The Holy Days

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. Child of Light, extension of Light.

I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing, or morning, and to be able to bring you glad tidings at this time of year. Always, whenever we meet, it is a glad time. Always, whenever we meet, whenever you turn the focus of attention unto me, it is a happy time, a time of allowing the Lights, what you see to be your individual Light and my Light coming together as radiance.

Because, truly, that is what we are. Out of the great sea of Being, we are a Light.

It feels like, and you have assumed down through what you see the ages to be, that there are many little candle flames meeting, melding into and from one great Source. Allow yourself to feel how expansive your Light is. Allow yourself to feel radiantly alive. Know that truly you are the Light that lights all of the little places that seem still to be of darkness. You are the Light come once more to experience and to express.

Now, this evening we are going to speak of many things. We will speak, first of all, of the glad tidings of Christ mass, your Christmas, and to say to you that it heralds, yes, the birth of the Christ upon this point of focus. But even more than that, it is a time of remembrance, a time when in your quiet meditation you can feel the flame of Christhood coming alive within and as you.

Allow yourself to know that you are not just standing at the feet of one great radiant being, but that you are truly the radiant being as well. The babe in the manger is you in your time of awakening, which is now. You have decreed that you will come and know the whole Self of you, the Christ Self of you, the holy Self of you. You have decreed that upon one moment of brightness you will accept, you will take into yourself the knowing of Who and What you are, the one great Light from the Source of All.

Now, I know that is a big package to take in. You have been taught for many years in this lifetime and many years of other lifetimes that you are a small flicker of Light, if even that much; that in many lifetimes you are not worthy even to think of Christ or to worship Christ. And your knowing people, your knowledgeable ones, have said to you that there has been a great being that you are to pray unto, and if you are holy enough, he might recognize you.

Now, in truth, I know you. I know Who you are. I know What you are. And I know from whence you have come and to where you will return: the great Source of All, the Light of Being.

This is your awakening time. You are making for yourself the very circumstances, the very teachers, the friends who come to you and either rub you in the sandpapering way to bring you into a smoother place of understanding Who and What you are, or will be with you as you are birthing the remembrance of all that you are.

There are times in the past and there will be times in what you call your future when there will be a sudden knowing. You will look around and say, “Did it come from there, or did it come from there, or did it come from there? But I have a knowing that I am more than just a human being. When I feel that,” you will say, “I can feel the whole body radiant,” and you will know that you have been truly immersed in the Light that you are. You have called it forth into your awareness to birth a new understanding of why you are here.

Many of you have questioned, “Why am I here?” I have heard you calling to me, asking me, “Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing? Am I supposed to be living a life that looks so piecemeal, that does not look whole or holy? Why would I make and establish for myself a certain personality that questions everything? Why do I suffer?”

Well, I will say unto you that you have come to the end of the suffering. You have come to the end of the questioning. You have come to the birth of the one Christ Being that you are. This Christmas set aside for yourself at least five minutes of your time, perhaps five hours of your time, to rejoice, to again live in joy. Rejoice with me.

It has been set aside in all of your teachings in this stream of consciousness that it is my birthing time, and it is, but not just mine alone. It is yours as well to come truly into that place of acceptance where you understand, truly take it in within, that, “I have been told that I am more than just a human body, more than just the human individual.”

What would that feel like? How would Christ go living the life of Glen Jones or Kimberly Marooney or any of the names that you choose for yourself? How would it feel if you awoke on this afternoon of timing and said, “I Am That I Am? I am all that I have ever been told that I am. I am the Christ, and this is my birthday, and I will celebrate it in grand style.” Yes.

So allow yourself before that moment to buy for yourself what you call the small dynamite things—firecrackers—small ones that herald in a great Source of Being and say, “Wow, this is my birthday; not just one Glen Jones, although that is great, but I am all of the Glen Joneses that I meet. I am you. I am you. I am you—all of you.” This is the Truth of your being.

All of the ones you meet are expressions of the Christ, even if they act out in certain ways that you would say are not exactly Christ-like. They are what you would see to be the facets of the diamond, of the gemstone. Not all facets on the gemstone are alike Not all facets on the gemstone reflect the same angle of light.

So if you ever want to know, “Who and what am I?” get for yourself the cut gemstone and look at the various facets that are there and say, “Ah, today I am that facet. Tomorrow I may be that facet.” Play with it. You are the Christ expressing upon this plane. How more plane can I make it for you? Allow yourself to know the Christ and to worship in true understanding the Christ that you are and every Christ that you meet.

Smile to every Christ that you meet along the way.

You have a saying that it does a body good, and it does every friend good to be recognized. Celebrate Christmas by welcoming the Christ. Celebrate Christmas by smiling. “But Jeshua, that’s so easy to do. I can do that. Does it take the Christ to smile?” Ha ha ha. Sometimes it does. There are sometimes you would like to read from the great script of anger, of judgment, and it takes the Christ to turn that around and to say, “Love. I am love, and I give unto you and to you and to you and to you my love. Everywhere you go, spread Christmas love.

