Avoiding Deception and Disappointment

As a spiritual seeker, you have probably come across channeled material over the years. Some of it can be very helpful. Some of it can be mundane. Some of it can even be, like the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing, intended to divert you from your spiritual aspirations.

As a researcher in metaphysical science since 1963, I’ve always been interested when a promising new psychic or channel comes on the scene. The good ones can be a source of new ideas and understanding, while the not-so-good ones are, hopefully, working on improving their skills.

Being an independent-minded inner researcher, I was never personally drawn to guides or to being a channel myself, but I always perked up and investigated when a promising new source of information came along.

The term channeler refers to the person or persons giving the message, while the channel is the one receiving it and relaying it to the people who are listening. While the channel may be honest and sincere, the channeler can actually be an imposter who claims to be much more enlightened than they really are. In this case, the imposter effectively wastes your time with inane rhetoric until your sense of discernment comes into play.

Discernment is the saving grace in evaluating all sources of information, whether that information comes out of the mouth of a channel, a medical person, or a politician. Politicians are easy to evaluate. As the old saying goes;

“How do you tell when a politician is lying?”

Answer: “Their lips are moving!”

Medical opinions are fairly easy to evaluate. Do you want a quick fix or do you want your natural health back? Doctors typically promote medications as a quick fix for symptoms, even though the underlying disease will keep getting worse. Alternatives such as essential oils restore health, provided the person is willing to take responsibility for their own health and make any necessary changes.

Discerning the validity of channeled information is more difficult. Using intellect alone, it can take an hour or more of listening to a source before you realize that they are not who they say they are and that, therefore, their information is fabricated and deceptive.

The shortcut to evaluating information sources is discernment through intuition, not intellect. Just ask your inner self if this information source is helpful and reliable, then watch for inner feelings one way or another. Be prepared for ideas that come from the channel which may entice you away from your inner conviction. If they say that world peace will dawn by tomorrow at the latest, you might think “How wonderful!” and be swayed away from an inner feeling that the information is not to be trusted.

There is also another category of imposter, and one which I find far more disturbing. I call these decoy channelers, because their aim is to divert spiritual seekers from their paths. The deeper you dig into the motives of decoy channelers, the more disturbing the picture becomes.

Decoy channelers attract spiritual seekers, feed them the kind of information that they want to hear, and then tell them, for example, that the world is going to transform into peace, love and light on a particular date in the near future. Then, along comes the long-awaited and intensely-anticipated date and the seekers are left with the biggest possible sense of disappointment. Suddenly, the seekers’ spiritual yearnings fall under a heavy case of disillusionment.

I have seen decoy channeling happen with Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Then, again in 2000, with the new millennium. Now, it’s happening with 2012. Each time, the hopes and aspirations of sincere spiritual seekers are betrayed and horribly dashed by these intentionally fake predictions.

At this point in time, it is clear that 2012 will not be the mass ascension date. Your spiritual transformation does need to be worked on to ensure your readiness, but the critical mass of inspiration that will portend The Shift is still some years away. 2012 is a cosmic turning point where the old cycles close down and a new era of positive, new cycles begins. After 2012, spiritual progress will become noticeably easier with each passing year.

Decoy channelers often raise unrealistic hopes by saying that everything you had hoped for is just around the corner. The fact that they deliberately plan to dash the hopes of decent, good-hearted people is hard to understand from our perspective but, when you understand their motivation, you will see behind the facade. This information is disturbing, but the point of sharing it with you is so that you can more easily recognize deliberate deception when you see it.

Think of people with the opposite mentality of yours. What you like, they dislike, and vice versa. The spiritual light that is emerging in these days of transformation is as repulsive to these decoy channelers as an atmosphere of intense cruelty is to you or me. They see themselves as fighting against the increasing spiritual light that is now encroaching into their dark reality in the lower astral realms. They simply don’t want to face the fact that such campaigns are futile because the transformation is a cosmic event and therefore greater than any force that exists on any individual planet.

Decoy channelers can be recognized by their typical pattern of behavior.

