What Do You Want For Christmas?

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing as you have chosen once again to call me forth.

Once again we can meet in this way. Once again we can feel the love that is in this room, in the hearts, the love that expands, knowing no boundaries, even to the ones who are within the sound of my voice; the love that truly expresses in a reality that does not always believe in love.

It is always great joy to be amongst you this way and to speak to the walker on four feet (Caleb the Cat) of love. You are a great example of love. You gather to yourselves the expressions of love. You give to them love; they give back to you love, unconditional love. You go away. You do what your employment asks you to do. You come back home, and the beloved one is there waiting for you to greet you in one way or another; sometimes to ask you, "Where have you been, and it is time for dinner, and why haven't you been here sooner?" But always in great love, the furry ones.

This is a most holy evening. You are approaching the holy days that you have set arbitrarily, in truth; the holy days that you have set in order to remember not the birth of one Yeshua, but truly the birth of the Christ. You do this annually so that you have opportunity that one of these years perhaps you will remember that it is your own birth as the Christ child that you are celebrating; that one of these times-and I say to you this is the year for it, because there have been so many changes in the collective consciousness and so many changes in the individual consciousness-you are coming to the place where you are awakening to your own divinity, awakening to your own Christ Self, awakening-as we have spoken before-to the power of that divine holy Self.

This year when you come to your days of holiness, when you come to celebrate yourSelf-capital "S"-celebrate how wonderful you are as an expression of the energy and divine Intelligence come forth from before time began in order to know expression of the divine, in order to know the love that you are, in order to know the joy that you are.

You have come forth not to suffer the slings and arrows of the world, but you have come forth in order to show the Light, to play as the innocent holy Child, and to play in the joy that is your birthright; to go amongst the brothers and sisters and to encourage them; to bring forth from the heart; and courage to come forth from the heart core, the heart; to bring forth from the heart that knowing that truly the Christ child is you. They are and you are.

We have spoken many times that you see individual bodies and you seem to be separate, because a body sits on the chair here, a body here on the chair, here on the chair, next on the chair, etc., and you look around and you see separation by the bodies.

You see personalities that differ, one from another, and you see various talents that ones express; each one of you unique because of the journeys you have made. You are as the facets on a gemstone. We have spoken of that many times, how you are One. You are the One-capital "O"-expressing as the many. You are as the diamonds that sparkle on the ocean, on the waves of the ocean. You are the ocean, and you are the drop of water that glistens in the sun.

Allow yourself in this year in your holy days to come alive in that knowing that it is truly your birth that you are celebrating. It is truly the Christ child of you and of anyone else you look upon. It is the birth of the Christ child coming awake, finally, in this reality.

Now, in other realities you are awake; you as the One, you are awake. But in this reality you have said, "I will play for awhile with how it feels to be separate, asleep; to walk my own path and feel that I am alone."

We have spoken to you previously that when you even look at your words and you take the word "alone" and you break it into the syllables, it is "all one"; alone. And yet the separated ego will bring it up to you right in front of your face and it will say, "You are alone in this world. There is no one else who understands you. Even the parents did not understand you. The peers do not understand you. You don't even understand yourself."

Separated ego loves to come on stage and remind you of what the belief has been. Take that to heart: has been. Because as we have spoken a month ago in your timing, there has been a shift in your understanding, your perspective, and in the collective consciousness a shift that is making it possible-not only possible, but probable-that in this year with your holy days there will be an awakening where you feel truly unburdened by all of the cares of the world and truly able to go with joy in your heart and light in the footsteps.

You will give the gifts to each other happily, because you want to give of yourself. That is why you give the gifts. It has been a tradition for a long, long time to give gifts during the holy days, and it stems from a deep knowing that you want to share of yourself. As this reality believes in materiality, believes that things have to be tangible, you go out and you purchase or you make for ones the tangible gift and you give to them, whatever that object may be.

But in truth, what you are giving to them is your love. What you are giving to them is your acknowledgment that they matter, that they have value, that you care about them. That is the bottom line, and that is what is important. In truth, all of the gifts that are of tangible form are going to crumble into dust in time, sometimes in a short time. Sometimes they last a bit longer, but in time the tangible ones will go the way of all material things. But the love that you give to another one allows them to feel valued, to feel that they are important to someone.

