The Miracle of Christmas

Beloved one, in a few weeks’ time you will be celebrating Christmas. It has been called my birthday, but in truth it is the birth of the Christ, and every day is Christmas. Every day as you awaken and you remember truly Who you are and you give thanks unto the divinity of yourself, it is Christmas. No matter if it be in this season of year or if it be in another season of year, every day is Christmas. So you can wake up in what you see to be your springtime and you can see the birth, the awakening of Christ as the livingness of you.

Truly you create everything that you experience. Truly you create Christmas. There is a most wonderful miracle that you do in every day, truly, as you celebrate Christmas. I would say unto you that oftentimes the day you have set aside for the holy day, Christmas, can be more fraught with stress and challenge than some of the other days in your year, and yet you bring forth those challenges in order to have a new perspective on what is happening and Who everyone is as they intersect with your life.

Allow yourself on the morrow to awaken and to say, “This is my birthday. This is the birthday of the Christ. This day I will awaken and I will arise up and rejoice in it.” Remember that on the morrow, and give yourself a gift. If you want to, go out unto your trading places and buy yourself a gift if that feels right. Give yourself a gift of the smile as you look in your looking glass.

On the morrow when you awaken, know that it is Christmas already and celebrate it for yourself. And then the day after that, celebrate again. You can make a whole year of 365 and sometimes 366 days of celebration. Every day celebrate your life. Celebrate that you have had the courage to come one more time into a reality that yet believes in duality, that yet believes that there could be other than perfection and holiness.

This is truly what Christmas is all about: the Christ mass of celebrating the Christ as you awaken and know that you are the Christ born once again into an incarnation that has a bit of physicality about it and a bit of challenge from time to time. But you have said, out of great courage, “I will come and play once again with the brothers and sisters, and some of that play may be a little harsh, but that is okay. I will come through all of it and I will let my Light shine.” And you do.

I say to you, do not deny appearances, because you live in them. But do not take them in as part of your Being. Allow yourself to know, “Yes, I have created this,” because you create everything, “but it is not the heavy experience that the world would say and judge it to be. It is just an experience, and I am being more and more wealthy in my experiences. Look at how wealthy I am.”

Allow yourself the gold stars, because you have earned every one of them. Some of them have been more hardwon than others, according to how you judge the different levels. But truly you are coming to the place now where you recognize the divinity of yourself, and you recognize the divinity of each one of the friends and the ones that you interact with.

It may not come at first. They may present a certain image to you and you have to look beyond that image. A lot of times what they do is they present the most disheveled image of who they think they are and they may want to fight, and they may think that everything is wrong. But what they are really asking you to do is to look past that and to see the Christ of them.

The more they scream and act out, the more they are calling for your love, wanting you to see past what perhaps they cannot see past, but you can. You smile at them, and it is Christmas because you see the Christ of them.

So you make every day a miracle of Christmas. You look past everything they say to you that could be abusive, that could be termed negative. You look past all of that. Some of you have chosen areas where you see more of challenge than others, and you get more opportunities to celebrate Christmas.

There are some of you who are in the employment that allows you to look a little deeper into the Christ of the ones you work with, and sometimes they will put up quite a mask and they think they can hide behind it. But you know Who they are and you love them anyway. You may not love their choices. You may not love what they do, and you may not love what they say, but you love the Being of them and you celebrate Christmas in the moment when you recognize their Christ Being.

Other times you have been into a great drama with it and you have said, “The only way to solve this is get right down into it, into the great drama. If that’s where he’s going to be, that’s where I’m going to be, and I’m going to meet him head-on with this.” You have done that, and then you have come away with a sore head. And so you have said, “Okay, I’ll try another approach next time.” You may live in peace every day, as you choose.

There is no outside force that is forcing you to suffer. Now, the world will suggest to you that you have challenges. The world will suggest to you that you have to be perfect according to the world’s judgment. The world may say to you that you have to get everything done in a certain timeline so that you can meet the deadline.

Or maybe you miss the deadline. Actually, that’s quite good if you miss the dead-line. Verily, it would not matter—hear this well—if you celebrated December 25th on December 22nd. After all, you are the one who has fashioned the calendar. In truth, I was not born on December 25th, but that date is a good date to celebrate the Light, and so you have a celebration. But as I have said, celebrate your own Christ birthday, not mine. Celebrate two birthdays, the one when you made your appearance in this world in this lifetime—what you call your own birthday—and then celebrate your own birthday December 25th if you want to, or December 24th, December 26th, any day, every day.

