Soul Awakening - Part 3 of 8 - How to Know Everything About Anything

Soul awareness is like standing on a mountaintop compared to being down in a valley: The view is incredible. You can see so much more from the mountaintop than when you were down in the valley looking for a way up to higher ground.

Similarly, with its wider vision, your soul can see everything that relates to any situation or challenge in your life. At a soul level, you have an understanding of the dynamics of everything that affects you.

The trick is to tap into that super-awareness and gain the insights that will help you best manage the situations in your daily life. When you are faced with a challenge or a difficult decision, you need look no further than your own soul consciousness.

Here's how to make that connection to your inner resources. Like playing a musical instrument or running in a race, intuitive insight is a skill that improves with practice, and you can start using it right away.

Start by reminding yourself that, within you, lies the great resource of soul awareness. It knows everything about any situation that you face and it knows how each possible solution could unfold.

You need that information, and if you feel some doubt as to whether your inner being could really be that all-knowing, here's the key:

Think as if, and it will be.

Know that your soul consciousness knows. You just have to open a willing connection and let the answer come through.

If you have difficulty doing this for yourself, then try a little role-playing instead. The Greek origin for the word psychic means 'of the soul,' which is exactly what you want - information from your all-knowing soul awareness.

Role-play: Step out of your current mindset and think as if you are the world's greatest psychic! Think as if you are about to perform perfectly, as the world's greatest psychic always does, and correctly divine the answer to the problem that you face. Feel the certainty that such a person feels, knowing that, yet again, you are about to come up with the ideal solution.

Try it; it works! And, the more you try it, the better it works.

There is an elegant, ideal solution to every problem and your soul knows the answer every time. That's what souls do for a living. Here is the Inner Connect Technique, step-by-step.

The Inner Connect Technique

Step 1. Turn your attention away from the outside world and focus within.

Step 2. Know that you know. At a soul level of awareness, you already know the best solution.

Step 3. Focus on your soul awareness and ask it to show your conscious mind the answer.

Step 4. The first idea that pops into your head is the answer. If a second idea follows, ignore it. It's the first one that counts.

The universal law that makes this technique work is quite simple and straightforward:

Believe and you shall receive.


Meg 9th January 2019 2:43 pm

helpful. thank you :)

Eyewitness 11th January 2019 5:58 pm

Saying with all manifest enthusiam.. 'Try it... it works!'... doesn't make it work. I've tried it a million, billion times... and it has Not worked for me. What then would you say to a seeker who has Not found.... anything at all... after All These Years of devotion?? I suspect the entire New Age movement is just making stuff up.... to give people hope. Well, Here I am... at the end of my life.... after decades of search and sacrifice... and not one of my dreams has ever come true..... what now..... my friend... what now will you say to those of us who languish in dissapointment at your words?? Why has it not worked for me... yet it works so magically for you? I suspect we both know the answer to this. You are Making Stuff Up. That much is certain. :)


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