you are that as well, but the essence of the flow.

“Wow, Joshua, I think you've got it, at least the first clue.” Now, what do you do with this realization? First of all, you sit in reverence with it and say, “Boy, this is amazing. That I, out of the vast flow of the ocean, the drop of water that I am, I have made for myself a reality, lowercase “r,” out of the uppercase capital R, and I think myself to be just this? Huh, you mean I am part of the flow of the ocean of being?” And even more.

Okay, I know that at first, the concept of that seems overpowering. It seems like too much. And yet Beloved one, that is where you become the Universal Self that you are. Even beyond universal because that speaks of one universe and you are the maker of a reality that is beyond measure. Beyond the measure of the human mind, let's put it that way. You are -- because you have asked -- coming home once again to that realization where you are making real in your awareness, “Maybe I'm more than this? Well, actually, that's really good Jeshua because, you know, sometimes, you know this knee hurts, and et cetera, et cetera.”

Okay, yes. You're saying yes to life. How does that make you feel? To know that you are first of all, in the flow of life, you are a piece, an H20 drop in the vast ocean as you understand just this part. And yet you are the ocean, the ongoing- ness even beyond physicality. How does that make you feel?

Okay, I'm going to ask you that question. Who would like to answer that question? When you see yourself as the vast ocean being that drop of water in the vast ocean, how does that make you feel? Well, don't all speak at once. Is there someone? Yes. How does that make you feel?

EVA: Who would like to speak? Raise your hand. JESHUA: I see a few thoughts running around.

JOSIE: Well, it makes me feel that I'm unlimited that I have access to all that I think I need. Actually, I am all of it. And it makes me feel that way. And how powerful I am to individualize myself as a drop, but I've always been much more than the drop.

JESHUA: Right. Very good. Anyone else have an Aha? Anyone in this room? Okay. MIRIAM:   I feel free. I feel powerful and I feel blissful.

JESHUA: Good, very good. As the flow that you are, there is power. As the flow that you are, it is the essence of peace. You are very wise; you are feeling that -

- taking in some of the aspects that maybe you have said, “Belong to this one, and probably only to that one. I see her as being very, very wise and in touch with her parts.” And this is true. But each and every one of you, as you feel yourself to be an aspect of the Whole, you are coming to realize, to make real in your consciousness, that you are this and more. That is why you have these certain advertising slogans that make it into your consciousness. You are this and more.


EVA: The time that I really felt the truth of this being in the flow is when I was pregnant.

JESHUA: Oh, yes.

EVA: And I felt this new being, you know, being created. JESHUA: Right

EVA: And then once she was born, I realized that doesn't stop; the energy that created this being doesn't stop with her birth. I am still experiencing that. And that just really clicked into the higher experience, the experience of being in the flow all the time,

JESHUA: Right. And that is how it is with the Allness of you. From time to time, you have that glimmer, that feeling of, “I am this and more. I am tuned in. I AM.” Full stop period.

Yes. And this is what you do feel with the offspring as they seem to be. And yet, as you acknowledge the vastness of being, you acknowledge that this one has been your mother in other times and there has been the flow of being this as well.

It is true for all. You exchange different roles because you want to know, “how does it feel? How would it be if I were the mother of a princess?” Well, you have been there, done that. “How would it feel if I were the princess?” Hmm, been there, done that. Of course, or the prince.

You've had a few uproarious lifetimes as the prince. There is a great, very powerful creative streak in you. Yes. And this, this lifetime you have done very well in a bit of camouflage. And yet the essence of you is most strong. And you have known that; you have felt that. And others when…(laughter) exactly that is how you have played it. You have said, “Okay, I know. I know. But I'm not going to tell you. You might guess it, but I'm not going to tell you.”

And ones when they get close to you -- and this is true for all of you, all of you--when they get close to you, they can feel the actual physical vibration of Isness. And they are drawn to you for that, that knowing because you bring it out in them. They say to themselves, I feel something with this one. And oftentimes it will be acknowledged as love, which it is of a sort. But many times, it is taken just in a limited fashion of love. And then perhaps you say something that they don't like and they say, “Oh, I guess I was wrong about that.” No, you were not wrong.

