Your Lineage

Beloved one, you have chosen to be incarnate at this time. You have chosen to be incarnate at this time because you knew it was going to be a time of great upheaval, a time of great change, and sometimes you have mirrored this in your individual life. You have had human challenges that you have looked at, challenges of this reality, challenges where the belief is in duality, and you have allowed that to be part of your individual consciousness, and you have known that the collective consciousness is going through great change, as well.

The collective consciousness has been deeply wounded, the same as you would understand your own soul’s path to have known wounding, and the collective consciousness is crying out for healing. As it is seen now, there is going to be a bit more of the wounding, a bit more of the chaos, a bit more of the upheaval before ones begin to have the consciousness that you already have and that you are hoping will be contagious enough that the ones who seem to be in power recognize that truly you, the awakening consciousness, are in power.

You have known many, many, many incarnations since before time began. You have been in the constellations. You have been in the spaceships that came and seeded this, our holy Mother, the planet. You came as the star seeds to bring a consciousness of what could be to a place that was yet evolving, as it still is evolving. You came as the star seed with a remembrance that nothing is set in stone — although you have done much carving in stone to the gods as you understood separation and felt that there were gods of more power than you.

You have come to a place now where there has been a bringing together of all the traits of the gods into one holy entity that is still seemingly outside of you—at least for many of the collective consciousness, if they have any thought or awareness of something outside of themselves.

Many of the brothers and sisters are yet focused upon themselves, what they can garner to themselves, thinking that that is going to give them pleasure and that is going to give them security. So you have been seeing the result of selfish—lower case “s”—ego at work. You have been seeing with the various occurrences on holy Mother Earth the result of ones who felt they could use the resources without any possibility that there could be a stoppage in what was going to be their due; in other words, they have felt they own the Earth, supposedly, and they are going to use it.

Now they find that there could be some problems, problems that they had not foreseen and had not planned for, and are wondering, “What do we do now?” There are ones in great turmoil because they are seeing that what they have brought forth through the ages has turned around as the serpent will do sometimes and bite the tail.

But this is part of the nudging, part of the cataclysm that has to be for ones to wake up and to realize that there is much more to be grateful for, to be in love with, than just power and the power they feel that money will bring to them. In truth, it is not the money that they seek; it is the power and the feeling that they can command others and that they can be creative. It truly comes from a divine remembrance of creative power, but it has been used in separation.

So ones are having now to try to cooperate with each other, and they are a bit like ants running in all different directions and running into each other and wondering where is the anthill that they can go into and be safe. They are all over the place. 

Until ones recognize that they are not an island unto themselves and they have to work with others and they have to realize that there is Oneness, you are going to see more chaos, but it serves a divine purpose. It serves as a wakeup call.

Ones are going to have to make an evolutionary leap. It is going to be forced, seemingly, upon them. That is how they are going to feel, and yet they are going to make this evolutionary leap because all new change comes from and is born of necessity; in other words, it is necessary to make this evolutionary leap.

It will happen, but not quite overnight; not as fast as those of you who are awake want it to come, because there is still the belief in process, the belief in linear time, the belief that everything takes time. And yet those of you who are awake, you know that instantly things can change with a thought. All it takes is one thought, the willingness to have that one divine Thought.

It is happening, and it is contagious, it is catching on, and there will be much change, much birthing, chaos, but out of that will come the change that all of you have prayed for, desired, and have said, “I will devote my life to bringing this forth.” So it will happen, and that is what I want you to keep in mind.

Even when your news media brings you the most horrible scenes and you realize that many of the species may come to the brink of extinction because of what has happened, send your energy to all of the species that are being affected by the working of mankind, the unknowing of mankind, and allow all of the species to know that they are cared about. They are also aspects of the creative One.

Beloved one, you have a most wonderful lineage. We have spoken in other times of the rainbow and how the vibrations of the rainbow manifest as colors. We have spoken that there is an affinity, a resonance if you will, that certain ones of you feel with each other.

Sometimes you will meet up with brothers and sisters and there is not quite the closeness or the resonance with them, although you may admire them for what they are doing and how they are living their lives, but it is not the same resonance and not an easy feeling as you have with one who is of same vibration.

Those of you who are waking up now are of the same vibration. You are of the same lineage. You go back to a time before time to a place where there was Thought to create from a knowing of Oneness an out-picturing of harmony in all of creation.

Now, not all of the vibrations of ones—as we are using the rainbow as an example—not all of the ones who are of vibratory level of the different colors of the rainbow have come with the same knowing. This does not make you more special than they are; in other words, you cannot have a rainbow if you do not have all the different vibrations.

If you have just the one color, it is not a rainbow. But all together, as a whole, you have the different vibrations and you have a wonderful harmony as a whole.

You have come with a lineage of knowing the Godself of you, and it has not been forgotten throughout many, many, many eons of time. You have had the incarnations, however you define incarnation, in the different constellations, even the ones that are yet to be discovered.

You have had incarnations on the different planets in this solar system where you have worshiped the sun and you have seen it as symbolic of your divinity, because you have remembered your divinity.

You have not forgotten your divinity. It has been covered over by a forgetting from time to time because you have said that you will walk with the brothers and sisters, the other vibrations of the rainbow. You will walk with them in a place of love, in a place where they can feel comfortable with you.

