Ye Are The Light Of The World

Beloved one, in this, your new year, I would speak with you now about the Light that you are. In the beginning when there was, as your scientists have projected for you, the big bang which brought forth the physicality of physical matter, there was a great vibration of Light that went forth into what you call the void, the darkness. And it was a vibration which you are even now today: you are vibration, you are energy and you are Light itself.

Sometimes you allow that Light to be turned up quite high; you find yourself quite joyful, and the eyes come alive, and all of what you call your self vibrates at a higher rate of intensity. Truly, you are at that point emitting more Light, because you are allowing it to be turned up.

The dimmer switch

You have what you call the dimmer switch on some of your electrical lighting. If you want, you can turn it way down and it is just a small light, a dim light. Other times you want a lot of light, and you turn the switch up and you get a flood of light in the room. You do that every day as you go through a day.

As you feel vibration around you, there is a feeling of whether you want to turn your own dimmer switch up or down and maybe keep it just on medium; it depends on what your perception is of what is going on and how well it is going to be received. Sometimes you go through a rather dim time; other times you feel quite alive and you want to share that with ones.

You are Light. You are Intelligence, and you have brought that Intelligence into the physical realm as Light. Now, before there was physical, there was always, and will continue to be, Intelligence. But you had an idea. And you came as a great ray of Light, a streak of lightning, into all worlds, all realities, all dimensions to play, to see what you could create.

Come forth as light

You have come forth as Light; to let your Light shine. You have recently had a celebration, a celebration of lights. The religious/philosophical threads of many different beliefs celebrate light. Why? Because there is a remembrance, a knowing deep within that you are the Light come forth into the world to enLIGHTen the heavy burden of the world.

This past year in your timing has been challenging for many. You have felt the heaviness personally in your own lives to some degree, and you have felt the heaviness of the brothers and sisters as they have gone through the seeming appearance of tragedy, loss, displacement.

It has been a year of great change for many, and I have said unto you to look upon all of it and to call it good. For even as you are in the middle of it and it may not seem very good, there is light at the end of teh tunnel. You see, all of your sayings have reminders in them.

This past year, and for some years previous, there has been a heavy blanket upon the world consciousness. You have felt it for at least two decades and it has been growing heavier, to the place where ones are beginning to poke holes in the heavy blanket because it is and has been too heavy, too dark, and the Light within you will not tolerate darkness. It cannot. It has to come forth.

Masters that you are

You are ones, masters that you are, who have allowed the scripting of many lifetimes to be whatever the mass consciousness needed to experience and to complete. But after awhile, the allowance begins to say, "Let us inject a bit of Light into this world." So as you will read of disasters, tragedies, challenges that ones are going through, do not deny the appearance. You will look and see the appearance, yes, but then you will look beyond that to see the Light in it, to look through whatever seems to be a very dark tunnel that ones are going through and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, to keep on keeping on, to shine your flashlight, your floodlight, to turn up the dimmer switch a bit, to infuse a bit more Light.

My message to you now is to turn up your dimmer switch to the brightest that you can turn it and to allow that Light to seep into every part of our holy Mother, the Earth, by meditation, by prayer, by visioning, because in Truth, there is no separation.

Also, many of you make trek, journey to other lands and other countries; even within your own country, you go to other states that may have a different perception. And you speak from the place of truth, of Light, of hope, of honesty and integrity. And it does have effect.

You are seeing that happening. You have started some years ago. You began envisioning a world where there would be honesty, where there would be integrity, where there would be respect for all life. You began it as you felt yourself to be individual, a Light shining in the darkness, perhaps. And after awhile you have found yourself gathered together with others of like mind and of like Light, where now you are every day seeing that more and more of the darkness that has been shoved under the carpet is coming to light.

Come to light

It was predicted years ago, that more and more of the shady dealings would come to light, and they are. Every day ones are coming out into the light, where previously they thought they could hide under the carpet or under the table whatever they would do. And you are going to see in this next year of timing more and more of the darkness being exposed to the light, to the place where there is going to be a great uprising of consciousness.

This year that you are moving into, as you arbitrarily set aside and count years, is going to be a year of emerging Light. You are going to feel more and more encouragement as the Light beings which you are. Yes, there is going to be a reaction from some of the darker sectors of ones who have always lived under the rock in the dark, such as if you were to lift up a rock in your garden; you have the small little beetles that do not know light, so they live always under the rock. But those beetles, if they did not have a rock to live under, would accustom themselves to light. They would evolve.

Under the rock of darkness

And that is what is going to be happening with the brothers and sisters who have lived for generations, eons of time, under the rock of darkness, of the belief in separation. The rock is being lifted up by ones such as you. The darkness cannot snuff out the Light of a single candle, and you are much brighter than a single candle.

When you allow yourself to come truly alive in the Light which you are, the miracles you will see will astonish even you who believe in miracles. You will be most enraptured by what you see in this next year. It is going to be a year of contrasts, but it is also going to be a year of much more Light. And the beetles are going to be running. If you have the courage, you can scoop them up in your hand and allow the vibration of love to be felt. If you do not want to scoop up the beetles in your hand, you can bless them with the hand over top of them in your envisioning.

Ye are the light

This year all of you are going to be shining your Light in the lightest and darkest of corners. Sometimes it is going to feel like the darkest of corners, but you cannot help but be that which you are: The Light of the Christ. Ye are the Light of the world.

You have volunteered to come forth at this time because you knew, before you signed the contract, that this was going to be a time of challenge. But you also knew that never would you be abandoned. Always the love of the Father/Mother/All That Is, the great ray of Light which you are would always be with you and as you. You cannot turn it off. You can only turn aside from it, and yet at the same time, everyone else is seeing the Light that you are.

For God so loved the world that It gave you to the world, to be the Light in times of darkness. For, as I have said many times, brothers and sisters call upon me or my mother or upon God, as they understand God to be, and when we answer, they do not hear But when you answer, they do hear it because they know you to be the same as they are; you have come through challenges; you live a human life; you are a Light, a great light.

God as you

For God, as You, so loved the world that It gave you to be the Light for ones who yet believe that there could be darkness.

Go forth now energized, loved, feeling yourself to be the Light which you are. For in the beginning, you, as the Intelligence of One, thought to bring forth Light and to allow that Light to expand wherever it would go, create whatever it would create. It is on-going, and will be forever, as long as you decree it, on-going; experiencing most wonderful miracles, spaceships in the sky, wee folk at the feet, all that you can imagine surrounding you. Always you are the Light Being, going forth into the world as the Light of the world.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith



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