You are the essence of love. You are the child of the King, the child of the Allness of One. Here comes the Allness on four feet. Yes. Yes. You are the princess. Yes, there you go. You get to go on people's lap and be petted. What a life to live. Especially if they get out the special can and open the can for you.

Yes. Let us hear from someone else. Go ahead.

KAT: I enjoyed the dolphins last month. And when you said that being a drop in the ocean, that's what I thought of immediately…was just playing with the dolphins.

JESHUA: Exactly. You can visualize that. You can feel it even in the muscles of your body. How it would feel to be able to jump, to rise up and come back down again. The freedom of that in the muscularity. And you look then at this and you say, “Oh, I guess this is made for something else.” Well, yes and no. Because you do get into the water and you can swim. Yes. Most wonderous and to know, if you will receive it, that truly you have been the dolphin many lifetimes because it felt good. You liked the ease of it. You have also been the camel or the donkey or the pussycat.

Anyone else want to speak?

EVA: Well, Bert actually looked up the word niggling. JESHUA: Oh, good.

EVA: N I G G L I N G. And it's an adjective that says -- that means annoying, troubling or irritating in a petty way. Trivial or inconsequential. Excessively demanding of time or attention. So, there you have it.

JESHUA: Exactly.

EVA: It's in the dictionary. Thanks, Bert.

JESHUA: Very good. Yes. That's how it feels, annoying sometimes. EVA: Is there anyone else who wanted to share? Jeff, go ahead, Jeff. JESHUA: Ah Yes. Hey.

JEFF: We’re at St. Lucia here. And I’ve got my hat on.

JESHUA: Yes. Very good. Yes. If you were here, I would pick it off to put it on my head.

JEFF: I would give it to you!

JESHUA: Yeah. Very good. Thank you.

JEFF: Yeah, I feel bliss a lot when I feel like I let go and just kind of go with that flow. Maybe it is, like … I already am that. Just kind of like, well, I want to be loved but I already am that right?

Yes. Right.

JEFF: Christ acting out. (Jeff says more, but cannot hear)

JESHUA: Right? Yes.

Very good. I will ask my Beloved friend and teacher the one you know as Judith, if she can find a chapeau for me. Yes,

JEFF: We're watching the Beach Boys, they’re old seventies band here. JESHUA: Good, very good. The Beach Boys, right. Good deal.

Ah, it is a most wonderous life, all of you, what you have put together -- a varied life, different ones that you meet. And you get to share where you have come from, what you know. And they share what they know and how it has been for them. You are wealthy beyond measure. Yes.

So Beloved ones, treasure who and what you are. Realize, make real in your awareness, just how wealthy you are. Not so much in worldly terms, but in experiences, and what you have brought forth in what you would term to be other lifetimes. You have had many, many lifetimes you can imagine. And that is the most wondrous tool, the imagination -- to be able to dream of being on a spacecraft, to be able to dream about going to the depth, inner earth and to be able to feel what does that feel like?

It has been said that I with body, I couldn't do that. Well, yes, you can, even with body. Who is to say there is anything that you can’t be, do, imagine. Yes. Sometimes you all have dreams and you say,” Ah, I'm so glad I woke up from that one. Oh, my goodness.” But you did wake up from it and you are surviving. So, whatever that dream was, it did not do you in. You are still here. Still living, expressing, being.

You are most wondrous beings, each and every one of you. You make for yourself the most wondrous tableau of experiences. Not only the physical of how beautiful it is around the things that you can do, but the beauty of what you feel, and imagine and know. And you draw upon where you have been, who you have talked with. Have you talked with Einstein? Did you have ideas? And you said, “Hey, you know, sit down to a cup of whatever, perhaps a stronger drink than that? And what do you think about this formula?” Have you been there? Of course, and you have.

You have oftentimes all of you been the one, the creative one, who seemingly created something in world terms. And yet, where did it come from? From the Allness of you. That is how fantastic you are, how rich you are. So, allow yourself to play. Play with imagination, play with, “Well I wonder, what other lifetime… was I ever?” Well yes, of course; you have been the tiger, the lion, the fish, the dolphin. Yes. Anything that you can imagine, you have been. “Wow. Gosh, you know, if you started writing down all of the things you can imagine that you might have been? You would fill notebooks.” But you've been there, done that. And now you are coming to that realization point that, “Yes, I do create my reality, lowercase ‘r’.” And out of the uppercase capital R, you create everything you can think up and beyond that.

