Feel the embrace of Home

Dear friends, I am Jeshua. I am your brother. Receive me in your midst. I am your family and I want you to recognize me as your brother, a human being who was among you.

I am so happy to be here with you. I see your beauty and your radiance. You know, I do not really want to teach you, to tell you how to act, or what to believe. More than anything else, I wish to remind you of who you are. I want you to recognize your own greatness, so allow me to touch that greatness in you. Imagine I am standing in front of you and you look me in the eyes. Do you feel our oneness? You are moved by my energy because you recognize it as the energy of Home. And my message to you is that you can come Home now. Home for you is here, and I am here to welcome you Home.

So imagine you are Home and now you can relax. You can be completely who you are; you do not have to hide anything. You do not have to hide your fears, your doubts, your anxiety, and more importantly, you do not have to hide your greatness.

You have travelled throughout the universe – you are Eternal Beings. How is it possible that you think so little of yourself? Especially at this time on Earth, it is of great importance that you remember who you are. You are ready to move on and to let go of the past. Yes, it is true that you all carry inside you deep pain and hurt from the past, but often you become blinded by that pain. You do not recognize who you are beyond that pain and fear. You are hypnotized by it, and often this is reinforced by fearful beliefs in your environment and society. What happens then is that you remain stuck in low vibrations, while in your heart and in your soul, you are vibrating at a high level. It pains me to see this happen to you, because I see clearly your wisdom and your high vibration. I wish to hold a mirror in front of you because truly, all your life, questions are answered not by any knowledge or authority outside you, but by your own innate wisdom. By remembering your true being, your soul, you have all the knowledge you need available to you.

When people desire to channel, what they truly want in their heart is to connect with the energy of Home, of their true being. They yearn for that energy and it is natural to have that yearning. It is not natural to live in a tense, fearful state of mind, so I strongly encourage you to follow this desire that is inside you. What you truly want is to manifest your soul on Earth. To enhance your channeling skills, take a look at your everyday life and observe when you feel relaxed and are going with the flow, when you feel peaceful and inspired. At those times, it is easier for your soul and your guides to reach you. The challenge for you is to keep that flow going, to keep that state of high vibration intact when you are faced with lower vibrations, such as fear or anger.

Some of you feel you want to withdraw from this world of low vibrations, because then it would become easier to stay in a peaceful vibration, which is more natural to you. And I understand this desire you have. But for you to truly become whole, you have to recognize that the low vibrations that you see in the world are also inside you – you also have fear, anger, sadness. So the real challenge for you as a human being here on Earth is to embrace these lower vibrations with your soul's Light. To escape from the world would be to escape from yourself, and at this time on Earth, it is extremely important that people who channel their soul also remain very grounded and in the world. We need you here.

The beautiful message I have for you today is that now it is possible to be on Earth who you truly are. You carry so much anxiety and bad memories about truly expressing yourself on Earth. You often have felt that you were different; you felt a stranger or an outsider from society. But if now you look at human society on Earth, there is a crisis going on. Seen from an energetic level, there is a lot of density on Earth in which there are fearful patterns. But in this layer of density, there now are open holes, so to speak. People are generally opening up for something different, a guidance of another kind, because they realize they cannot hold on to any external certainty. Humanity as a whole desires and needs a leap forward in consciousness. It is important that you know your place, your natural place within this field of energies.

It is true that you are different. In your heart you are listening to a different song, so to speak, and you can remain true to that. But, nonetheless, your place is in this world. And it is especially when you embrace your lowest vibrations with your Light that you gain a true understanding of what other people are going through. This will enable you to look at other people with compassion, even if they are very different from you. This does not mean that you have to suffer with them. You can be an inhabitant of the New Earth and still remain present in the midst of old energies. You can remain true to your own highest vibration and yet live among lower vibrations. This is a sign of true maturity as a soul: that you recognize who you are; that you do not feel rejected by society; that you understand you are here to bring in a new type of consciousness; and that now you are so very welcome on Earth.

So my message tonight is twofold. On the one hand, I am full of happiness and a sense of celebration, because I see your beauty so clearly and I see that you are ready to take a leap forward. But to the extent that the past still has a hold on you and you feel that your fear and doubt wear you down, I want to speak to you very directly. It is so easy to be weighed down by these lower vibrations, because there is still a lot of density on Earth, but I truly want to wake you up, especially in those moments when you feel so down. Remember in those moments: you are ready, you are mature, you are whole.

I will end by asking you to look at yourself through my eyes. I see your beauty and your vulnerability at the same time. I have no judgement whatsoever about your lower vibrations, your emotions of fear. Feel that acceptance; feel that I accept all of you, and feel the embrace of Home.


Ladybugs_leaf 21st November 2012 10:11 am

A million thanks . . . :smitten:

valleyfever 21st November 2012 10:59 am

What a beautiful message. I've cried a lot this week and let out a lot of anger. I feel free again. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing message from Jesus.


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