Being as Well as Doing

Many spiritual seekers have a nagging doubt about life, one which comes and goes and sometimes troubles them deeply. They intuitively feel that they are here on Earth to help humanity, but they just can’t seem to figure out what exactly they are supposed to be doing about it.

The problem really comes from our current training in Western society. We are taught, from a very early age, to do things and achieve outward results, to build monuments of our outward ‘doingness’ for all to see.

But, what about ‘beingness?’

The answer to the dilemma lies in understanding that there is a difference between doing and being, and your state of being does make a difference. It actually affects the mass consciousness of the world. As pointed out in the article, You Are Changing The World, the research behind the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness reveals the enormous power of just being, especially when you raise your consciousness in order to be the best you can be. You can support literally millions of people on planet Earth just by virtue of who you are, by being a person conscious at one of the higher chakra levels.

To reach 500 on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, a person needs to be spiritually conscious. At this level, unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness become alive and well in their reality. Here, one person counterbalances 750,000 people who are below the 200 level that is critical for long-term human survival.

When a person has practiced meditation long and diligently enough to attain bliss consciousness at the 600 level, they are, at that moment, counterbalancing 10 million people below the 200 level.

Your chakra system is designed to receive energy from the cosmos and from the local environment. Your thoughts and feelings condition this life energy as it passes through you as it goes out into the mental environment, which is the atmosphere of the global mind or mind belt. The chakras are receiving and transmitting devices for mental and life energy. An individual is like a radio station – you transmit whatever program you are playing internally.

When you are operating from the frequencies of your upper chakra levels, you are operating in spiritual service to the world. You are spiritually conditioning the atmosphere of the global mind belt and making the world a better place.

While you are here on Earth, you are contributing who you are – your thoughts, your dreams and your passion for life – into the atmosphere of a global mind that is hungry for – more than anything else – spiritual light.


zorro 26th August 2015 9:01 am

There have been countless seminars and books written over the last few decades on topics with mantras such as "Be Here Now". Now comes integration, grounding, and fusion. As a recent example, a train was heading for Paris. On that train some were meditating, some were going over business contracts, some were shooting the breeze with other passengers or just looking out the windows. A terrorist with an AK-47 and a box cutter appears and opens fire. 3 brave men who were tuned-in enough to know something was up and had the training for this exact moment, took immediate action that was instinctive, brilliant, and took command of the sitution and turned it around for the greater good of all. Was this "being" or "doing", or both? Why are we still having discussions about them as being separate? Dress rehearsal is can we get the two working in unison? Others on the train were doing what they were supposed to do which might have included holding a "vibrational pattern", "being" while the action "doing" was worked out. There is no separation between being and doing.

antoinette atanasoff 27th August 2015 1:48 pm

Thank you Owen. I have studied David Hawkins books on the map of consciousness, and it was wonderful to hear it being used and understood. Zorro's comment on being and doing (train in France) is right on, well placed. Difficult for some to understand that in a spiritually minded person at say 500 the effect is wonderful, but a spiritually awakened individual is magnificent. One does not need to know numbers - just BE and DO...spirit takes care of the rest. Blessings.


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