Get the Gateway Right!

It’s here, right now, this week: The first cosmic event of its kind in 26,000 years – the start of a great new set of several different cosmic cycles, all on the same day.

The 2012 cosmic gateway occurs on Friday, December 21st. If you’ve heard fear-inducing ‘predictions’ about this time, shut them out of your mind. These futile attempts at creating fear originated from people who are working against the emerging light. They amount to nothing.

The reality is that the 2012 gateway is the time of a brilliant new dawn. The only things that will end with the emerging new light are some very outmoded ways of thinking.

Be sure to go through this cosmic turning point with an open heart and with gratitude for everything in your life. By being in a heart-centered space as you pass through the gateway, you will establish a beautiful trajectory for your future spiritual growth.

This is a momentous time in human history. Be sure to make time to properly prepare for this cosmic event. Whatever distractions you may face this week, remember that this event is the greatest priority in all of our lives so far.

Ask yourself if you have any issues which need to be healed at a heart level so that you can better experience heart-centered consciousness. The most powerful tool for healing such issues is forgiveness. Once a person realizes that they can forgive another, for no matter what, they become free! Free to move on to a better life and free of the regret and the hardship the memories brought. Sure, it’s hard to do, but it works. The secret is that you just have to disengage from the lower emotions long enough to grasp that key to the freedom of higher consciousness.

The way toward freedom from the memory of a bad experience is to first forgive the experience. The big challenge then is to forgive the perpetrator and, if necessary, any guilt that you feel yourself. But, first, you have to own the experience as part of your reality and start by forgiving that experience.

Being present in the ‘now’ moment while facing past hurts is painful. It’s like opening up an old wound. It can seem impossible to let go and gain that passport to personal freedom but – remember this vital principle – any anger does nothing against the one who hurt you. Anger and resentment serve only to trap you in the lower frequencies of consciousness at a time when you should be able to fly as free as a bird into the higher realms of spiritual consciousness.

If the experience is so bitter and painful that you find it impossible to forgive, this is how you can climb right over that barrier. Start by pretending to forgive. Over and over, pretend to forgive and the breakthrough you seek will soon occur.

The exit point from limitation lies just above you, through a door marked, “Forgiveness.” Between now and Friday’s gateway, repeat this process as many times as you feel it is necessary.

A Gathering At The Gateway

You are invited to participate in our group meditation at the exact moment of the 2012 cosmic gateway on Friday December 21st. There will be thousands of active participants among our newsletter readers who will tune into our group energy at that sacred time.

This will NOT be an Internet event that takes place in cyberspace. We’re going up into ‘spiritspace’ by tuning into our own group and the energies of the cosmos.

Plan on joining us in ‘spiritspace’ at the time of the day that the solstice occurs in your time zone, which will be as follows:

The actual time of the cosmic gateway, which occurs at our winter solstice, is 11:12 am U.K. (UTC) time on Friday, December 21st, 2012.

That’s 6:12 am U.S. Eastern time, 3:12 am California time, 4:12 am Mountain time and 5:12 am U.S. Central time. In Europe it’ll be 12:12, and in South Africa 1:12 pm. In Sydney, Australia it’ll be 10:12 pm, and 12:12 am (00:12) the next day in New Zealand.

We will be starting our group meditation 12 minutes before the gateway and it will have a duration of 30 minutes.

One day before the gateway, we will email details on how to best attune and set your trajectory through the gateway for a bright and beautiful future.


Sandra Smyre 19th December 2012 3:05 pm

Thank you--I'll be there. :smitten:

blj 21st December 2012 7:38 am

Thanks~ that helped a great deal~ I have been anticipating this day for a long time. You, along with the gateway opening helped me with the profound heartfelt understanding. I now know that only love and presence in each experience are real and matter in my life. The illusion is of many distractions~Mastery is very simple if we choose it to be :smitten:


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