“Like wow. Okay, that blows the mind.” Yes, you've done that a few times too.

And you have found yourself in a most peaceful place when you have blown the mind because you are no longer playing with this and that and how it fits together. That is how wondrous you are.

Now, this evening, when you put the head upon the pillow, take a deep breath. I watch my Beloved friend and teacher, the one you know as Judith, and she hops into bed, I mean literally hops into bed and puts the head down on the pillow and says, “Ah, this feels so good.” And within what, two minutes, probably less than that she is off having a most wonderous reality, apart from this physicality -- the same as you and you and you and you and you, all of you do.

Dreams are you as other realities. And you if you want to -- and some of you are able to do this already -- you can put in a request for the kind of dream that you want. And do not be surprised when you wake up in the morning and you say, “Oh, you know, I went to visit Einstein. And we had such a great conversation.” Or, “I went to visit Grandma Moses. And she taught me how to paint. I went to visit a Martian. And he allowed me to feel the reality, lowercase “r” again, but out of the uppercase Reality R.” Okay. “He allowed me to feel how it feels to live on Mars and to breathe the Martian air. And it wasn't so bad either.”

How does it feel to fly with angels? Very powerful. Yes. How does it feel to run on four feet and to be like the wind; to be the how many hands tall, yes, and to be able to know that power. You have been that. So, you ask and you pull it forth and you say, “Wow. Oh, this is fantastic.” Oh, of course. How would that feel? How does it feel? How did it feel?

Glenn: You're bringing up the whole idea of what it is to be, to live on the Ascended Earth as an Ascended being -- the joy of being.


Glenn: It’s just -- it's not dependent on the form, it’s dependent upon the Isness that we are.

JESHUA: I think he's got it. By golly, I think he's called it.

Allow yourself to do that even in your day dreams. Take yourself, allow yourself to go somewhere out of the usual just for the fun of it. Pretend for a moment or so just because you are free to do so. And you are -- no cost. Don't even have to buy a ticket. You can just do it.

If you want to be the butterfly, you can do that. If you want to be the -- is it seven-hands horse, or more than seven?

Glenn: More than seven. JESHUA: How many more? Glenn: Fourteen

JESHUA: Fourteen. Oh, I like, I like. How would that measure up with a camel? Glenn: Oh, a camel much is bigger, much bigger. Twenty-four hands?

JESHUA: Ohhh, yes. It was like that trying to get up on the camel. Yes, yes. And if the camel did not want to cooperate and to come down to my size – hmm no, like climbing the mountain.

So, you see where we can go, where you have the treasure of Reality, capital “R,” forming every small part of reality lowercase “r”. You are rich. “Wow. I've never thought of myself that way. Not this lifetime. I've kind of wished that maybe I could remember lifetimes when I was rich.” I have news for you. You are rich in this lifetime as well. Yes.

Allow yourself to give -- commercial now -- allow yourself to give of the golden coins to the ones who may not have as much as you do. Know that truly as you do that, as you're feeling it welling up within you, they are bringing it forth as a possible reality for them, lowercase “r”. Know that it is a partnership. Yes. You think of, “I'd like to reach out.” And they are thinking, “Oh please reach out. I need something in my pocket in order to fill this pocket (pats stomach). I'm hungry.”

You have in this day and time -- I have heard many of you asking me, “Why is it so sorrowful in this day and time? So many who are homeless; so many who are hungry and do not have the ease of going to the building that has the food in it.” It is to show you that you can make it possible for them, either by gifting them the food -- that works -- or gifting them the golden coins. Or gifting them the “Aha” that there is a world that they can manifest a truth of their Being. But, as you have experienced, it is very hard to get to the truth or the Being when the stomach is hungry. So, follow your guidance. Give love however that seems to be. And know that as you do this you are giving to yourself because you have been there in other lifetimes.

You are Light, a great Light. The darkness is not overpowering. And it will not.

You are the Light of the world.

So be it



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