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Lightworkers have a natural ability to master life's challenges. Now, it may not seem that way. You might say, "My life has been one big challenge after another," and there would be good reason for that statement.

Old souls choose to live lives filled with the kind of challenges that others need to master. Then, with help from their sense of inner knowing, they find their way to solving those challenges. When they do, their inspiring actions are registered in a place to which everyone has access.

It's called the mind belt. We live in an atmosphere of mental and emotional energy and, while we may not consciously be aware of it, our subconscious and superconscious minds work with this mind belt of planetary awareness all day, every day.

When, by our actions, we find solutions to challenges and then contribute them to the mind belt, other people unconsciously pick up on that knowledge. They are then inspired to find their own way to those very solutions that old souls have discovered and provided for them.

Old souls drive a wedge of light into the darkness of the global mind atmosphere.

The good news about all this is that we are helping many, many others to meet the challenges in their lives.

But, why do people have challenges anyway? Can't we all just cruise through life, trouble-free, lie on a beach and sip ice-cold drinks? Well, at a superconscious soul level, we see life as a learning experience because that's how consciousness evolves. The reason you feel a deep-down longing to evolve is because we are on a journey back to the sacred source from which we all came.

How long you take to evolve to higher frequencies of consciousness is entirely up to you, but you did stack the deck somewhat before you were born. Let's see how that was done.

In the soul realms, before you entered this life and took on the physical body you now inhabit, you could see great vistas of possibilities. In fact, at your soul level of consciousness, you can still see great vistas of possibilities. It's the nature of soul consciousness, rather like seeing the view from high on the hilltops compared to the valley view that you get stuck with in a physical body.

Your soul is still up there on the hilltops, looking at the potentials in your life, cheering you on with intuitive encouragement, and helping to give you every opportunity to learn and evolve in consciousness.

At night, while your physical body sleeps, your conscious awareness returns to the soul level so that you can review what happens next in the adventure called life. When you return in the morning and once again inhabit the physical brain with all its limitations, your nighttime experiences rapidly fade from your awareness, but the knowingness lingers on awaiting intuitive access.

The more you tune into your inner awareness, the more you are able to tap that soul-provided sense of knowingness which we all possess.

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