The Power of Nine

Numerology is an ancient science which claims that there are nine major influences in the affairs of humanity. These influences are said to affect you personally via a personal year influence and also affect the planet by virtue of a calendar year influence.

Because numerology is an ancient science and still in existence, it is fair to say that it must be based upon some cosmic truth or it would have been abandoned centuries ago. Even the idea that nine, and not some other number, is significant and has held up throughout the ages.

Why nine? Why not some other number? After all, seven was a very fashionable number in metaphysical circles until just a century ago. It was based upon the idea that there were seven planets; so, therefore they thought, the number seven must have cosmic significance. Of course, at that time, only seven planets had been discovered! As the number of known planets grew, the metaphysical significance of the number seven faded from favor.

Meanwhile, the number nine still retains its powerful reputation, so let's take a look at the workings of Creation and see if the number nine has some cosmic significance. A good place to start is the most fundamental premise in the whole of Creation.

All things in the universe spring forth from the one cause and that cause employs the Law of Creation.

The Law of Creation employs three aspects of consciousness in order to make all things possible.

First, Divine Will sets an intention.

Second, Divine Love provides the energy for that intention to materialize.

Third, Divine Motion is applied to both aspects of consciousness in a way that makes them interact in the necessary manner. Without motion, all is just static potential. With motion, we have life in all its ever-changing glory.

The Law of Creation is the Divine Trinity in its most fundamental, original form - one which has been operating for billions of years. Original Creation provided the framework for all things to be possible but, in order to provide the complexity that is necessary for the creation of life as we know it, another step was necessary and this is exactly where the number nine gets its power.

The Trinity interacted with itself to form a Triple Triad, a 3 by 3 matrix of additional influences.

The original three Divine aspects generated an additional three groups of three aspects. That makes three original aspects of consciousness plus nine additionally-generated ones.

These nine additional aspects of consciousness serve to create the complexity required by the more dense levels of Creation, such as the physical realm, which is formed by an intense compression of original consciousness.

While the original three aspects of the Divine Trinity control the divine realms, it is the Triple Triad - the nine additional aspects of consciousness - which exert the most direct influence in our realm of existence.

There are nine specific influences in this realm, each with their own unique characteristic.

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that, when numerology uses the numbers one through nine to analyze the influences affecting the physical realm, it is based upon a framework of cosmic significance.



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