You have seen many of the brothers and sisters wondering, "Why am I here? What good is it that I am here?" More and more of the brothers and sisters are facing this question now as the "economic health" of the whole global community seems to be having a bit of a challenge.

More and more of the brothers and sisters are having to set priorities, having to come to a place where they understand what is truly important, and perhaps getting back to giving of themselves rather than purchasing the expensive tangible gifts.

Everything happens to serve the atonement. I have said this over and over to you so many times that when I say it, it goes in one ear and out the other, bypassing the brain sometimes. Everything serves the realization of at-One-ment. Even your global economics and the ones who find themselves having to look for new employment and feeling that they are worthless because they cannot find it or they have been let go from what they did do as employment are having to reassess value, reassess, "What talents do I have? What can I give of myself?" Coming to a place where everything else may be stripped away from them, and yet the spirit of them is alive and well. That is truly what you see when you look upon another one. First of all, you see the body. You see the raiment. You understand the personality to a certain degree.

But then beyond that, you see the spirit of them. The one that you have been having news of recently who is being a great teacher, this one who is in this incarnation called Dr. Noah, is allowing many to see his spirit as the body lies in the hospital bed, as the body lies there as a piece of meat, flesh and bones. But the body is not who Dr. Noah is. Dr. Noah is the spirit that activates the body, the spirit that is alive and well always, and he is doing much teaching, as all of you do as you walk this world, but he is doing much teaching even though the body seems to be just lying there in the hospital bed.

He is showing the healing properties, how his spirit will not give in to the world. In truth, he has been using this time-as you would understand his individual personality-he has been using this time to be in other dimensions and to meet with friends in other realms and to bring in new energy from other realms. He is being a conduit.

He is taking for himself a bit of time off to play in other realms and to meet with other masters. For truly, this one that you have known as Dr. Noah is a great master. You have felt that in his presence, and he has recognized that in you as he has met you. All of you are the masters who have chosen once again to come to this reality that yet believes in separation, in loss, the possibility of abandonment, the possibility of dis-ease. You have chosen, out of great courage, to come once again to a reality that is not your home.

That is why you have felt from time to time, even from the time you were a small one, that this is not home. "I want to go home. I am homesick; I want to go home. I know this is not home." And you have said, "I will make the best of it," and you are making the best of this life, this incarnation. It has had its challenges. Every day you have a challenge of one sort or another; small ones; sometimes big ones, where you can feel the loss of a loved one, or you can feel the presence of a loved one who is now free of the body and of the suffering of the body. Every day you have the opportunity to live as the innocent holy Child, the divine energy going forth with no restrictions, flowing freely as the love that you are, enjoying the life that you have gifted to yourself with this incarnation. For truly, how would you be here if you were not a master? You have gifted to yourself a lifetime.

Only masters can do that. You are not sent here, far off, as punishment for great sins. You chose to be here, and you chose, out of great courage, to be here one more time-because this is not your first time in this reality; it may be, if you choose, your last time in this reality, or not, because you may choose that you want to come back in full awareness at a time when the collective consciousness has reached full awareness, and that will happen, even in time. It seems to be a very gradual, slow process, and it seems to require much patience. But you have gifted yourself with patience, even though you chafe against it. But it is a gift that you have built into the reality.

You have also built in many other gifts: the gift of hope, the gift that says things will be better tomorrow. As you believe that and as you know that to be true, things do change for the better. Even as you stand and you look into the mirror, and everything in the mirror seems to reflect to you the possibility of negative consequences, there is hope in your heart, and it is a great gift that you give to yourself.

For truly, everything is better already. It will be better on the morrow; that is true. But already you can claim it right now. It takes only the slightest shift in perception to say, "Hey, I am okay; not only okay; I am a wondrous being. How did I know how to put together all of the millions of cells of this body?" Because you did. You coalesced that light energy into a form, where the body functions according to what seems to be right now an unconscious master, but in truth and in time you are going to know the consciousness of the divinity of that energy that allows you to be incarnate with a solid form, and at the next moment you can be the energy that walks through walls. You know that to be true. When I speak that to you, you say, "Well, I understand that that could be." Where does that understanding come from? It comes from previous lifetimes when you have done it, so there is a knowing deep within you.

