What Do You Want For Christmas?

Beloved one, many of you are approaching your holy days, the holy days that you have decreed in order to remember not the birth of one Yeshua, but truly the birth of the Christ. You do this annually so that you have opportunity that one of these years perhaps you will remember it is your own birth as the Christ child that you are celebrating. One of these times--and I say to you this is the year for it, because there have been so many changes in the collective consciousness and so many changes in the individual consciousness--you will come to the place where you awake to your own divinity, to your own Christ Self, to the power and magnitude of your divine holy Self.

This year in your days of holiness, celebrate how wonderful you are as an expression of the energy of divine Intelligence come forth from before time began in order to know expression of the divine, in order to know the love that you are, in order to know the joy that you are.

You have come forth not to suffer the slings and arrows of the world, but you have come forth to play as the innocent holy Child, to play in the joy that is your birthright, to go amongst the brothers and sisters and to encourage them to be Light-hearted once again. You are as the diamonds that sparkle on the ocean. You are the ocean, and you are the drop of water that glistens in the sun.

Allow yourself in this year to come alive in the knowing that it is the birth of the Christ child coming awake, finally, in this reality.

Now, in other realities you are awake; you as the One, you are awake. But in this reality you have said, "I will play for awhile with how it feels to be separate, asleep; to walk my own path and feel that I am alone."

When you take the word "alone" and break it apart, it is "all one". And yet the separated ego will come to you and will say, "You are alone in this world. There is no one who understands you. Even the parents did not understand you. The peers do not understand you. You don't even understand yourself."

Separated ego loves to come on stage and remind you of what the belief has been. Take that to heart: has been. However, there has been a shift in your understanding, your perspective, as well as a shift in the collective consciousness that is making it possible--not only possible, but probable--that in this year in your holy days there will be a new perception of what awakening means, and you will feel unburdened by all of the cares of the world and truly able to go with joy in your heart and light in the footsteps.

You will give the gifts to each other happily, because you want to give of yourself. That is why you give the gifts. It has been a tradition for a long, long time to give gifts during the holy days, and it stems from a deep longing to share of yourself. And as this reality believes in materiality and believes that things have to be tangible, you purchase or you make for ones the tangible gift and you give to them whatever that object may be.

But in truth, what you are giving to them is your love. What you are giving to them is your acknowledgment that they matter, that they have value, that you care about them. That is the bottom line, and that is what is important.

In truth, all of the gifts that are of tangible form are going to crumble into dust in time, sometimes in a short time. Sometimes they last a bit longer, but in time the tangible ones will go the way of all material things. But the love that you give to another one allows them to feel valued, to feel that they are important to someone.

You have seen many of the brothers and sisters wondering, "Why am I here? What good is it that I am here?" More and more of the brothers and sisters are facing this question now as the "economic health" of the whole global community seems to be having a bit of a challenge.

More and more of the brothers and sisters are having to set priorities, having to come to a place where they understand what is truly important, and perhaps getting back to giving of themselves rather than purchasing the expensive tangible gifts.

Everything happens to serve the atonement. I have said this over and over to you so many times that when I say it, it goes in one ear and out the other, bypassing the meaning sometimes. Everything serves the realization of at-One-ment.

Even your global economics is serving the Atonement. In some cases, ones are having to look for new employment and feeling that they are worth less if they cannot find it. They are having to reassess their value, to reassess, "What talents do I have? What can I give of myself?" And the wise ones are coming to a place where even if everything else may be stripped away from them, yet the spirit of them is alive and well.

All of you are the masters who have chosen once again to come to this reality that yet believes in separation, in loss, the possibility of abandonment, the possibility of dis-ease. You have chosen, out of great courage, to come once again to a reality that is not your home. You have not been sent here, afar off, as punishment for great sins. You chose to be here, and you chose, out of great courage, to be here one more time--because this is not your first time in this reality. It may be, if you choose, your last time in this reality, or not, because you may choose that you want to come back in full awareness at a time when the collective consciousness has reached full awareness, and that will happen, even in time.

Even now, if everything seems to show you the possibility of negative consequences, there is hope in your heart; hope is a great gift that you give to yourself. For truly, everything is better already. It will be better on the morrow; that is true. But already you can claim it right now.

It takes only the slightest shift in perception to say, "Hey, I am okay; not only okay; I am a wondrous being. How did I know how to put together all of the millions of cells of this body?"  You coalesced the light energy into a form, where the body functions according to what seems to be an unconscious process, but in truth and in time you are going to know the consciousness of the divinity of the Energy which allows you to be incarnate with a solid form, and at the next moment you can be the energy that walks through walls.

Now, in this time as we are approaching your holy days, as we are approaching the time when you will be giving the gifts to each other, I would like to give you a gift. What would you like for Christmas? Think about it. What would you like? What do you want for Christmas?

Close the eyes for a moment and go within and take note of what comes to mind first of all. What do you want for Christmas this year? Think of the tangible things. Usually they come first. Take note of what comes after that. What do you want for Christmas?

Think about it. Allow your mind to be open.

If it has not come to you in just these few minutes, allow yourself in the next meditative time when you sit quietly to go deeper with it. What do you want for Christmas? What is your greatest desire? And know that truly you already have it.  I gift it to you in this moment. Whatever it is that you desire, look for it, because it will be there. Look for it, because it is already yours.

I have the power to gift to you whatever you would ask for, for I am the very Son of God. Is it not written that I am the Son of God? I have the power to give you your heart's desire, and you have the power to receive it.

It may be hidden under the Christmas tree somewhere. It may be hidden under the Hanukkah bush. Most likely, it is hidden under a belief that says it cannot be. But I have the power to give it to you, and you have the power to receive it. Trust it. Receive it. Receive it joyfully. Open to it, and know that the secret, which is truly not secret, is that nothing can be denied the beloved -- which you are -- Holy – which you are – Child – which you are – because we are One.

Now, --do not fail me in this--I expect a thank you note. (Smile) When you realize your heart's desire, when you have identified it and when you have looked for it and when you have found it and when you have realized, "I had it all the time," and when you say, "Thank you" to Self, know that truly my love is the Love that you are abiding in, because it is the divine love of the One, and that is what Christmas--Christ Mass--is all about.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) in expression through Judith


mifasolasi 23rd December 2009 7:08 pm

Very nice!!!!!!!!Thank you Judith for sharing this message!!
Merry Christmas
M :smitten:

mifasolasi 23rd December 2009 7:12 pm

.. and a happy new year full of Love and Abundance!!!!!!!

LadyLu 23rd December 2009 11:39 pm

Thank you Judith for sharing this message from Master Jeshua. NOW, with this vibration, I feel again the holiness of these days.
I remember that in Christ consciousness, whatever we could possible ask for has already been given in fullness.
I am SO grateful for the Love which Jeshua is such a perfect transparency for... the window and the open door.
Blessings to you.


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