The Power of Blended Holograms

Beloved one, as we have spoken recently, you make your own reality—lower case “r”—as a hologram. We talked about that some months ago, how everything you see is within your understanding of what reality can be, and is, for you. We used the example of the Star Wars movie which you have viewed where ones were having the sword fight, and others in the movie were watching this happen right in front of them even though the swordsmen were not present in the room with them, only in the hologram.

You walk within your hologram, not knowing that it is a hologram. However, now you are beginning to understand that you are making the hologram and it is very much…I will use the word “illusion.” You have had that description in some other writings so that you could understand that the world, the reality—lower case “r”—is an illusion.

That does not mean that it is not real. It is definitely real. If you try to walk through the wall right now,  you are going to bounce back, because your reality, your hologram, the generational teaching, has taught you that the wall is vibrating at a different rate than your body is.

You are going to come to a place, as I did in my lifetime, where you are able to synchronize your vibratory rate to what the wall is and to walk through the wall, because it is all energy. You are energy. The wall is energy, and you can attune yourself to it.

So do not deny the reality—lower case “r”—that you are making, but see that it can be changed. Now, your Reality—with a capital “R”—never changes. That is the divinity of you. That is the creative Principle of you that has been from before time began and will exist after the purpose of time has been fulfilled. That Reality—with a capital “R”—is what allows you to make the holograms of the realities—lower case “r”—and to live in what seems to be quite real and yet is a hologram or an illusion.

I know that some of you have read in some of your texts that your reality is an illusion, and you have wondered, “How can that be? This isn’t an illusion. This is for real,” and it is—lower case “r”—real. And the good part of it is, because it is real, —with a lower case “r”—and because it is an illusion, you can change it. Truth does not change, but realities can and do change. 

It is a hologram. It is my way of trying to put across to you an idea so that you can understand how precious your hologram is and yet how changeable it can be, and to see the blessing in the fact that it can be changeable. Now, when two or more are gathered together with the same hologram, wanting the same thing, talking to each other and finding resonance about the reality, there is exponential power.

You are seeing this happening right now with the ones who are starting to rise up and say, “We want change.” The 99%, as they have called themselves, are sharing parts of each other’s holograms and there is much power in that as they blend the holograms together and look with a shared perspective.

You have the ones who are now willing to start voicing their power; not in a way that is destructive, but in a way that is cooperating with each other and bringing the holograms together—overlapping is probably a good way to put it. They may completely overlap—some holograms will. Some holograms will overlap in just one area of interest, but when they overlap, when they come together, there is resonance and there is power.

When I spoke to you two thousand years ago, I explained as well as I could about seeing each person as brother, sister, extension of the one Creator. And I tried to tell you how loved you are and how you do not need to defend yourself. And there were many of you who were willing to go into the arena and lay down the body for what you believed in order to make demonstration of changing the hologram.

And there were ones who were watching from the seats above, watching and wondering, “How can ones be so joyous about laying down the body? What is it that they know that I don’t know?” Because you were willing to change your hologram and to stand up for what you believed, even though inside your mind the separated ego might be screaming, you impacted their hologram. You believed so strongly in the new hologram that was presented to you and you caught hold of it, that you were willing to lay down the body, because the body is not the Totality of you. 

The body is the creation that you have made in order to walk amongst the brothers and sisters and to explore ways of knowing the different holograms and how they can be harmonious. You knew two thousand years ago that there was something much more than the body, something much more than the personality that you thought yourself to be, and you were willing to be quite joyful in saying, “Yes, if that is what is required of me, I will lay down the body,” and so you did.

You changed the hologram of the ones who were watching, because they were impressed. This was a new way of looking at life, that you did not have to defend yourself or the body, that there was something greater than the body, and you gave them something new to think about and changed the world that they knew.

You are doing the same in this lifetime. You are walking amongst the friends. You have found many more now who share your ideas about what life is about and how it does not have to be a struggle. It does not have to be fearsome. It can be joyful. It can be full of good things that you can celebrate.

Every day find yourself something to celebrate. Separated ego may wonder if you have maybe lost your marbles, but you say, “Okay, if I lose one marble I’ll find another one.” You have an opportunity then to change the way you look at the world and to change the way the brothers and sisters look at the world.

They begin, because you begin, to see that they have power. For too long humankind has felt powerless. They have felt that the power rested in either the appointed leaders or the royal blood. There is not any difference in any blood. There is not any blood that is more royal than yours. But there has been that belief.

For long enough you have been docile and you have allowed the power seemingly to be somewhere else, but you are waking up to the fact that you not only have power, you are power, you are the power of choice, and you are going to be exercising that power more and more until there is an evenness, a harmony, and an understanding of honor and respect for every voice.

It is a wonderful time now that you live in. It feels like—as you have a quotation from one of your books—“the best of times and the worst of times”, and it is. It is the best of times because you are going through the worst of times to make yourself acknowledge the best that is in it.

