Soul Awakening - Part 8 of 8 - Living the Awakened Life

Soul awakening brings many positive attributes into your life. True happiness can be yours, vibrant wellness can be yours, and, best of all, profound spiritual awakening can be yours.

Your soul's awareness knows exactly how to create a new reality. The conscious, outward-focused part of your mind can do likewise. When you work with your soul awareness by regularly tuning into it, you are capable of creating new realities that are perfectly aligned with your purpose in life.

Tune into your soul and manifest every dream that you hold dear to your heart. Don't settle for a life that could have been. You have the ability to manifest your potential in every way. No longer will you be limited by outdated social conditioning. With soul awareness, you can now throw off any limitations that have been placed upon you and reach your true potential.

Allow your viewpoint of life to expand. Become even more aware of the greater, global picture - the spiritual awakening of humanity - and be a conscious part of this.

We are all connected with the global consciousness of humanity. The more you awaken spiritually, the more you help transform the world in a spiritual direction. The whole world is awakening to a New Reality and we are all part of that wonderful awakening.

You are alive in these historic days of great change and great opportunity because you planned to be here now. At a soul level, you decided to be a part of the great Shift that is happening today.

Don't wander into the New Reality passively, letting others create it for you. Be an active part in shaping the new world. Be a part of its creation. Be an inspired, soul-aware person and you will inspire others through your example.

The Shift can bring good conditions to our world, or it can bring fantastically wonderful conditions to our world. Which will it be; and why not choose the best?

Within you lies the power to visualize a truly wonderful future for the planet, to energize that vision and to be a part of the great change in a highly positive and creative way.

You can make a difference; a very big difference.

That's what you came here to do at this point in history. By focusing on higher consciousness and developing your spiritual nature, you make a difference that really counts for something. Future generations will honor the transformation achieved by those who recognized the significance of The Shift and crafted it into a wonderful new reality.

Awaken your soul consciousness and be a part of the Spiritual Awakening of humanity. Join with your friends and visualize great things for your own lives and for tomorrow's world. You have the power. The time of your soul's destiny is now.

Have an inspired life!



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Owen Waters

Owen Waters is an international spiritual teacher who has helped hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers to understand better the nature of their inner being and their infinite potential. For more than forty years, his life has focused upon gaining spiritual insights through extensive research and the development of his inner vision.

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