The Value Of A Human Life

Beloved one, I would speak with you about the value of your life. Does it really matter that you are here on the Earth in physicality having this experience?

Yes, it matters. Your life is a gift. It is truly a gift that you as the point of the soul group have chosen. You have chosen that you will be here to have experience, that you will have free will, which you do have. Perhaps your will and your choices get a bit molded and shaped by the generational teaching and by what ones have said to you is important, but then you get a bit taller and you say, “Well, I don’t know if it’s really that important, that I have to, first thing in the morning, comb the hair and brush the teeth. I wonder what would happen one day if I didn’t comb the hair and brush the teeth.” You have tried it out, and you have lived to go the next day to comb the hair and brush the teeth.

Life in physicality is a gift that you give to yourself to experience and to express the Light that you are, the vibration that you are. You are vibrating within a certain narrow bandwidth, as they call the vibration.

You interact with each other and give each other gifts of different experiences. Sometimes in the romantic love…I will speak about that for a moment or so, because I know it well. I had a most wonderful romantic experience with my Miriam, Mariam, Mary. We were totally and completely in love. From the moment that we met, there was an alignment that we felt and a magnetic attraction, if you want to call it that, that brought us together into a higher vibrational frequency which you have known, and when you are in the space of that vibrational frequency, you want nothing else but that feeling. That is why you search for it, and it is truly one of the steps to coming to the place of knowing your perfection as Love itself.

Ones have often asked me the question, “Well, Yeshu’a, isn’t that sort of a sidetrack if I get into romantic love and feel that it is the be all and end all of everything, and doesn’t that take me off on a sidetrack where I no longer search for the true Love that I am?”

Truly you are not going to stop at that place, because you are going to want more. You will perfect it, you will live it, you will experience it, and if it happens to change form, as it will do from time to time, you still desire it. You still seek for it, search for it, desire to know the feeling of love. So it will take you to the next step or the next stage of wanting to know your true nature.

Your true nature is to be totally alive in the expression of love, and romantic love is the first step; well, maybe the second step. We will go to friendship first and then romantic love. It is something that you fashion for yourself in order to know that there can be more.

Oftentimes in family situations, there is not the experience of love. Oftentimes even well-meaning parents, because they want you to be as perfect as possible, will give forth what they have been taught perfection has to be or should be. Sometimes those rules and the enforcement of the rules have not been so pleasant, and you have thought of what Home feels like, what love feels like—because there is a faint memory; sometimes not so faint—and you feel a longing for Love.

The young one growing up, even the babe in arms, can feel the difference between love and non-love, and you are always searching for it, to come Home again. So when you find someone in a romantic situation who looks at you and says, “You are the most perfect person; I love you,” and they look with the eyes of love, and you look at them and return the love, at that moment the relationship comes together in love, in what I am going to call the first level of love. Then you go on to know the person better, to experience with them more and more, and you become very rich in the experiences.

Sometimes you become more rich than you wanted to be, if this one is perhaps coming from a different place, and yet there is love between you, so that you get to experience a whole range of romantic love. It is good, because oftentimes you get to hone, to kind of shave off the parts that are not like love and come to the core of love. It may be when they are no longer in form sitting next to you or in the next room. It may be when they have moved on that you begin to feel their presence and their love and to know that truly what you shared with them was Home. It was love. It was in the first stages.

So when ones come to me and say, “But human love is not really something to be sought; isn’t it a waste of time; should I not be just meditating and coming to that place of love within myself,” I say to them, “You can live that, and you have in many other incarnations where you stayed in the monastery and perfected the meditative experience to the place where you disowned the body.” But this lifetime, for the most part, you have come and said, “I want it all. I want the body, I want to know love, I want to know romantic love, and I want to go from that place to understanding my Allness.” And you will get there. So, romantic love? Yes, of course, you want that.

Now, you are whole and perfect at any time, so you do not need another one to complete you, but when you are in love, even in the first stages of it, it allows you to move out of yourself. You have had that feeling of being in love with someone, or even some thing, to the place where you forgot about yourself. The object of your love was the only thing which was important, and your attention was very much fixed on your perception of how you were and how they were with you.

