Archangels And Global Spirits

It never ceases to amaze me how much spiritual help we are receiving in these critical days leading up to The Shift of the ages.

As explained previously, since January 2008 I have begun each day in communication with an ascended master from the spiritual hierarchy who provides answers to my questions and inspirations for my spiritual writing. When I have a question that requires an answer from a specialist, I get the answer the next day, sometimes with the specialist showing up to expand on the answer.

In October 2010, my assignment as an inspirational writer for the spiritual hierarchy took on a whole new level of meaning. I must have been doing something right in the previous years because, all of a sudden, one of their most senior members offered to take me directly under his wing!

Most of the spiritual hierarchy operate in fourth-density ascended physical bodies. Their retreats are located in upper fourth density, where they continually work to hold the light for the balance of life upon earth.

A moment’s thought will reveal that, were the self-serving actions of the majority of humans around the world to reflect back upon them unchecked then civilization would fail in a very short time. It is the continual use and transmission of spiritual energy by the spiritual hierarchy that maintains the essential energetic balance for this world.

The senior members of the spiritual hierarchy operate in sixth density (‘6D’). Lower 6D is the angelic realm, while upper 6D is the realm of archangels and global spirits. A global spirit is an intelligence whose field of awareness circles the globe and they are always ready to respond to any human request with an increase of focus upon the requester.

There are many global spirits, including the more well-known ones such as the Lord Jesus, the Lord Buddha, and the Lord Krishna. If you form a mental request to contact the Lord Jesus, for example, you will bring his attention towards you. If you continue this exercise by asking for inspiration, guidance or healing, he will intensify his presence in your location in order to respond to your request. Now you know how he manages to service millions of concurrent calls for his attention every Easter Sunday!

A recent addition to the archangel realm is one who serves as the Lord Protector of The Shift. He is not the only one serving in this role, but he is the leader of a team dedicated to that task. You should be aware that there are forces in this world, primarily in the lower astral realms, who do not wish humanity to ascend in consciousness. You can be assured that none of their plans for interference will come to fruition because The Shift is part of God’s Cosmic Plan for Earth. The Shift is not an option, which is why an archangel-class specialist has been sent to head up this protective project.

It was the Lord Protector of The Shift who approached me in October 2010 and offered to communicate with me and offer guidance on a regular basis. My role (which I gladly accepted once I had recovered from the shock!) is to pass along information that is urgently needed for the benefit of the lightworkers of earth.

I believe that I was chosen for this role as a messenger because I have an open mind which assimilates new information and I have a track record of passing it along to others. Had I one of those ‘water glass already full’ attitudes, where a person thinks they already know everything, I would have been of no use as a messenger of new ideas and the offer would not have been made.

The Lord Protector pointed out that it is important to make sure people know that the more they read new spiritual information, the more they add these new ideas to the global mind atmosphere or ‘mind belt’ of earth. Once these new concepts circulate in the mind belt, they propagate and become readily understandable to other people all over the world.

I have spent the last several weeks transcribing information about powerful archetypes that people can utilize for enlightenment and self-empowerment. This is extensive material so, when it is ready, it will be released as a course of information.

In the meantime, I will pass on some urgent pointers via this newsletter. First, there will be information about something called the 2012 Gateway Trajectory. Second, it is important to understand why you, as a spiritual seeker and lightworker, are probably a lot more advanced that you believe yourself to be.

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