And so you have temporarily forgotten the divinity, but it is only temporary and it is only a surface forgetting. Deep within you, you do remember your divinity. That is why you get upset sometimes when you see the horrendous unloving acts that occur, either planned or unplanned. That is why you have the heart that is compassionate, a sensitive loving heart that wants to see a year, as you have chosen 2012, where there will be peace on Earth and ones will love each other.

Well, 2012 is going to come and 2013 is going to come, and there are ones waking up now and ones who will be waking up in 2012, as well, and also in 2013 and 14 and so forth. But it is going to be a growing collective that grows because you in your lineage have said that you will be the vibration that remembers divinity, that you have in your heart the desire to see the whole rainbow and to see harmony with all the different vibrations.

You have a lineage that has come from the different planets in this solar system. You have a lineage that remembers the destruction of Maldek. You have a lineage that feels sorrow for what was the destruction of the home planet at that point, and yet you have now a most wonderful appreciation for the asteroid belt that has come from the planet Maldek.

You have known incarnations on the planet known as Mars, as well, in your journey to Earth. You have the carvings that are still on the planet Mars. You have the pyramid that is still on the face of Mars. 

Then, as there was a certain cooling of the sun in your solar system, there was thought to come to this planet and to be here for a long period of time, and yet this is not the final planet that ones will dwell upon or are dwelling upon and within.

There is much that is just beyond the consciousness. If you were to envelop, say, the aura around you and to feel that that is the boundary of your knowing, there is much that is in the place of unknowing beyond that. And there is a feeling within you that knows, even without “evidence”, even without proof, that there is much more than just the individual life, much more than just the body, much more than the challenges that come with human life, much more than just getting through each day’s activities.

There is a knowing born of the lineage that you are part of, that you are expressing, a knowing that you have left clues all along the way for remembrance to wake up and to smell the divinity, to feel the divinity. You have clues even on holy Mother Earth that are now under the water, and yet quite visible. Ones have gone deep under the water and have found carvings to the gods who were worshipped in that long-ago culture.

You have certain pyramids that are under water now that were built by you and by the brothers and sisters in a time almost forgotten. Then as the cycle of the holy planet has evolved with the ice melting and the rising of the water—which by the way is a cycle and will be happening again, but not in your lifetime, not this lifetime—the water came up and rose over the evidence of the civilization. But it is still there.

As recent as a few years ago when there was the great tsunami in another part of your world, when the water receded in the tsunami out quite a few miles, it exposed a lot of the carvings of the rocks under the water. Photographs were taken of what was under the water and is under the water, so there is evidence/proof of civilization that was there before the waters rose.

Remember always that no matter what your lineage is, everyone serves their scripting, their purpose, their part in the rainbow. As I have said, you cannot have a rainbow if you do not have all the vibratory levels and the colors of the rainbow.

Your lineage is one of remembrance. That is why I speak to you so often of remembrance, of coming Home, of touching the place within that remembers divinity. Others of the brothers and sisters have focus upon other things that they feel they have to accomplish or to finish or to complete, because many of the brothers and sisters are completing that which they have felt was incomplete perhaps from eons of time ago when they expressed in a different form or a different location, a different planet or a different constellation.

All life on holy Mother Earth is made up of the star seeds from the other constellations with a history of living on the different planets in this solar system and living on the planetary bodies in other solar systems, the other constellations where you see now the brightest star which is as a sun in another solar system that does have, in many cases, the planets circling about it and does have life that it is sustaining; life perhaps not as you understand this form of life, but life nonetheless.

Allow yourself at least five minutes of your valuable time in every day to contemplate why you are here. Set aside five minutes to breathe deeply. And as you are doing the deep breathing, remember your lineage, bring forth through the breath the remembrance of your connection to the divinity of All—five minutes in every day.

It will be good for the body. It opens up the cells of the body. It allows the lungs to expand. But more than that, you are taking in the divinity of yourself that is all around you, and you are being consciously aware that, “I Am the expression of the creative One. I have a body that I am using in this time. I am not the body, but I do take care of it, and I do acknowledge how powerful it can be in the awakening.”

The awakening happens in the consciousness, and you stand in a place now on the threshold of that change, that one snap where you come to a place of realizing with one thought, “I Am divine. I Am from that one creative Source; otherwise, I would not be,” and that is true.

And what a difference that realization will make, because you will go out then into the world and the positive feeling, the positive ions that you have activated by the breathing and by the consciousness are going to go out as little molecules — envision that. They are going to go out and they are going to touch other people, and other ones may not know what they are being touched by, but they feel good as you pass by, the same as the grass, the trees, the flowers respond to your energy. Your positive ions go out and touch them, as well. Even your vehicle will respond to the positive ions.

Beloved one, when I look upon you, I see the positive ions. When I look upon you, what I see is the light of you, the aura of you, the radiance of you, the true heart that beats in remembrance of your divinity, the true heart that wants to know the awakening of the collective consciousness.

That is what I have come to say to you. I can see the evolutionary leap that is right in front of you and of the collective consciousness, and I can see the disasters that are nudging the collective consciousness into this evolutionary leap. Count it all as good, because it is.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith


IC2ITUC 7th September 2010 8:17 pm

A truly WONDERFUL message. Yes, the "Ascension" process will occur to and within each person at different times, as they choose to be more accepting of the Light. Thank you, Elder Brother


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