Friday: The Gathering at the 2012 Gateway

Because the world will be focused on this moment - the cosmic gateway of 2012 on Friday December 21st - we, as lightworkers, have the opportunity to influence the world in a truly inspired way.

The 2012 gateway is not about the END of anything, so much as the BEGINNING of a great new world where positive actions bear fruit like never before. The new cosmic cycles can bring light, harmony, wisdom and peace if we, as lightworkers, visualize that outcome.

We have the opportunity to choose the path of light; peace, love, spiritual growth, connection, harmony, realization and awakening through our meditation together. The power of visualizing One Heart opens this choice to us.

An Invitation

You are invited to gather with us and participate in our group meditation at the exact moment of the 2012 cosmic gateway on Friday December 21st. There will be thousands of active participants among our newsletter readers who will tune into our group energy at that sacred time.

This will NOT be an Internet event that takes place in cyberspace. We're going up into 'spiritspace' by tuning into our own group and the energies of the cosmos.

Plan on joining us in 'spiritspace' for a 30-minute meditation. We will start 12 minutes before the actual time of the cosmic gateway, which occurs at the moment of the winter solstice.

In U.K. (UTC) time our group mediation on Friday, December 21st will run from 11:00 am until 11:30 am, with the gateway occurring at 11:12 am. The start times for the 30-minute group meditation in other time zones will be as follows.

6 am U.S. Eastern time (and Toronto), 5 am U.S. Central time, 4 am Mountain time (and Calgary), 3 am California time (and Vancouver). (3am!! Yes, but hey, it's worth getting up that early once every 26,000 years, right?) In Europe it'll be 12 noon, in South Africa 1 pm, and in India 4:30 pm. In Sydney, Australia it'll be 10 pm (still on Friday), and 12 midnight in New Zealand.

A Special Message About Gaia

In the summer of 2011, my wife and spiritual partner Dreama Vance was in meditation when she decided to express her heartfelt gratitude to the great being we know as the Sun. In return, to her surprise, she received this message from which we can all benefit today:

The Sun: "The evolution of this planetary system is now moving into the next spiral of creation. The Earth, so loved by this planetary system is not and will not be separate from us. Her service to the Whole has been transformative. She has been a shining light of service. She is the example for all of humanity to follow. She is the way, the path for you as a species to emulate. Her example of love and selflessness is to be exemplified. Her magnitude of blessings have been poured over humanity, like a waterfall... like Niagara Falls, like Victoria Falls, the blessings continue to pour forth to humanity. She is indeed a jewel in this planetary system. You have the opportunity to embrace Her. The magnitude of this opportunity is unparalleled. She has opened Her heart to you all of you. Embrace Her and all that She has to offer you. Live in Her. Breathe in sync with Her. Place your heart in Her heart. You will blossom in your spiritual awakening. Your understanding will unfold and greatness will be yours."

The Focus of the Meditation

This is how to best attune to this cosmic event and set your trajectory through the gateway for a bright and beautiful future.

Use any meditation technique you prefer to go into your inner quiet space, then use the power of gratitude to open your heart to the universal flow of unconditional love. Do this in three phases: Before, during and after the exact moment of the gateway (which occurs 12 minutes into the 30-minute meditation.)

1. For the first few minutes (10 minutes at most), focus on the following.

a) Be thankful to God for the good things in your life and for the good experiences of the past.
b) Then, be thankful to the Sun for the life energy that it brings into our realm from above and supplies freely to all.
c) Then, be thankful to Gaia, the Mother Earth, for our home in space and the good things that she provides. Listen to your heart as it beats in rhythm with the Earth. Breathe with her. Re-read the above Special Message About Gaia at this time.

2. As we pass through the exact timing of the gateway, give thanks for this moment when the cosmic cycles of the last 26,000 years all reset and begin their new, positive phases. Give thanks for the privilege of knowing of this cosmic event and the enormous potential that it provides for our future spiritual growth.

3. Devote the remainder of the 30-minute meditation in silence being aware of your inner source of wisdom and being receptive to its guidance as to how you can flourish spiritually in the new energies that are now coursing through our own part of the cosmos. Now is the time to plan new and bold ventures in spiritual growth. Now is the time to give yourself the opportunities of which you may have only dreamed so far.

Make a decision to come back into this quiet space and develop your own plans for spiritual development in the years ahead. We are here, in this life, to lead the way into spiritual growth so that others may more easily tread the path which we are making today.

Make spiritual growth your number one priority.



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