It was, as I have said, a good first step. Then perhaps they did something to kind of tick you off, and you said, “Hmm, I have to think about that.” If they did enough of the things that ticked you off and you did a few things in retribution, you might come to the place where you say, “Okay, I think we have completed with each other,” and you have gone your separate ways. That is good. That is okay, because you have gained a knowing of love, an essence of love, even when they were really ticking you off—I have heard that expression; I do not know exactly what the ticking is, but I understand the feeling.

So you move from the place of desiring to know the divinity of yourself as you move through human love, as great as it is—and it is; when it is good, it is very, very good; and when it is bad, it still has value.

When we meet another one who is very much mirroring to ourselves something that we are not wanting to own, at least we get to know it and to work through forgiveness (giving love for) of ourselves and others, and understanding what has prompted the behavior: why it has taken root in oneself, and then to let it go. It changes the energy to the place where you see things anew.

What is the value of a human life? Why live a human life? Or if you are in another galaxy and have another form that may not be quite the same as a human form, what is the value of the physicality or individuality of an incarnation? It is fun to experience. It is a gift to yourself to be able to move, to have opportunity to know love, and to go beyond even the human love or the individuality to the place of the Allness of the Love which you are.

Human love or love of the seeming individual is as a doorway through which you walk at some time, at some point, into the Allness that you are, into knowing that, “I am One with all that I see. I am in love with all that I see. Then I see myself in everything, as everything, and I love mySelf. And when I move through that doorway, I see that nothing in the individual expression takes away from the Allness of Love.”

You are having that opportunity come up in front of you right now in your geo-political activities. “I and my brother/sister are One: we have a human incarnation; we have a human body; we want the same things in life no matter what the body looks like, no matter what the history seemingly is or whether the form has been incarnated in this Earthly geographical place many times; no matter if your family has always been here; no matter if you have much or little of the golden coins.

Beyond physicality to the essence of Who you are, all are the same. All are One in Love. You are having that shown to you by a great teacher right now, a teacher who does not know that he is a teacher, but he is. He is a great master who has volunteered to play a certain part, and he is so caught up in the part that he does not know that he is playing a part. And he is bringing it in front of everyone’s eyes to see, “How would it be if I acted that way?”

So, some of the ones who think they are in alignment with him are trying to act the same, but that is not going to last. Only love abides forever. They may act out, and it will be for a time, because upon this plane things are temporal and temporary, so it is changing and will change. It is not going to stay the same. But it gives you great opportunity to see it acted out and to see the expressions upon the faces.

He is in a place of questioning, a place of confusion. “Why, if I give an order —which I used to do even as recently as a year or so ago in my business— why is it not followed? Why are people rising up and saying something different? Why can they not see that I am speaking what needs to be followed through?”

Because you are all great masters; that is why. And you are all on a journey to come Home again, to come Home to the Love which values Oneness. So this journey sometimes takes a bit of the twists and turns, and right now you are seeing in stark contrast what happens when ones feel that they can make decisions unilaterally and seemingly affect others.

It is a teaching method. It is a back door teaching method, but it is teaching. And this one who is putting forth the statements believes that that is how he wants it to be. Then there are other ones who see things differently, other ones who are saying, “No, I don’t buy that. I’m not paying for that. I’m not having that.”

You live in a time right now of great change, opportunity for great change, and it will be happening. The only question is how fast it happens. It may take some generations yet, or not. That has not been decided. That is yet open. I do not prophesy, because whatever I would say at one time, you will turn around and change it, because you have free will, and that is a good thing.

Truly, as it is seen now, there is a great momentum for change and for inclusion of ones coming together. Because ones have been through many lifetimes where there has been the warrior chief, the king who has perhaps inherited, but quite often has come through the battles in order to supposedly win his power—or her power, because it has not always been the male; oftentimes in pre-history, as some of the young ones like to call it, a long time ago there have been women who made the decisions, who were in power—and yet you are always in your power, and that is what is coming to the forefront: your power, the power of choice.

