The State of the World Address

Beloved one, I would speak with you now about the state of the world. You have your leaders who give once a year the State of the Union Address in your geo-political grouping here. You have ones of your certain groupings who give the State of the State Address or State of the Province Address. You have ones who are giving you an update from time to time even in your employment, a state of where the company is standing.

But let us speak of the state of the world. Now, if you listen to your news media, they are most wonderful entertainers. They give you the drama of the world. Once in awhile they will slip in a bit of what is True - capital "T" - but most of the time they will give you the stories of the lower case "t" truth.

As you have listened to your news media and the programs, you have discerned that they have a certain bias as to what they feel ones are interested in hearing and what will titillate the attention, and oftentimes they will offer you the opportunity to be in fear or in need to prepare for some disaster.

You have also on your Internet ones who give prophecy, who say to watch out for certain occurrences on such and such a date at such and such a time. It is most wonderful, because if you start to collect all of the prophecies that you find on your Internet with the various messages, you will find that every day and at almost every hour there is something being prophesied for that day and time.

So after awhile you begn to say, "I have to see what resonates with me. I have to see what is true for me," because otherwise you are going to be running here, there, and everywhere trying to prepare for whatever has been prophesied.

I assure you that you are always in the right place at the right time and that you will always be taken care of. The divinity of you, the true Self of you, knows where you need to be at any time and what you will be doing at any time.


The state of the world, according to your news media, is in chaos. I have heard ones asking, "If this time now is not that much different from two thousand years ago when you" - speaking to one Yeshua - "walked the Earth, why is it in two thousand years we haven't progressed very far?"

Well, in truth, the collective consciousness of humankind has progressed, for you have come through what you see as the swing of the pendulum that went into even heavier density, known as the Dark Ages, and then has come out of that. Now you are in the upward swing of it, coming to a place where more and more of the brothers and sisters are saying, "I am complete with chaos and drama and inhumanity to man and to the fourfooted ones and to all of life. I am complete with that. I want to know heaven on Earth; I want to know respect and honor and love for each and every one of my family, for myself, for my village, for my tribe, for my country. I want to know harmony once again."

There has been an evolution of awakening, and this will continue. You are finding more and more of the writings on your web that have to do with metaphysical questions, thinking beyond the physical, asking, "What is life? What is the purpose of life?"

You have more and more of your collective religious/philosophical groupings asking not the usual questions, but going beyond the old way of thinking. You have from time to time the renegade rabbis, pastors, ministers, teachers who get a bit radical according to the old doctrine and begin to believe more than what has been taught to them.

So there is an evolutionary process which is happening and, as you have discerned, you are meeting more and more other ones with whom you can speak and feel at ease as you go about your daily lives. The state of the world is actually not what your news media portrays.

A global economy

Economically you are becoming what has been envisioned in an idealistic way and has not yet manifested in the practical way: a global economy where ones work perhaps in one part of our holy mother, the Earth, with others who are connected now by your technology, and you may not sit side by side in the same office building, but you sit side by side linked by your technology.

The global economy, even though it seems to be a bit in the infantile stage - and it is, and there are problems with the growth of it as in the growth of anything as it starts out - is going to be refining itself over time. It has been recognized that the welfare of this geopolitical grouping depends on the welfare of other geo-political groupings and that it is all tied together, that the countries no longer are separate. They never truly were, because there is no separation, but there was a thinking that there could be isolation and that the economy could be kept within the borders of just one country.

Borders are artificial

You see that even the borders - and there is great controversy about the borders now, not only in this area, but also in parts of other countries, other continents, where the borders keep shifting and changing, and your mapmakers have great fun with it, because the map that they print in one year, by the next year has to be changed - the boundaries of certain countries keep changing and shifting, and that is all to the good, because it is coming to the place where ones are going to realize the atonement. They are going to realize the At-onement; that truly, borders are artificial and temporary. They are of the world; they are temporal. Yes, they do change, and no, they cannot keep one from be- Economically you are becoming ing friends across the borders. what has been envisioned in an idealistic Now, the changes are not going to come without some growing pains, and what you are watching right now are the growing pains of the ones who feel they hold temporal power and wealth, and do not want to give it up.

But they are already outnumbered by the ones who are called visionaries - in other words, you - who can see beyond just the short term. They are going to have to listen to you, because you are the consumers. You are the ones who either make or break their sales records and their economy. So you hold great power individually and collectively as you hold great power of choice.

World health issues

Regarding world health issues, you have had recently a most wonderful documentary film which has shown a comparison of health care in this geopolitical grouping with that of other countries. It has been recognized in other countries that ones have need to take care of the body, and that this is a common need, not a gift only for the ones who have the golden coins, but something to which everyone is entitled.

