A Special Easter

Imagine how busy Easter Sunday is for Jesus!

He's not just present when two or three are gathered in his name; his globe-encompassing spirit is present for any gathering or any individual in need of upliftment, inspiration, or healing.

He serves anyone of any belief - or lack of belief - and he serves more than just the people of this physical world. When a soul dies in the midst of deep depression and despair, it is Jesus who travels down into the oppressive gloom of the lower astral realms and offers them hope, redemption, and freedom from their self-imposed bondage.

It is his relentless dedication to all forms of healing that inspires us today, even more than ever before. As we stand at the gateway to a New Reality filled with higher consciousness, we are only too aware of our own power as world healers.

As we live and breathe, we also contribute our thoughts and feeling to the mental atmosphere which surrounds this world. Whenever we condition our thoughts to envision a world filled with peace and understanding, we change that global mind belt for the better. We act in the highest calling as lightworkers who are here to make the world better as a result of our presence here in these crucial days of transformation. This is what our souls live for - the chance to shine our light, especially when all seems darkest before the dawn.

This year, Easter Sunday is also the eve of a major astrological configuration. Starting tomorrow, from April 21-23 2014, the affairs of the world will be severely stressed by a Grand Cross configuration of the stars. The peace that Easter brings may soon be crowded out by the chaotic cries of rising conflict around the globe!

Never has there been a better time to shine your light into the world and, today, we have massive angelic support in our task.

The energy of every thought and prayer that you have for peace and harmony will be amplified by the support of the angels, but they cannot do this alone. The energy that passes through you as a physical human is the type that directly affects the physical world. These angels will amplify the energy available to you whenever you are sending light out into the world. They are your support in these critical days.




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