You see, one of the most beautiful parts of being divine—which you are —is that you can live life as a celebration every day. Your divinity —which is Who you are and What you are—allows you to play with every experience and to make it what you will. Allow yourself to live as the innocent Child, the one who celebrates every day, who laughs every day, who finds joy in every day. Live as the little dog who realizes that someone has left the gate open and it is running in great joy because, “The gate is open and I can go out; I can celebrate my Being.”

That is where you are now. You have gone through what you would see as all of the training of all of the lifetimes. You can claim that you are complete with all of those lifetimes. And if some little snaggly bit comes up, you can look at it and you can say, “Oh, I recognize that, and the reason I recognize it is because I’ve been there before. I’m complete. I don’t need it anymore.”

Truly, you are going back to simplicity itself, going back to the recognition that, “I Am Christ. I Am divine. Everything that I behold is divine. Every day is Christmas.” And when you come to the place where you can truly celebrate every day as Christmas because you are the Christ awakening in each day, you will know the miracle—as the world yet judges miracles—you will know the miracle of Christmas. You will know the miracle of your Being. You will feel the expansiveness of your Being.

You are coming at a most wonderful time now in the evolution of collective consciousness, coming to the place of expansion. You have been asking all of this lifetime, “Who am I? What am I? Why am I?” You have been reading, studying, asking of brothers and sisters, talking with ones and asking, “What do you know? I’ve been thinking about this topic, and I want to know what you think about it, because I want to expand my thinking on this topic.”

And a book will come to you. It will magically, seemingly, appear maybe in a day’s time, a week’s time, a month’s time. Whenever you call it forth, it will be right there for you and it will open up what you have asked to know. It will open up a new world as you understand it, and you will say, “This is what I’ve been looking for. This resonates with me. This allows my heart to open and allows my feet to feel lighter, to go with a light step.”

And then a miracle beyond that happens. You begin to meet other ones who also are on the same path and wanting to know more, wanting to feel more, wanting to acknowledge more of their Being. When you come to that place, it feels like Home and you give the hugs, you give the smiles and you say, “This feels good. This is what I’ve been searching for. This is what I have known and yet couldn’t quite bring it forth in front. It was back there somewhere, but now I see. Before I knew, but now I see; and not only see, but I feel. I feel it as my Being.”

When you come together with ones of like mind, there is an expansion of energy that happens. Perhaps you have not looked upon the face of a particular one. You will say, “Well, they are a stranger to me.” But they are no stranger. You know their heart as they know your heart. You know them as brother and sister, because you are all on the same path, remembering Home.

“I want to be Home again. I miss Home. I want to go back to being a small child; well, not really, because when I was a small child it wasn’t too easy. But I want to go Home again.” The Home you search for is the Home within, the Home of being with others who say, “Yes, I understand. I know. I truly know what you are speaking of. I know the feeling, not just the intellect.”

Books and intellect are good, but what you are really searching for is the heart connection where you can look at another one eye to eye and feel heart to heart and know that no matter what you ask, it is not going to be judged to be a stupid question; it is going to be part of the evolution of the collective consciousness so that you are free to ask the question that maybe with some of the other friends you would hold back because, “Well, what are they going to think?”

But when you meet other ones of like mind and you want to speak of, “You know, I’ve been really wrestling with this idea, and it feels like it has to be true, but I don’t really see the connection of how it can be true. Do you know what I’m talking about?” And they say, “Yes, I do know what you’re talking about, and this is how I see it.”

And you say, “Wow, I’ve met someone heart to heart. I am Home with them.” And that is the greatest miracle, because the Christ Child at that moment then feels free; does not feel vulnerable like someone might step on the precious ideas that you have, but you feel Home where it is safe; not home as you have known physical home, but Home of the inner.

You are the One expressing as the many, and that is a miracle in itself. You are the Christ expressing as a human. “Wow! How could I do that?” The mind cannot tell you. You can play with the mind and ask, “How did all of this come to be?” and the mind finally gets tired and says, “I give up.” That’s Christmas. That’s when the heart tells you the truth of your being. You cannot be other than what you are—the Christ—and the heart knows it.

So speak often with your heart. Go to the heart and say, “The mind is throwing all these questions at me. What is your truth?” And the heart very quietly and very powerfully will allow you to feel your divinity, your innate innocence, until finally you feel the peace of the heart.

The miracle of Christmas can be experienced every day. On the morrow when you awaken, allow yourself to know, “This is a special day. I think it’s my birthday.” Be in the innocence of the Christ Child Itself. Celebrate the miracle of Christmas every day. You are the miracle. Merry Christmas!

So be it.




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