Whenever there seems to be inequality of medical treatment, it again serves the purpose of showing clarity of what is desired and what seems to be manifest. Again, you are moving to a place where there is going to be an outcry, an uprising of the common manlwoman demanding that there be entitlement for all, not just the ones who have the golden coins, but entitlement for each and every living being to be cared for in whatever way they belleve is golng to be helpful for them.

Now, two thousand years ago when you walked with me, I spoke that healing comes from within. That is still true, but sometimes you need - or at least you ask for - the physical affirmation known as the technology or known as the pharmaceuticals; if you have the pain in the head, you allow yourself the physical affirmation of taking the small tablet. You believe that tablet is going to help the pain in the head, and because you believe it, it works.

This has been shown in many of your studies which the medical ones have done, that it is the belief - it is not the substance itself; it is the belief - which cures. They have given to a grouping the little white tablets, some of them containing one substance, some of them containing another substance. And they have said, "This is going to help the pain in the head." The ones who believe that it is going to help the pain in the head, no matter what the substance is, the pain in the head has gone away.

Each and every one of you knows what works for you and what is appropriate for you. You cannot judge another one, because you do not know the circumstances of what they believe or what has been taught to them or even what they are feeling within the body.

All healing comes from belief

All healing comes from belief, from the inner knowing. All of the healings recorded in your holy Scriptures that came about in my presence, I did not do. I said to ones, "You can do it. Arise, take up your bed and walk." In other words, "I know you can do it." Because they were willing to catch that feeling and that belief, they arose, took up the bed and walked away, or were cured, as you call it, of various diseases. I of myself did not do it. I gave them the space where they could believe in themselves and they could believe in the wholeness of the body. If they were at a place of willingness to grasp the feeling and to say, "Okay, I believe it," miracles happened; at least, they are called miracles. But all miracles occur naturally. They come from the belief in wholeness.

So, to sum up, the state ofyour world regarding health issues and care is, again, coming to a place, through some growing pains, of recognizing that there can be and will be entitlement for all individuals and all beings to have whatever serves their belief for healing.

Regarding education

The state of the world regarding education and educational opportunities is, again, one of challenge within the duality. In some geo-political groupings, education is seen to be the privilege of the few. In other groupings it is seen to be a necessary entitlement for all. There is the challenge of control within some of the geo-political groupings, this grouping being one of the ones so challenged. But again, that control is slipping, losing its grasp, as the ones who are teaching are beginning to examine the system.

Out of examination comes a new understanding of what teaching is. Now, teaching truly is remembrance. I have spoken to you many times that I do not teach. I give you catalyst for remembrance, but truly, I cannot teach you anything that you do not already know. Sometimes I give you a catalyst that begins a train of thought, and you follow that train of thought and it brings you to a place of remembrance where you say, "Oh, Jeshua taught me..." But I did not teach you. I only gave you a suggestion, and you followed it.

All true education, teaching, comes from within, because you do know, deep within you. Each and every one knows everything he or she needs to know to live a wholesome life, to live the holy life in harmony and in love one with one another. More and more the small ones now being birthed are demanding, calling for your help to remember Who they are - and also to teach you to remember Who you are, because as the teacher teaches, the teacher is taught.

The state of the world is in a bit of chaos right now, but it is experiencing growing pains, and the world as you know it is truly evolving because ones such as you care. You send your love, your visioning -which is powerful - to other places in the world, and you know that there is no separation. You have felt the pure heart, which you are, reaching out to heal other ones by whatever guidance you are given. Allow yourself to follow the guidance to give of the golden coins to whatever cause speaks to you. Allow yourself to be in contact through your web, which is a most wonderful example of true connection. Allow yourself to speak with ones through the e-mails in other countries and to give encouragement.

Believe in the best Allow yourselves, if that is your guidance, to pack up the little box of belongings and to go to be with the brothers and sisters somewhere else to help for a time. Most of all, be openhearted. Believe in the best, for that is truly how the collective consciousness grows and evolves: because ones such as you can and will believe in the best.

Allow yourself to live as if the world is in a state of harmony, in a state of well-being. How would it feel to live, for a day perhaps, in a world that was in harmony, where ones could look upon another one and say, "You are not my enemy. You are my sister. You are my brother. I know you. This is not the only lifetime we've had together. Come, let me embrace you."

Allow yourself to live, at least one day, as if the world is in harmony. Allow yourself to know that that evolved state of the world is possible, probable, and will manifest - because it will. As more and more of you live as if that is already true, it brings it about even more quickly.

"What would Jesus do?" You have that saying in your world. Well, I say unto you, "What would you do?" Love, serve, remember. Remember Who you are. Remember Who the others are. Love and serve them in whatever way the guidance comes to you, and know that the state of the world is truly in much better health than what your news media tells you.

Believe in the future, which is not that far off, of a time when the state of the world can be known and lived in harmony.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith




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