Right now the collective consciousness is not quite ready for many of you to walk through walls, but that time is coming. The time of transparency is coming. It is not by any accident that the one you have chosen as your newly-elected leader is speaking of transparency in the choices that he and his team are bringing to work together. He speaks of transparency because he knows transparency. He knows honesty. He knows the life of a master and how it can be lived even in this reality.

So he brings to you hope. He brings to you the possibility, even the probability, that there will be an expansion of understanding and an honoring and respect for everyone's opinions. It does not mean that he is going to choose to go with everyone's differing opinions, but he is open to hearing the different opinions, and he wants you and the brothers and sisters to see the workings; not to do it behind closed doors as has been the habitual governing for many, many generations, but to do it in a way that ones can understand why choices are made. That is his gift to you.

In a lifetime you gift to yourself many opportunities-let us put it that way-many choices. Will I choose this profession, or will I go another way? Will I live in this town, or will I live in another town? Will I go by this name, or will I choose another name? Will I marry this one, or another one? Will I marry, or not? You gift yourself wide open choices to make for yourself the most wonderful journey of a lifetime. I have spoken to ones who want to know, "Where do I go from here? What should I do now?" I have spoken to ones as a small bit of homework that you caste yourself forward to the place where you know yourself to be the 99-year-old you. As that 99-year-old you, you have a conversation with that one, and you ask of that one, "How am I doing? What should I be doing? What is going to happen between where I am now and when I get to be where you are now at the years of 99? How does it look from your perspective? You can step into that perspective through the gift you have given yourself of imagination.

Imagination is one of the most wonderful gifts that you have given to yourself. It is part of Reality-capital "R"-that gift of imagination, where you can say, "Well, I am living now at this certain age, and this is what I see right in front of me, and maybe I have choices to do this and choices to do that. Which way should I go?" With imagination you can step back or forward, whichever way you want to go, and be the wise one who has had the experiences of the years in between now and what you imagine that one then to be, you, and you can ask, "What does the world look like from your perspective at that age? What is the collective consciousness like? Have we made any progress? What did I do? Where did I go in the years in between? Did I make new friends?" Yes, of course, you made new friends. "Did I choose to travel? Did I choose...etc." Using your imagination, speak with the 99-year-old you.

There is great wisdom in that one of you that seems in linear fashion to be way in the future, or perhaps not so far in the future, but still in the future as you measure the linear time. Ask of that one, "How does it look from your perspective?" The gift of imagination is powerful, because you can step out of this reality for as long as you want to-a moment, an hour-and play with different realities. How would it feel to speak with the space brothers and sisters who, by the way, are very much around you, very much wanting to speak with you? You ask the 99-year-old you, "Did we have contact? Has there been contact? What was it like? Did I personally have contact? I think I did. Tell me about it. What was it like?" And with your imagination, which the separated ego is going to say, "Well, it's only your imagination," with your imagination you can live in another dimension, another reality for awhile.

You can go outside the boundaries of what has seemed to be the closeness of this reality and you can speak with the space brothers and sisters. You can speak with the aliens who are not alien and foreign to you at all. They are you, and much joy you will find when you come to that realization. They are all around you. They are knocking on the door of the mind of the collective consciousness. They are knocking upon the door of your mind. You are having more and more of the writings coming to light and more and more of the "evidence" that they are around you, that they are here, that they are wanting to be acknowledged.

And very soon, even your news media that likes to have proof before they go out on a limb-and yet they make the limbs that they go out on-even your news media is going to be picking it up and reporting. And so that the collective consciousness is going to say, "Oh, well, this must be true," and then again there will be a shift, an awakening, an opening in this box that the collective consciousness has arbitrarily put around itself. The box is getting more and more porous, more and more holes in it, more and more of the energy going back and forth through the walls of the box.

The box is getting very thin, very thin, to the place where using the imagination you can walk right through that box. You do this. You have already done this in your meditation. You have allowed the consciousness to go and be with someone else. Even in your daydreams. Separated ego says, "Ah, it's a daydream." It is a reality. In your daydreams you go and you visit other people, other times, past times, future times. Where do those times exist? Right within your consciousness. They are a reality.