All of you are so loved; you have not been taught this. You do not see it reinforced, mirrored back to you often. When you get with a group of like-minded ones, then you see your value mirrored back to you.

But sometimes you lose the sense of worth when you are “out in the world”, and yet every part that makes up the world is divine, every brother and sister; otherwise they would not be here. Otherwise, they would not be in your hologram. And if they are in your hologram, they are in your hologram to be loved. Take that to heart.

Separated ego may be saying, “Gosh darn, I thought maybe I could just kick them out.” Love them first, then kick them out. Love them first and you may want to keep them. It is the best of times, and it can feel like the worst of times, but know that you are birthing a New Age. You have heard about the New Age for some decades now and you have wondered, “Well, when is it going to come? When is it going to get here?” Well, it is here already. It is your new hologram day by day as you bring more Light into it, as you see others light up as you come to them.

Know you that feeling? You walk up to a friend and they see you and they light up. They are really happy to see you and there is a Light between you. There is an acknowledgment of the Light. This is happening more and more, where lights are getting turned on, even with grumpy old ones who thought that everything was going to wrack and ruin. They are beginning to hope.

Now, they may not see the Light yet, but they have a bit of hope that perhaps things might be having a potential of at some time getting better, but they think that that time is still way out there somewhere. But you are coming up to them with a smile on your face and a twinkle in the eye and they wonder, “What’s going on? How come, in the midst of all this chaos and all this struggle and all these challenges and all of the negative news, how can anyone smile?”

Well, why not? It feels better than the frown. The frown only gets you a sore place in the middle of the body, and you know that one well. You know how that feels. So allow yourself to feel light. Allow yourself to smile at ones, even if you do not know them; especially if you do not know them. Smile at them as if you do know them. It will change their day. It changes your hologram and it changes theirs as well, because you have overlapped for a moment in the smile, in the Light.

And when you bring the holograms completely together where you are seeing eye to eye, heart to heart, mind to mind with each other, there is great divine power. That is what you are seeing with ones who are coming together from all walks of life, all different opinions about things, but they have a focus about wanting to be recognized, wanting to have equality so that they share at least that part of the hologram.

Maybe it is just one part, but as you start with perhaps just a small overlap and after a while there is discussion, conversation coming together and the holograms overlap, there is great, great power in that. It makes a new reality. And very soon—according to my timing, which is not always your timing (smile)—very soon you have a new world, a New Age. And that is moving and evolving very quickly upon itself, which is why you have so many prophecies about the next twelve months in your timing, because as one choice is made for the Light, that influences another’s opportunity for choice, and pretty soon you get the blended holograms of more than just two.

The new reality is contagious and it grows, and when you have the holograms of two and three and four and five and six and more coming together with the same voice, the same vision, the same hologram, sharing the same knowing that there can be change, that there will be change, then change happens. That is how powerful you are.

I speak to you every time about how powerful you are, the divinity of you; not as the world understands power yet, but the world will come to a place of understanding divine power—in my timing; and in yours; maybe this lifetime, maybe another lifetime.

Not all of the brothers and sisters want the same hologram yet. We have spoken of this in other times, that they are doing some completion with issues that they have not felt complete with yet. They have felt that they need to atone for past sins, so they feel that they have to struggle. So for a while they will struggle until finally they get tired of struggle and they will stop for a moment and will take the deep holy breath and ask, “Is there not another way to see this?” And in that moment divine inspiration comes in.

In the next twelve months of your timing, you are going to see more and more ones coming together with the same shared hologram of wanting to be recognized as equals, as divine extensions of the one Creator. Now, they will not call it by those words. They will have other words, but it will be a desire to understand and to acknowledge and to take back what seemingly they have put on the shelf for a while: to take back the understanding of their own divine power and the power of the One—capital “O”—because you see, when you get all of the holograms lined up and agreeing with each other, there is an acknowledgment of Oneness.

And nobody then has to expound on it, because it is going to be quite obvious that they speak with one voice, from one heart. That is the power of blended holograms, and that is coming to be.

Blessed Expressions, Expansions of the one divine creative Source, that is who you are. Know you how loved you are? Feel it for a moment. Take a deep breath and feel the love that is around you coming into the very heart of you, holding you as a mother will hold the new babe in arms.

Feel your heart opening and know that truly you are the Beloved; beloved of me, yes; beloved of all the masters, all the ones you still see to be separate from yourself: the guides, the teachers, the angels. You share a hologram with your guardian angel, wanting only the best for you. You share that hologram with the masters who walk with you, seen and unseen.

It is time now that you let the old beliefs in fear and struggle and unworthiness be complete and that you allow yourself to feel so loved that truly nothing else matters. You are so loved, you are the Beloved, the beloved One, always and forever beyond time.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith



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