Remember Your Spiritual Home

Within us lies a Universal Yearning for Unity consciousness, a yearning to return to that from which we came. This all-pervasive yearning for unity constantly calls us towards our spiritual home. As a sentient being in a world of separate beings, your primary mission has always been to find your way back to your spiritual source, to that original state of consciousness where All is One.

Despite the distractions of physical life, despite its noise and clatter, you have a silent, inner drive which keeps your soul wanting to evolve back towards its original source. Deep within, you have a yearning to be reconnected with the unity from which you once came. This Universal Yearning for Unity, the UYU ("you-you"), leads us ever onwards, towards our eventual, spiritual homecoming and into complete unity.

The Universal Yearning for Unity is a silent, yet ever-present call towards our spiritual home. As we master the experiences of third-density living and move on to higher density layers, we become more expanded in our awareness and more aware of the enormous scale of Creation.

When you allow your awareness to expand further and further, you can take an imaginary voyage to the All That Is, to your original spiritual home.

The planet on which we stand is enormous compared to the size of a human being. Imagine yourself viewing the Earth from a distance. Imagine the silence and peace that permeates your very soul as you look upon the Mother Earth, who has provided all of us with this wonderful home in space.

Then, in your mind's eye, see the Sun. Imagine this brilliant orb and feel its life-giving energy while your mind adjusts to the fact that the Sun is over a million times bigger than the Earth.

Now, expand your viewpoint far enough to see and appreciate your entire solar system. Next, you realize that there are many more suns in our galaxy. In our Milky Way galaxy, there are 200 billion other suns. Expand your viewpoint even more as you imagine yourself seeing an entire galaxy, slowly rotating like a giant disk in the great peace and quietness of space.

Then, you realize that there are many more galaxies in existence. There are well over 100 billion other galaxies in this universe. Now, expand your viewpoint to include the entire universe, filled with billions of galaxies. You realize that, as big as the universe is, in order for God to be everywhere, God has to be even bigger still.

All of this, this All Things, is contained within the consciousness of Infinite Being. Beyond the limits of the universe, beyond the envelope of space, lies only that which created it. The universe is contained within the creative awareness and loving energy of Infinite Being.

As you feel Infinite Being holding the universe within manifestation, and preserving all of life within its infinite aura of profound love, you sense what your ultimate potential really is. You sense that all of the universe will one day come back to embrace this, its original spiritual home. This all-knowing, all-feeling, all-present spirit, which is behind all of life as we know it.

Now, as your attention returns to your own space on Planet Earth, you remember that feeling, that sense of wonder, of wisdom, and that awareness of ultimate potential.

And, as you think of your own life, you now understand what it means to be connected to that ultimate inner reality, as...

Infinite Being, infinite potential.



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Owen Waters

Owen Waters is an international spiritual teacher who has helped hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers to understand better the nature of their inner being and their infinite potential. For more than forty years, his life has focused upon gaining spiritual insights through extensive research and the development of his inner vision.

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