The Golden Light of 2012

Dear precious friends, I am Mary Magdalene, your sister, and I am here with a warm heart.  As we sit together yet again, it feels so familiar for me to be connected with the reality of Earth. So often we have sat together in circles of like-minded friends, and attuned ourselves to the present and the future. Throughout all our lives, again and again, it has been for us a source of support and encouragement to recognize in one another the same desire, the same thirst for freedom and joy, and the same desire for true connection.

We are here together on the threshold of a new time, and you are in the middle of a major transition. The energy of innovation that flows over the Earth now is like a big wave that washes through the entire field of human thought, action, and feeling. In fact, it is a great wave of dazzling Light that permeates your dimension, and which calls to you and awakens you. It can sometimes also frighten you, because this wave of new energy throws everything in your life into chaos. It seems as if nothing can remain of the old: work, relationships, livelihood, and your daily life – everything seems to go awry. Why does this happen? What is going on?

In this time, you are asked to come forward, and to make clear to yourself what is and is not you. And with "you", I do not mean your earthly personality as formed by outside influences: your genes (which also come from outside), your parents, your upbringing, society, education, etc. It is not that personality I address when I say "you", but the deeper essence that you are. That “you” which is independent of this world, and independent of the prejudices and the standards you have received from society; independent even of the body you inhabit and whose reactions are also influenced by external stimuli. Descend once more into your inner core, and remember who you are! You are the eternal consciousness that gives and maintains the life of your body, and which acquires temporary earthly experiences here. This consciousness, which you are most deeply, is full of life! It is creative, radiant, adventurous, and at the same time, it deeply knows – it is rooted in Being.

This consciousness that you are is not an abstract principle; it is not a God who lives far outside you, but a lively and palpable consciousness – you are It yourself! You feel this consciousness flow through you the moment you become most aware of who you are; when you know what brings you joy; when you are touched by what you want – and also when you feel what you do not want. This fundamental ability to discriminate, to be able to say yes or no to what feels good and what does not, keeps you in touch with who you really are – with your soul and your eternal Being. At this time, this Being is invited to take a central place in your life, and to decide what does and what does not belong to you.

Life invites you now to take the path of the new; the wave of new energy that, at this moment, permeates the atmosphere of Earth. You can react to this invitation in two ways: you can either go along with the current of this flow of new energy, or be in opposition to it. If you rely on this flow, and allow yourself to be carried by its strength, you get “wings” and you are propelled by its dynamics. Doing this can be scary, because you must let go of the old – but at the same time, it is exciting and liberating!

You can also go against the current of this flow, afraid of what the new is going to bring, and afraid to let go of the apparent safety of the old. When this happens, you embark on a fight against the forces that want to change your life from the inside. That resistance and opposition is a form of struggle, and if you resist such a powerful current, a sort of drowning occurs. Things can then become stifling and oppressive in and around you. A solid anchoring is missing in your life, because you do not trust in the great forces that want to lead your life.

It is always possible to return and say “yes” to the current. At the moment you surrender and let go, you can experience again that you are being carried, that there is meaning in this flow, and that it will bring you to a place that is beautiful and good. It is important to be aware that when you protest, you are still being fed by fearful images from the past. There are images there that you hold so sacred it does not even occur to you that they are, in fact, the voice of fear. So it may happen that you are so busy resisting, you do not realize you are opposing something good that wants to emerge in your life. You think that sticking with the old is the correct way, without seeing and acknowledging your fear in this. Living from fear has become a habit when you have grown up in a fearful society.

I invite you today, by way of a simple experiment, to examine to what extent you are mired in the old habits of fear, and how you resist what wants to flow throughout your life. To be able to do this thought-experiment, I must first say something more about the new world of which you stand on the threshold. Imagine the reality of the new Earth before you as a Golden Light. We are not going to describe the physical details of that world, but to connect with it at the energy level in order to feel its reality. Think of your dreams, your visions of a new, loving reality on Earth, supported by connections from the heart. See the Golden Light radiating from that reality, and make contact with this Light. See if you can allow this Golden Light into your body. Feel how soft it is, and yet how loving and powerful at the same time. This Golden Light connects; it does not resist anything. It says “Yes” to everything, and therefore this Light can penetrate everything, both dark and light areas.

