The Nature of Courage

Courage is a product of higher purpose. Courage conquers the fear of pain, of loss of life or the loss of a loved one. With higher purpose, you gain the power to spring into action and achieve your mission despite any fear that you may feel.

The conquest of fear is one of the primary reasons for life on Earth. When you identify with a higher purpose you rise above the fear. From this, you learn that higher consciousness frees you from the immobilizing numbness of basic, primeval fear.

Acts of great heroism occur when a person rises above their own fear for survival and acts to save others from injury and death. Even those who physically die in the attempt pass on into the spirit realms with the knowledge of a very valuable lesson; that higher purpose, a higher state of consciousness, is the key to overcoming basic fear.

Courage is required to let go of a loved one who has a terminal illness when it is their time to pass on to the next life.

It takes courage to stand up for your beliefs, especially if they are not widely held.

It takes courage for you to be who you are when you know that your mission is to be yourself and to express exactly who you are.

It takes courage to break through the fear that you might be inadequate and then go on to discover your inner power.

Your inner being has the strength to overcome all obstacles.

Courage springs from communion with your inner being.



cyndy 9th July 2015 5:47 am

Is fear an illusion? A mistaken idea? Is F E A R , F alse E motions A ppearing R eal? When I dissolve fear do I need courage?

cyndy 9th July 2015 6:51 am

Whoops! Should have been FEAR, F also E evidence A appearing R eal.

zorro 9th July 2015 8:52 am

Yes, put the "heart" in charge and courage follows naturally. Courage is of the heart! The Latin "Coeurs" (from which the word courage originates) means heart. When we rise to the situation, sometimes not even having time to think, the heart rises to the occasion with its own intelligence and call to action. Perhaps as a species we are all moving to this heart centerdness, so we will naturally be seeing more courage on the life stage, and less fear. But that doesn't mean the elimination of fear totally. Fear can be useful in triggering fight or flight instincts. But in moving towards heart centerdness we may approach the spiritual heart, the Sacred Heart, which by the nature of its connectedness to Source, can actually alter and shape reality in real-time, and cause Lions to lay down with Lambs.

cyndy 9th July 2015 12:14 pm

And there are so many different definitions of fear. I am talking of fear as a contraction. Frozen. A possibility of no fear in the 5th dimension as fear is dissolved we don't need the fright or flight anymore, instead we are awake and conscious and we have more pure awareness. Awareness that the stove is hot, not a fear of the stove, nor do we need to get burned to have that awareness. We begin to open our capacity to physical body intelligence, that has us show up/ be in the right place at the right time to get our needs met. Also, I have the understanding that this how I am headed/operating more in the 5th and out of the 3rd that others are doing it in other ways perhaps. Is there fear in the 5th dimension of heaven on earth? Not from my sensing.
Truly sensing this as a new human , a new human experience. Out of fear, I can relax and allow and let the awareness, consciousness, goodness flow,and am moved by that.

Angelika Lina 10th July 2015 7:19 am

thank you Owen, this article was very timely. Needed to assert myself or stand up for myself in as loving a way as I could manage and that is not always easy for me. Your article came after the event and gave me a kind of permission almost that it's ok. Does that make sense?

Love & Blessings


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