How Karma Works

The Law of Karma states that the universe must remain in balance. Let's face it, without a law of balance, the universe would go unstable and fall apart! The requirement for balance is built into every level of Creation, from its Divine root through all the cosmic, spiritual and physical levels. Human karmic patterns are stored at the soul level, which is the root of human consciousness.

Sometimes people ask, "Can you dodge karma?" The simple answer is, "Not a chance, no matter what anyone claims." As one of the fundamental laws of the universe, Karma can never be circumvented because it is built into the energetic fabric of the universe. However, there is a way to change your karmic pattern...

You can transform your karmic pattern by advancing your level of consciousness. An example of this is when, at a soul level, a person sees that they need a wake-up call in order for their physical mind to begin to appreciate one of the more important aspects of their life. Instead of having the wake-up call, the person can achieve the desired awakening through a rise in consciousness. Then, the need for the wake-up call as a self-imposed life lesson is removed.

As you can imagine, people are accountable for the consequences of their actions, but the main factor in human karma is the intention behind every action. Intention is significant because the purpose of life in this human realm is to evolve through the lessons that life presents.

The primary lesson in life on earth is to evolve into the adoption of unconditional love as a frequency of consciousness. This occurs in the frequency band of upper fourth-density consciousness. At that level of heart-centered awareness, it would actually be unnatural for anyone to act against another person for personal advantage. 

In order to reach that level of consciousness, there may be lessons that are needed in order to experience the receiving end of a person's past actions against others. Through such an experience of suffering, a person can gain compassion for others and begin to act in ways where they are more likely to want to protect others rather than exploit them.

Souls know that they have to achieve balance in all things in order to graduate from the cycle of experience provided by physical incarnations. When assistance is needed in planning suitable learning experiences, a soul is able to draw on assistance from various levels of guides.

All of life's experiences are opportunities to evolve toward the unconditional love which exists in upper 4D consciousness. Every move in the right direction raises a person's average daily level of consciousness. Every move in the opposite direction causes a delay while the person gains awareness from being on the receiving end of similar experiences.

By setting an intention to raise consciousness, a person becomes an active agent in their own process of conscious evolution. Consciousness is raised by any and all of the following practices:

1. Spiritual practices such as meditation or energy work.

2. Exercise and sunshine, as physical wellness reflects on your subtle bodies.

3. A whole foods, organic, plant-based diet. Freedom from toxicity reflects on your subtle bodies and thereby promotes emotional and spiritual wellness.

4. The use of sacred essential oils of 100% purity.

5. Spiritual service to others. This is the most powerful way to advance along a person's own spiritual path. Helping others raise their consciousness raises the person's own level of consciousness while balancing their karmic pattern. Higher actions can virtually burn through any loose ends left over from old karmic issues.

Mastery of human life culminates in a perfectly balanced karmic pattern.




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