Now, the day after Christmas you do not put it in a box and put it away. You go forward knowing that you have been anointed on that one—seemingly one—special day. You have been anointed as the Christ that you are to carry a message to the brothers and sisters who are still a bit asleep. Allow yourself to speak unto them words of understanding, because you have walked where they are walking. You have had days when you have felt really down about something; really, really judgmental about someone else or about yourself. You have had days when the Christ has seemed to be far away, and yet it is the Christ who is allowing you to play that part meantime.

So play it to the hilt. If you are angry about something, allow yourself to get into the anger and turn that energy around; not around to judge yourself, but to turn it around to the place where you are putting forth love, because that is all that anger is, is frustrated love. So if you have a moment of anger—and I know that all of you do from time to time, even if it is just a small bit of impatience—allow yourself to turn it aroundand say, “Wow, how creative I am. I actually got into a really strong feeling about something, but now it has left.”

And even if it stays with you for a while, know that that is going to be passing, because the Christ is the one true always-being energy that is going to be with you. So call upon it. Say, “Hey, where are you? I need the Christ energy. Where are you?” And then you look at the sleeping cat and say, “Ah, okay, that is the Christ energy, at peace.”

Any situation that you come through, know that truly, first of all, you are going to come through it, and second of all, you are the creator of it. And if you are the creator of it, you can re-create, and I highly recommend that you put some recreation into your life. Do not have nose to windowpane studying so hard, working so hard, judging so hard. Allow yourself to be the Child, the Christ Child, and to look with new eyes and new understanding on all of the creations that you make.

That baby being born in the stable, that baby being born is you. Look at what you have birthed. Look at the physical being even. Look at the personality that you say you are and adore it. Recognize the creative ability that has brought it forth. And if you don’t exactly like what you see, nobody is making you keep it. You take the deep breath—we have talked about this before—you take the deep breath, and if you like, you can make ritual out of it. Turn around three times and then claim the Christ that you are.

Now, what happens if you turn around two and a half times instead of three? Do it again. I jest with you. I make a joke with you. But truly you are the creative One.

Remember that word: One. You are making this reality. Each and every one of you is creating your reality. And I tell you true, you are creating your reality moment by moment. And if you don’t like what you are feeling, stop, breathe, change it. No one is going to make you keep on being miserable.

Now, you may run into ones who want to give you a gift. They want to give you a gift of feeling miserable. They want to say, “You shouldn’t wear that color. It doesn’t look good on you. You should not use language such as you are using. You should not eat meat.”

Alright, the fatted calf—this is a good point—there were times when I ate meat. Oh, my goodness. What you do first is you bless, you thank, and you ask permission. And in that holy space of Oneness, of recognizing life in all of its forms, you then accept the gift that is being given to you from the animal, as you call them.

Allow yourself to bless. Why do you think, when you sit down to table, ones have recommended that perhaps you would want to thank the Father for what you are about to eat? It is because you are part of the whole, and in truth, you are partaking of your own holiness.

You do not have to thank a being far away from you. He’s so far away, you know, this Father. I’ve never seen him. He must be really…they say he is farther than the clouds. Well, of course. You know from your space travelers now that the clouds are not the end of the atmosphere, and beyond the atmosphere there is more space and more space. So is God the Father out there?

Of course. And he’s also right here. I have seen some of you get quite upset with ones who do not pause and say thank you for the food. I have seen you do a number, as they call it, upon yourself if you have taken a bite of food and, “Oh, my goodness, I forgot to thank the Father.”

The Father, which is you in essence, recognizes your thankfulness. It is for you that you say the blessing; for you to pause long enough to recognize that you are creating, you are experiencing, and you are in a state of wonderment about what you have brought into manifest form; is for you to thank yourself—capital “S”.

There is no Father apart from you. For so long you have been taught that you had to pray using certain words; other words were not good enough. You had to say certain ritual in certain words and be humble about it. “Thank you.” Well, okay, but recognize that you are the one creating your reality as you are going along, and stand in wonderment of what you have brought forth.

Stand at this time in wonderment as to what you have brought forth in your holy days; to recognize how good life is. Even if you are homeless, as it is called, smile. First of all, it does a body good. Second of all, you may get invited to someone’s home. There are always practical results. If you are in a place where you say, “I do not have…,” look at what you do have. You have two feet. There are ones of your brothers and sisters who do not have two feet. Look at what you do have; in other words, count your blessings, and you will go so happy that you will attract friends, brothers and sisters to you who want to be in your space because it feels good, and before you know it, you will have a home. You will not be home-less.

You can never, in truth, be homeless. You are the Home. You carry it as you everywhere you go, and you extend it to other ones with a smile. You help other ones to see the sunshine. You help other ones to see the blessing in the rain, even if your boat gets washed away. Allow yourself to count your blessings.

I give unto you—you and you and you and you and you; especially you—to count on the morrow at least one blessing that you have. Then you’re going to sit there and say, “Well, should I be happy for this one, or what about that one? And you know, I could celebrate this other one.” Before you know it, you have a plethora of reasons to be thankful, to be happy. If you are taking breath, be thankful for the breath, if nothing else. And if you are not taking breath, you are in heaven. I leave you with that thought. So be it.



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