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There is a purpose to Intelligence Quotient tests: They’re designed to scare school children. IQ tests focus on skills like information processing speed, perceptual organization, arithmetic, letter-number sequencing, and verbal comprehension. These tests came into widespread use in the 20th Century, when people were deeply into the intellectual stage of human development.

For students of the human chakra system or the research documented in my book, The Shift, intellectual development is the fifth of the twelve stages of human development and it relates to the upper aspect of the solar plexus chakra.

In the 20th Century, people were so busy developing their intellect that they never stopped to evaluate that which they had achieved before. The taming of the basic passions in order to avoid endless, senseless suffering has, for most people, been mastered and relegated to history or, at least, shut away out of sight in a dark closet. If there were a popular Emotional Quotient, or EQ, it would measure the degree that a person has advanced through the positive manifestations of emotion.

A great example of a positive emotion is passion for learning. The king of all emotions is curiosity because it drives people in their search for the meaning of life and for that spiritual consciousness which they sense as coming from their original Source.

Further examples of positive, progressive emotions are affection, empathy, gratitude, happiness, and hopefulness. Happiness, despite appearances, is not a function of external circumstance. Happiness is a choice.

Today, it’s time to move on to the next phase and think about a Spiritual Quotient. While an SQ would include obvious factors like a person’s degree of intuitive connectivity and their understanding of the currently-known laws of the universe, it would actually have to avoid reducing such attributes down to a cold number.

Every person’s spiritual path is, by design, unique, so there can never be one standardized test in the style of the old IQ tests. One day, we will have devices which give readouts of a person’s frequency of consciousness, but even that won’t provide a Spiritual Quotient number because the figure varies from moment to moment, from day to day, and from year to year. The real SQ test is one that you give yourself:

“Do I feel more spiritually connected and more joyful today than I was before?”

That brings us to the real foundation for lasting success and happiness in life. You build a base of human development by mastery of the intellect and the basic emotions and then, suddenly, the whole game shifts. Your mastery of the basic lessons of human life leads you into the spiritual tier of the stages of human development and then, by comparison to all that came before, your progress goes ballistic.

As explained in my book, The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness, there are 6 basic stages of human development followed by 6 spiritual stages. Once the basic stages are completed, you move into the spiritual tier and your progress becomes much more focused because, at that point, you have gained a sense of the reason for human existence.

As you gain the love and compassion of heart-centered consciousness, it leads to the light of spiritual understanding and the joy of soul awareness.


IC2ITUC 8th March 2011 9:00 am

SO TRUE! Thank you for this "KISS" moment. :thumbs: :angel:


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