So ones are making their voices heard. They are standing up to be counted; not only in this geo-political grouping, but across the face of our holy Mother, the Earth. Ones are saying, “We’ve been there, done that; complete.” So they are coming out to be counted.

You have chosen incarnation at this time to be part of the voice which speaks for Oneness, which speaks for inclusion rather than division, which speaks for wanting to find commonality and to revere and respect a common Source. It is a most exciting time to be here. For some it can be seen as a fearful time, because the future, as they see it, could hold threat to the way of life that they want to have.

However, there are many voices, as it is seen now, who are choosing to know Oneness, to know respect. The one who is playing leader wants to know respect; it is one of the lessons in this lifetime for him: to learn respect for all. As he will learn true respect for himself as the Self which he is, he will know respect for others. You have chosen—and rightly so, because you have done it in other lifetimes—to be here at a time of change.

So, what is the value of a life? It is the opportunity to come Home, the opportunity to be incarnate and at the same time to know all of the attributes of Love—with a capital “L”. This is the state of being which you have characterized as the Christ, being incarnate and loving, knowing Oneness with everything that you see in front of you, knowing that truly you are perfection, that you are love— walking on two feet, yes; reaching out with the two arms to hug others, to love them, to bring yourself to that realization that wherever I am is Love —capital “L”.

That is the value. You have opportunity in every hour, every minute, to rise up into that place of the Christ, the recognition that, “I am the Christ incarnate,” and you are.


I would suggest that you write that on one of your cards and put it up someplace where you will see it every day—on your refrigerator, your mirror, somewhere—“I am the Christ incarnate.” Because you are. You have forgotten it. You have become so immersed in all of the mind activities, all of the worries and fears of the world and working your way through them, that you have forgotten your essence. You have forgotten from whence you have come. You have forgotten Who you are, What you are. “I am the Christ incarnate.”

When I spoke unto you two thousand years ago, I spoke to the Christ of you. We walked together, we laughed together, the laughter that you know deep within you. We laughed often because we knew that we were the Christ putting together our reality— lower case “r”—for the sheer joy of it.

Now, the Romans did not always agree with that message, so it was a time quite similar to what you are having now, when there seemed to be ones with power over the body, over the incarnation. But as you have read the story, and as it has been passed down to you one generation to another, I did not stay in the tomb. I had more fun being in joy. I had to come out of the tomb to walk with my brethren and sisters again. I used to say “sistern” until it was pointed out to me that that is a certain type of well [cistern]. Once in a while I try to be as you are and bring a bit of humor into the world. Laugh easily and often, because the Christ does.

You are the Christ love incarnate. That has gotten slightly covered over with the teachings which have been handed down to you. Your ones of the religious/philosophical orders down through time have again been swayed by power, wanting to have power, wanting to control. So the message has been that there has been only one Christ. Well, that is true and not true. You are the Christ in many different incarnate forms trying to find each other, looking as one of the philosophers with his lantern, “Are you the Christ?”—Yes, you are— going to one, to another, and looking to see, “Are you the Christ?” Yes, you are. You are the Christ incarnate for a time, because you have said you will come and be outrageous enough to speak words to other ones that sometimes are a bit strange, and yet it awakens them. It is something that they have asked to know. So you give them a clue, and you maybe shake them up a bit.

I walk in your merchandising places, and I walk with some of your fellow Christs. Sometimes I whisper in their ear, “Who are you? What are you searching for? Are you going to find it on the shelf?” And they are looking and looking and looking. They say, “I don’t find exactly what I want.” Of course they do not. They already have it. They are already the Christ incarnate. They are already much more than they could ever ask for.

The value of a lifetime is the gift that you are always unwrapping, the gift that you are finding for yourself, that is yourself, the Christ of you. Lifetime after lifetime you search high and low. Up in the clouds. Is it there? Under the rocks. Is it there? And all the time it is right here. And you find that as you give it, more is given to you. In other words, it flows through you. And if you do not give it, it gets stopped up and cannot move. So give, love, laugh—because the Christ would.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith



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