1. They promise a transformed world of peace and light very soon, creating great anticipation for the near future.

2. They tell you that you don’t need to do anything to make it happen. They will suggest that this heaven on earth with be created without anyone having to do anything to create it. In truth, even the ascended earth will need action by everyone to create new systems of cooperation and mutual support. We are the builders and creators of a new reality, not disempowered armchair-sitters! Change requires action. That’s the way the universe is designed. When they try to convince you to do nothing, they expose their true motivation.

3. They often add a little paranoia to the mix by including a smattering of ‘secret plots’ by overwhelming powers – usually the government – who are supposedly poised to act against you. This creates a dependent psychology of victimhood and, with it, a need to keep hearing more of the same information. In truth, there is no power ‘out there.’ Your reality and your power is all within you. You can only become a victim to something if, at some level, you agree to partake in such action. Don’t ever let anyone try to convince you that you are powerless. The truth is quite the opposite.

To avoid possible diversion by decoy channelers, develop discernment, and do it the easy way: Look within to your intuition to evaluate every new source of information.

Become a builder of a better world by making spiritual growth your number one priority.

Spiritual service is the most rapid balanced path to your own spiritual enlightenment. To this end, make the time each and every day for meditation to gain personal transformation and then for world healing to spread your light and be of service to humanity.

The historic harvest of souls is now. Be an active part of the spiritual transformation of the world and help everyone make it through The Shift.


anje 15th September 2011 10:10 am

All politicians are liars? wrong, they are not. Some are some aren't and then again, what is a lie to one person is absolute truth to another.

K.K. 15th September 2011 5:39 pm

Sounds like a WHOLE LOT of spiritual homework needs done on your part to make a more accurate statement than the one above. Although the above article has been your experience, it's similar to a piece of Swiss cheese, very minimal facts included in it.

Maybe look into understanding the spiritual realms better, and see where these people could be "channeling" from. Most channelers, I think don't have an understanding of where they're getting their information.

Yes, some do make it up, but I think most of them are channeling - channeling Aunt Edna when their intent was to channel maybe their (or the person's) High Self for more accurate information. HUGE difference.

Take it from one who's been there and now sees it all differently.


Melanie 16th September 2011 12:25 am

Thanks for this, it came in perfect timing after I read a channelled piece yesterday that really got me uncomfortable and wondering whether the intent of it was truly of the light. I have read thousands of channels and sometimes I wonder about the true intentions when something seems subtly and quite cleverly not quite right. It's easy to spot when it's quite dense material, but there are also very subtle pieces that require a high degree of self-trust and discernment to know it's not true for me. I agree, there's a lot of disempowering info around whether 'channelled' or otherwise and we need to be very active in our discernment and not assume anything. love Melanie

Connie 51 16th September 2011 2:39 am

Thank you for having the courage to speak up at this time. I appreciate the fact you are shining a light on something that needs consideration. I know as for me I take everything to my internal guide. Not everything spoken nor written is for me. I take what resonates with me and use that and pass on what doesn't. Before i learned how to fully open to my inner knowing by meditation. And practice daily asking is this right for me. And keep meditation in my daily practice as well. I would get confused. Thankfully I had come along far enough not to get so disappointed as to quit. So on that note I thank you for pointing out how easily someone can loose heart, and quit before they get truly started. 

themaster 17th September 2011 10:50 pm

I also commend your message though I think maybe you shouldn't have mentioned you met/seen these "liars", I have always liked "use what resonates"

One of the hardest thing I've ever done is listen to a person tell me not to take what resonates.. and then say things that don't resonate! :2funny

I know there are people that play games of "negativity" with us.. one must remember they are all us though! :roll: :2funny


2. They tell you that you don’t need to do anything to make it happen. They will suggest that this heaven on earth with be created without anyone having to do anything to create it. In truth, even the ascended earth will need action by everyone to create new systems of cooperation and mutual support. We are the builders and creators of a new reality, not disempowered armchair-sitters! Change requires action. That’s the way the universe is designed. When they try to convince you to do nothing, they expose their true motivation.

I would also like to comment that this statement isn't entirely true.. it is a statement of limitation!


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