This is the Light of Love. It is the Light of alchemy, which transforms the Dark (lead) into the Light (gold). In the Golden Light, everything has meaning and value – there is no more struggle between the Light and the Dark. Feel the power of this Golden Light. This is the birth of the Christ consciousness in all of you. When you embody this Light, you do not need to move away from the dark and the heavy, you can be completely present in the earthly world. You can be who you are in the midst of the chaos of the collapse of the old system that is occurring now in the world around you. You do not have to go anywhere, just keep this Golden Light in you. It is the Light of the new world; the Light of your soul. You do not have to avoid the world. The only thing that is required of you is to remain faithful to this Golden Light. Recognize it in yourself; it feels quiet, calm, and self-confident. Feel the strength of this energy that carries and supports you. Feel it sink into your feet; it has substance. Feel how this Golden Light flows by way of your feet into the Earth and ignites seeds of Light everywhere.

In the coming era, the new and the old exist side-by-side. Here and there openings emerge in the energy field of the old, and that happens where people are willing to give up securities and reach out to the new. Then the influx of the Golden Light can take place. Maybe that happens through you, because you already embody the new consciousness. By staying in the world with your Golden Light, you can be yourself, and at the same time you offer something new to the energy field of the old. You are like a gate; an opening to more freedom and gentleness. You are that gate for others by the energy you radiate, and you do not have to exert great effort! When the Golden Light flows through you to another, it happens effortlessly – simply through your presence. The time of making huge effort and battling against the darkness is over. You do not have to fight anymore – it is not your fight! Let go of the whole dynamics of fighting for or against something. You only need to be here, and to nurture in you this Golden Light of the future and be faithful to it.

We will now examine how much you are still mired in the old fear-based thoughts of scarcity, and the acting from a need for power and control. You have grown up with these thoughts, because they are part of the collective energy on Earth. Just now you reconnected with the Golden Light of the New Earth, where comfort and joy prevail. Look now with your inner eye at the energy of the old world, based on struggle, fear, and hostility, and see that energy before you. Look at it neutrally, without fear. What color does that energy have? Does it appear as a murky and dense fog, suffocating and clingy? And how does it feel? There is a lot of fear in it, and you can watch it calmly, because you have nothing to do with it. You do not have to go along with it and you do not have to oppose it. It is just there and you observe it.

Now feel again the presence of the Golden Light within you, and then look at where the energy of the old clings to you. Look especially in the areas of your heart and the lower energy centers: your stomach, navel, and tailbone. Are there cords of energy that hold you back and still connect you with the old earth, which is ruled by fear, judgment, and struggle? Look at this calmly and ask yourself, “where I am still stuck in the old?” “Show it to me plainly and clearly, because I want to be completely conscious of it.” At the moment the old becomes visible, and you see the cords that tie you to it, feel what energy they contain. What is it that still binds you to the old – is it fear or uncertainty? Is it a feeling of inferiority that you dare not release, yet you know no longer belongs to you?  What is it that restrains you and keeps you from focusing on what makes you great?

Look intently at what most paralyzes or stops you. You could possibly see a child appear who embodies this energy: a scared child, an uncertain child, a suppressed child, or an aggressive child. Please be very aware of the emotional dynamic that pushes you back into the old. The more clearly you see this dynamic and understand it, the easier will it be for you to let it go. There is nothing as liberating as seeing clearly who you are. Even though it can be disheartening to realize you are still stuck to the old here and there, yet it is always better to have this well within your line of vision, rather than pressing down the fear and not wanting to see it. And the golden light never condemns. Let everything in you that is still afraid or offers resistance to the new, just let it appear into the daylight – it is valuable and has meaning. When you have a clear awareness of the ties to the old, and how that feels, then you let the Golden Light flow into that area. Try not to rupture the cords of the past. Simply allow them to be permeated with the Golden Light that is both warm and full of understanding.

