What If The World Were To End Tomorrow?

What if the world were to end tomorrow? Or, what if you had just 6 months left to live? Sometimes it helps to entertain such dramatic questions in order to bring what’s really important in life into focus.

Ask yourself what really matters in your life. Ask yourself what you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t yet done. Then, think about how you occupy your time each day. Chances are, you occupy most of the time on things that keep you busy, but aren’t the most important things that you could be doing with your life.

In the 2008 movie, The Bucket List, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman play two older men who meet in a hospital ward and both have 6 months left to live. They decide to make a ‘bucket list,’ so-called because it’s a list of everything they want to do in the 6 months before they ‘kick the bucket!’

Their bucket list grows to include movie-worthy, grand adventures like skydiving, race-car driving, and seeing wonders of the world, such as the Taj Mahal and the Great Pyramid. But, the movie is really about how they work to make their lifelong dreams come true, intertwined with a theme of friendship and finding joy to spread to others, even in the face of death.

The real attention-getter of the movie is the fact that it makes the audience think about what is, or what could be, important in their lives. When people think deeply in that way, they often find that tensions from difficult relationships dissolve and become replaced by empathy.

For example, resentment is a joy-killer. It’s hard to find joy and upliftment when a person’s emotions are being funneled through a lower frequency expression, such as resentment. So, if they have any enemies, they might even go as far as to see that forgiveness brings freedom.

The most sobering realization about what matters in life is that the really important things aren’t personal. Once a person has told their loved ones how they feel, climbed to the peak of Mount DontLookDown, written a book, or done whatever seemed important at first, there is still a vacuum waiting to be filled.

Deep in the soul of everyone, lies the realization that it’s what you do to help others that really counts in the end. What you give in service to others in your life is what you become remembered for the most.

The irony is that you can give great service to humanity each and every day, and it takes just a few moments. The world doesn’t have to be about to end, and no bucket list is needed to inspire action.

If you remember, each and every day, that the world needs healing energy in order to make it a better place, you will succeed in your soul’s deepest passion – that of spiritually serving humanity.

Spiritually, the progress made in one life which includes such service is worth dozens of lives of experience spent in lesser pursuits. Once you tune into the love that fills the universe and understand that it is meant to be kept in motion and passed along, then you are on the fast track of spiritual development.



k 2nd November 2010 11:20 am

I see the physical existance different than most. I see it as bondage. It is a prison that in many ways keeps us from seeing and sensing the glory that really exists. The physical existance is clung to, because so many think we end when we die, but to me, death is the entrance to the things that really matter. With death I will be able to shed this physical form and explore the universe and beyond in a state of joy and peace with all that is around me. The Kore Kosmou discribes the pain that souls express when they are confined to a body. All the things that we would want to do in our last six months of physical existance pales to what waits for us beyond.
I used to fear death especially by suffication. I suspect that came from watching my mother being buried when I was four years old. But, now I know that her energy is with me, even though I can not sense it. My Zen Master made a point to let me know that she is right next to me. To make his point he lit a match and then blew it out and then asked me, "where did the light go?" I have thought about this.... energy changes form.

CanadianAngel 2nd November 2010 11:20 am

Thank you Owen for the important reminder...funny I was just reading an old Erma Bombeck article earlier this morning entitled, "If I Had My Life To Live Over"...describing many of the things she wishes she could, or would have done differently in her lifetime. Both articles...gentle and thought-provoking reminders to be consciously aware of how we choose to "fill our cups" in this lifetime. :)


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