Oribel Divine

Oribel Divine

Oribel is an inspirational movie maker, an interspecies communicator, a teacher and a healer.  

Since 2009 Oribel has been creating videos to inspire the heart and soul. Bringing all the video elements together – message, images and music – she creates experiences that celebrate our divinity and our rise in consciousness. Her Spirit-inspired and nature-inspired videos have given her a voice to communicate to the masses at a cellular level by engaging your senses and supporting your mastery, awakening and empowerment.

Oribel’s award winning short film “The Guardians has brought recognition to Oribel’s master editing skills. She is sought after by spiritual teachers and channelers to bring their messages across through her skills. Her video creations – “2012: Year of Power andListen With Your Heart” have been highly received and viewed by many.

It is her love for trees, animals and nature that led her to study interspecies communication and she now teaches groups and individuals on this subject. She also leads interspecies communicators in projects to help bring messages from animals and nature to the public. She has a deep desire to educate humanity to become more ONE with energy and all species on the planet....and this she feels is going to help expand our consciousness and create a new humanity, a humanity that engages the heart energy for the highest good of all.

Using her ability to astral travel and her skills in animal communication she is now in contact with a pod of wild bottle nose dolphins in captivity in Subic Bay to help support them energetically. She initiated a website: www.DivineForgivenessProject.com in June of 2011 to help create awareness of their plight and to share a quantum process that can very well help these wild beautiful dolphins to gain their freedom.  She shares with us the dolphins’ plight on their capture and captivity in the video “Danielle’s Story – Communion with a Captive Wild Dolphin”.

She invites you to visit both her Youtube channels to view her many video offerings.

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