Empower Your Soul Connection Part 8 - Your Infinite Possibilities

Welcome back to the Empower Your Soul Connection Course. 

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Part 8 - Your Infinite Possibilities

Now that you understand your soul better and how it works, you can view your life more from your soul's perspective. You can see life as a dream of your soul on the one hand and, on the other hand, as the intensely physical experience in which you are immersed.

Our reality has every appearance of being intensely physical. If you touch the surface of a table it will seem perfectly physical and solid. The energy field that fills your hand and the energy field that holds the table's material together are mutually exclusive. Your hand will not pass through the table. The illusion of solidity is complete, even though it is just based on fields of energy.

Then you have to ask, what is energy? The answer is that energy is a compressed version of the consciousness of the Creator set into motion in ways that power all life in the universe.

Energy, like everything, is made of consciousness.

Your hand is made of consciousness. The table is made of consciousness. The people nearby are conscious beings operating in bodies made of consciousness and, yet, it all seems so very real and so very physical.

What a great illusion: No wonder the mystics of old declared that the world is the great maya or illusion!

Now that you understand the vast potential your soul has for creating reality, you are in a better position to consciously work with your soul to more easily manifest your own personal potential.

In principle, everyone has the potential for infinite possibilities in their personal growth in life. As an individual, however, the exact potentials you choose to develop are a matter of personal choice. Next, we will examine how you can use the abilities inherent in your soul consciousness to bring any personal potential forward into active manifestation.

Exercise 1

Use the Soul Connection meditation (from Part 2) to place yourself into a receptive state to think about your possibilities in life. Reflect upon all of the following questions:

Think about the potentials you have never yet pursued.

What haven't you done so far in your life that you wish you had done?

What dreams have you never yet allowed yourself to fulfill?

What is your vision for a better life?

If you already have a vision, how could you reach that goal?

If you do not yet have a vision, now is the time to think about what you could become.

Exercise 2

Now, we will look at an idea-provoking list of other possibilities.

This life, this dream of your soul, can become anything you want it to be. Of course, there are practical limitations. Physical laws... like gravity, for one. There are also agreements to be upheld. You came into this life to bring light into this world. It is a better place for your presence here.

The true home of many spiritual seekers is a world so very unlike this darkened realm of suffering and, yet, you came here because you and people like you decided to help this world transform into a better place. It is love that brought you here and it is love and light that will always be the hallmarks of your existence.

As we are here to make the world a better place, often by showing the way to others, let us think about how we can develop ourselves in ways that will bring happiness to ourselves and also be a great example to others.

In this exercise, we will explore potential realities. First, stop and think about this. Did you ever wonder what would have happened if you had developed a certain additional skill or gone into a different occupation? Or, are you wondering now where a certain path could lead if you were to pursue it? Are your attempts to lead a more rewarding life working well, or are they suffering setbacks?

Let's look at a list of examples of some of the potentials you might develop.

Developing inner peace as a daily reality.
Healing a health crisis.
Overcoming fear of the unknown through relevant education.
Gaining more wisdom.
Having more self-confidence.
Becoming filled with more vitality each day.
Becoming more expert at your daily occupation.
Developing skills as an artist.
Making super progress in your spiritual growth.
Developing leadership skills.
Learning to dance well.
Starting or growing a successful business doing work that you love.
Developing skills as a musician.
Becoming a skilled photographer.
Becoming financially abundant.
Becoming a world traveler.
Developing greater intuition.
Developing more social skills and having more real friends.
Becoming more self-empowered.
Writing and publishing a book.

In the next lesson, you will be introduced to an exercise which can explore many paths of personal potential and bring your favorite ones into manifestation.

In the meantime, go ahead and dream up everything you'd like to achieve.



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