Do not struggle against your fear, your uncertainty, and dependency on the old; surround it with Golden Light, with empathy, with compassion. It is not necessary to fight against it. Struggle makes it worse, because that evokes resistance in the parts of you that are not yet willing or able to join with the new. Let love thaw and relax these parts. If you tell the frightened, insecure parts of yourself they are welcome as they are, they then begin to loosen and change. Keep all your frightened and resistant parts, and do not disown them. Tell them that you love them and that you are going to move forward together with them. The parts that are still fearful or resistant contain an enormous power and you do not want to lose that! You want to transform that energy, and that can only happen through love. Now allow an inner child to come to you, the child that most clearly reflects the resistance, fear, and mistrust in yourself. Receive the child in your heart, surround it with the Golden Light, and tell it how happy you are that you have found it. Now that it is with you, you can take it “under your wing” and take care of it, so it is no longer subject to the impulses and prodding from outside that reinforce the fear.

I would like now to take you to this coming year, the year 2012. We are in the last month of this year, 2011, and the winter is a natural transition time; a time of turning inward and preparation for the new. A lot has been said about what the year 2012 will bring. I would like to invite you to let go completely of everything you have heard or read about “2012”. These are also exterior promptings. I would prefer for you to allow yourself to feel what it means for you.  Become very calm and quiet; nothing can happen and you are safe. Attune yourself to the year 2012 , and what it means for you, and not for the world. See a light or a color appear for this year, and feel the energy, the possibilities of it. Pose questions to the year 2012: “what is the highest potential for me in this year and how can I realize that potential ?”  “What is important for me to know and do?”

Imagine that there is a very high wave in the sea, and that you sit atop its crest. It is both delicious and exciting to be carried by this wave. Allow what you feel inside to carry you, because being atop that wave, you are in the flow of your highest possibility and you allow the flow of life to take you where it will. What does it ask of you to surrender to that movement, and how can you say "yes" to that? Allow the feeling you have atop the wave to act upon you. Atop that wave, you are living in Truth, and by going back to that feeling you can attune to what next year will bring to you. Always trust your own inner signals. What is promoted to you from the world outside as “information”, for example in the form of predictions and end of time expectations, is not necessarily based on clear thinking or intuiting. There are messengers that speak from fear, out of a need for sensationalism and drama, and their messages can confuse you. And there are also messages of Light that give forth peace and tranquility. Make a distinction on the basis of what you feel. What feels good for me and what does not? You are the anchor.

Finally, I draw your attention to our small circle, gathered here today in this space. Imagine that in our midst there is a fire that burns and we are sitting around it – a fire of warmth and inspiration. We are all nourished by this fire; it is the fire of our hearts. Imagine how the glow of the fire shines on all your faces, how it reflects your hope, longing, sadness, and doubt. When these expressions on your faces appear in the light of the fire, they show up as very human and transparent. In the warm, soft light from the fire everything is allowed to be as it is. Permit yourself this warmth, this Golden Light. You still experience traces in yourself of the Night of the Soul, of darkness that has trapped you. Now surround yourself with warm Light; you can always do this. Praise yourself, be proud of who you are, and realize how brave you are. Practice recalling all you have accomplished already, what you are able to do, and what you have endured. Confirm your own greatness and do not go with thoughts that make you small. Let this fire expand to a bonfire, so that the sparks reach beyond this circle to be carried to many other persons, and so the circle increases. That is my New Year's wish for you and for all who read or listen to it later.

Mary Magdalene



zorro 9th August 2012 6:51 pm

"Life invites you now to take the path of the new; the wave of new energy that, at this moment, permeates the atmosphere of Earth. You can react to this invitation in two ways: you can either go along with the current of this flow of new energy, or be in opposition to it. If you rely on this flow, and allow yourself to be carried by its strength, you get “wings” and you are propelled by its dynamics. Doing this can be scary, because you must let go of the old – but at the same time, it is exciting and liberating!"

"When written in Chinese, the word "crisis" is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity."

John F. Kennedy

zorro 9th August 2012 7:38 pm

"Do not struggle against your fear, your uncertainty, and dependency on the old; surround it with Golden Light, with empathy, with compassion."

I think you are saying here: "Don't be SCARED; be SACRED"


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