What Is Your Dearest Wish?

Beloved one, let us speak now about the holy Child of you and what really matters to you. I have felt your energy. I have felt the brothers’ and sisters’ energy in this time. There is much of confusion. There is much of sadness. There is much of ones trying to run to hide from ideas and from feelings.

Ones have come to a most wonderful place—as you have decreed—a most wonderful place of choice, where ones are being forced to make choice as to where they will abide; whether they will feel that everything is coming down on top of them and there is nothing left to hope for or they are choosing to know that truly they are here for a purpose; not by accident, but a purpose. And if they are here for a purpose, they are curious to know, “What is my purpose?” They know that truly they are part of a grander design; in other words, not by just random happenstance, but they are part of the whole energy that is upon this plane at this time.

The energies that are coming forth now on this plane are energies of confusion, of sadness, of fear, of wanting to protect, wanting to have everything in order. When one comes along and says that they will take care of it, they will take care of you and they will make all the decisions, there is a natural tendency to say, “Oh, okay, I want a savior.”

I have heard this many times, for ones have wanted me to be their savior. In truth, I cannot be your savior. You are your own savior. In truth, no one outside of you can be your savior.

I have heard the pleas—p-l-e-a-s-e and p-l-e-a-s—of you and of your brothers and sisters. I have heard ones in great torment and anguish calling to me to please take them out of whatever situation they are seeing themselves to be in. And yet, as we have said to you so often, you make your reality—lower case “r”—moment by moment.

You are the one who is formulating what that reality is, and you are the one who is interpreting that reality moment by moment. You have had the experiments where you have participated in being in a row of ones sitting side by side, and one end will start with a certain story and pass it along and pass it along and pass it along, and by the time it gets to the end of the row, the story that the one on the end has been given bears little resemblance in some cases to what it was in the beginning.

Everyone interprets their reality differently, depending on past circumstances and past experiences and how they have judged things in the past, and also by generational teaching which they have heard from other ones in the family or in the close group. This is a time right now when many are looking at past teachings, teachings that have been handed down either consciously or unconsciously, and they are trying to decide if the ways of thinking they have grown up with are appropriate now.

Your brothers and sisters in every day are making choice as things are presented to them. Sometimes they feel that they do not have enough information, and yet they are called upon to make choice, and it feels too heavy. You have great import on other ones even by your thoughts as you sit in the dwelling place and perhaps do not even go out and mingle; your energy does.

Know you the power of prayer? What do you think happens in prayer? When you hold someone in your prayer and think a good thought about them and send them loving thoughts because they have said they are going through something, your energy immediately goes to them. Your energy knows how to find the one where it is needed. Your energy goes to them. That is what prayer is all about. It is to be consciously sending your good thoughts and good intentions to other ones.

I have heard ones say, “Well, what good is prayer? I’m just sitting here in my house and I pray, but I’m sure it doesn’t go outside of the walls.” Ah, think again. As we have said so many times, there is no separation. In Truth, there is no separation. Your energy flows out; it has to. So I suggest you keep your energy happy.

I have heard the cries of my people, and who are my people? Every one of you. I have heard the cries that have been happening, and I answer. But when I answer, quite often they do not hear me, because they are expecting that it has to come in a certain way, or they are expecting that they will not hear from me.

After all, I have been raised up on high to sit at the right hand of my Father/God/Goddess, so I am separate from you. How could I hear? How could I know what you are going through? But I say unto you, since there is no separation, how could I not know what you are going through and the anguish and sheer boredom that you feel from time to time.

I say unto you that the energy of boredom is just energy waiting to be used, so get busy and use it, even if it is just going out and perhaps harvesting a dandelion. Know you that the dandelions are your gift to yourself? They are a little bit of sunshine out there. So you go out and say to the dandelion, most wondrous growing thing, “Look at how beautiful you are. Thank you for being in my world.”

Now, I know that some of the brothers and sisters would say, “Well, that’s a stupid thing to do, to waste energy on a dandelion.” But the dandelion is putting energy out for you, is it not? Yes, by blooming. It is doing its thing and it is expressing the divinity that it is in its own way. Behold it in a new way. Give thanks unto it. Yes, get down on your knees and actually really look at it. I will be watching. I jest with you, and yet there is a seriousness of suggestion underlying it.

Everything that you behold is in your consciousness. You have put it there for a purpose, and the purpose is so that you can praise it and yourself, because you have created it in your reality. Know you the true meaning of praise? It is to increase. That which you see, as you will praise it, it grows in your awareness.

I speak this to you because you have gotten so focused on racing through every day that you forget to see the miracles. You forget to see the miracles that you are bringing forth and ones that are expressing right in front of your eyes. Everything that you behold is a miracle. Take time to breathe with it. See if you can get in sync with the breath of the dandelion. It is a philosophical question, very deep. Very deep.

Now I would ask of you to go within and to ascertain, what is your greatest desire? What would you ask if you could have anything: any question answered, any situation explained, any desire of something that you are working on? What is your greatest desire? What is your greatest wish? Even if it seems like, “That could never happen.” Become clear about what you want to know, what you want to experience. What is your greatest desire? If you had standing before you a genie who could give you any desire, could make it happen for you, what would you ask? What is your greatest desire? What would you truly want? I will give you a moment to think.

Now take out a piece of paper and write down your greatest desire.

You will not need to write a lot. You can jot down some ideas or some words that are as clues. It is only for your eyes, so you need not worry. Just write down a word or two, or a whole sentence if you want to, whatever is symbolic of what you have been thinking. What is your greatest desire?

Think about it. Write it. Then put it in a book somewhere or in your Journal. At a later time we will go back to it and see if and how it has manifested. I will remind you.

So be it.


Eyewitness 14th November 2016 5:41 pm

Shall I go back 40 years and show you what I have written, so many times, while crying my eyes out?? Shall we then visit what has 'manifested' after all these years, after all these prayers and meditations?? NOTHING has manifested!! Everything in my entire life that I have any influence over At All is perfect! Everything that I have NO influence over just stays the same. Look around and you will see that Cause and Effect is what works on this planet... everything else is just wishful thinking. If I am wrong.... then Show Me How this works, if I am right, then for Gods Sake, please stop telling people that they can think a certain way and something will 'happen'. It IS true that what you focus on will expand... in your thoughts, meaning, you can see fear everywhere if you focus on that... but you can NOT make more money, you can NOT heal your body and you can NOT manifest any of your 'desires' by thinking or dreaming or fantasizing, thru prayer, or invocation or using magic spells. Its just not true. Less nonsense, more truth please.... I grow weary.


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