So play with your daydreams. Imagine that the loved ones that you miss are right there with you and you can speak with them. Because truly, they are right with you. There is nowhere else they can go, because in truth, all is One. It is only the teaching of separated ego that says that they could be far away and unapproachable. They are right with you, wanting to be acknowledged, wanting to let you know how happy they are; that truly now they are free. It is a great blessing that they are free. They understand and feel and rejoice in that blessing, and they want you to know that. They want you to know that the body can suffer, but the spirit and the soul of that individual personality does not suffer, cannot be touched, cannot be threatened. Only the separated belief, the belief in separation, can be threatened. The wholiness of you-w-h-o-l-e-ness of you-can never be threatened, can never be destroyed, can never be lost. The wholiness of you is always with you.

And so those loved ones that perhaps you mourn because you would like to have conversation with them...I say unto you, have the conversation with them, and then listen. It is the same with your prayers. Ones pray unto me long, long prayers, pleading that I will intercede for them and make everything right. They pray and pray until they are so exhausted, perhaps down on the knees until they have calluses on the knees. And when they get finished with the prayer, they get up and they leave. I am answering them, and they walk away. They do not wait for the answer. So when you speak to the loved ones who have gone on and are now free, when you speak to them of your great love and how you want to share with them whatever has happened in the day, after you have shared and you have spoken, shut up and listen, and trust what you hear. You will be surprised, because they will answer you, and they are quite happy. It is only this time and this reality that suffers. Remember that.

Now, in this evening as we are approaching your holy days, as we are approaching the time when you will be giving the gifts to each other, I would like to give you a gift. What would you like for Christmas? Think about it.

What would you like?

What do you want for Christmas?

Close the eyes for a moment and go within and take note of what comes to mind first of all. What do you want for Christmas this year?

Think of the tangible things. Usually that comes first. Take note of what comes after that. What do you want for Christmas? Think about it. Allow your mind to be open. I see you making a list. I see you going to various options. "Well, I would like this, but no, I'd rather have...but you know, there's something else.

How about...I know what I would like for Christmas. I know...and you sit there with that knowing. If it has not come to you in just these few minutes, allow yourself in the next meditative time when you sit quietly to go deeper with it. What do you want for Christmas? What is your greatest desire?

And know that truly you already have it. I gift it to you in this evening, in this time. I gift it to you. Whatever it is that you desire, look for it, because it will be there. Look for it, because it is already yours. I have the power to gift to you whatever you would ask for, for I am the very son of God. Is it not written that I am the son of God. I have the power to give you your heart's desire, and you have the power to receive it, to look for it, and to find it. It may be hidden under the Christmas tree somewhere. It may be hidden under the Hanuka bush. It may be hidden under a pile of gift wrapping paper, or it may be in plain sight. But I have the power to give it to you, and I do. And you have the power to receive it. Trust it.

Receive it. Receive it joyfully. And I expect-do not fail me in this-I expect a thank you note (Laughter) When you realize your heart's desire, when you have identified it and when you have looked for it and when you have found it and when you have realized, "I had it all the time," and when you say, "Thank you" to Self, know that truly my love is the love that you are abiding in, because it is the divine love of the One, and that is what Christmas-Christ Mass-is all about.

So be it.



donald herman, South Africa 25th December 2008 1:49 pm

I have a problem with the contents of channelings being in part contradictory content. In various channelings, also via myself, Yeshua sates he is NOT God…if we see him as such, that is what WE want. However in this channeling the following: “..for I am the very son of God. Is it not written that I am the son of God.” This brings us back to where we were, accepting the God idea and the son-of-God concept. In other channelings we are guided to relinquish the idea. Why the contradictions?
I accept we do not know who & what the Eternal One is, nor will we be able to conceive It, but talking of Jeshua being “God” and “the son of God” brings us back to a specific faith following & interpretation, divides us, and that is not what we are moving to in the New Earth.
Won’t the God/gods-idea be relinquished in the New Earth?

Ted Meske 28th December 2008 2:38 pm

There is a seeming contradiction if you look only at this one article by itself, but Yeshua is speaking to a group who knows what he means. He is NOT the one and only GOD. He refers to God as Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is. Each of us is part of God just as he is. He and we are more than sons of God. We are extensions of the Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is; as the drop of water is to the ocean. Yeshua considers us equal to him. "The things I do, you will do, and greater things you will do." Each of us has the same potential. We are ONE. There is no separation.
The old idea of God has already been relinquished by many, and will be relinquished by all in the New Earth.


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