Soul Communion

Today, people are far more inner-connected than they were 10 years ago. We are learning to trust that inner sense of knowing which peeks through into our busy lives more often than ever before.

How often have you said, “I knew I should have done that” or “I knew I shouldn’t have chosen that?” You have a source of knowingness within – a resource of perfect insight called your soul consciousness. More and more often, as you develop this sense of awareness, you find yourself saying, “I just know”.

The aim of developing soul communion is to be able to sense the best choice ahead of making a decision. In order to do that, we need to understand exactly what soul consciousness is and how it fits into the overall scheme of Creation.

The Creator designed the human experience to consist of twelve stages of evolving consciousness. As I detailed from the original research in my first book, The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness, these range all the way from basic survival to the ultimate state of spiritual consciousness.

Much of the 20th century was devoted to the fifth stage of human consciousness, which is intellectual development. Today, people are migrating in droves to the next stage of human growth, which is heart-centered consciousness. The initial stage of heart-centered consciousness produces a constructive, responsible, socially-aware outlook. It also places a person just one short step from the later stage of heart-centered consciousness and the dawning of spiritual awareness.

The gateway to spiritual consciousness is through the heart. The stage beyond heart-centered consciousness is soul consciousness. In the soul stage, all of the attributes gained in earlier stages are present – courage, intellect and love – and then the attribute of insight is added to the list of achievements.

The soul version of the power of insight comes from an intuitive connectedness to everything – to other people, to the energy of current and future events, and to all of the higher stages of consciousness.

Soul consciousness is your inner connection to God.

By developing ever-increasing glimpses of soul consciousness during your waking state, you become more conscious of your soul’s spiritual connection to God. From this, you gain incredible insights into people, places and happenings.

Faced with a decision, if you want to know how Choice A would work out when compared to Choice B, tune into your power of insight and see what unfolds within your consciousness. If you want to know what’s preventing something from working or whether a proposed partnership will work out well, tune into your inner power of insight.

Like all abilities, the connection to your soul consciousness improves with practice. At first, because your conscious mind needs to get used to this new form of input, you might even find that your insights turn out be generally incorrect. Do not be discouraged by early attempts going awry, because that often happens. Keep practicing and you will soon be impressed by your developing ability and its accurate insights.

The way to start the day right for inner attunement is with a short meditation session. This will create an inner connection which lasts all day and, indeed, goes a long way towards helping you through any difficulties that the day might bring. Ten minutes is all it takes and, once you make a habit of getting up just a little earlier, it becomes easy to make the space for your quality connection time at the start of each day.



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Owen Waters is an international spiritual teacher who has helped hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers to understand better the nature of their inner being and their infinite potential. For more than forty years, his life has focused upon gaining spiritual insights through extensive research and the development of his inner vision.

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