Channeling in the 21st Century: What’s Changing and Why

The life-scheme of our lives is based on what we believe about it. We believe what we have been told culturally and socially until we don’t. At least a few times, maybe more, we will reach that proverbial fork in the road that invites us to stay on the road we are on, or as the famous poet wrote, take the road less traveled – surrender our current beliefs in favor of the unknown.

The road less traveled may be unwritten, but it is still full of cues and agreements that maintain order, and these tell us what we can and can’t change. Some cues make sense. Green light means GO; red light mean STOP. There is no reason to imagine that needing to change.

Other cues don’t make sense, but collectively we agree that we don’t want them to change. For instance, there is an unspoken agreement that rock stars and movie stars are not supposed to age. They reflect specific memories to us, and we want them to stay that way. If we are forced to acknowledge that they have aged, we might have to acknowledge that we have too, and we would prefer not to.

So, we follow celebrity images and soundbites that describe how bad relationships or drugs have taken a toll on our idols. Now things make sense again because there is a reasonable explanation for what we are not ready to embrace. There is a way out. But we didn’t buy into the new belief or reality. So, the next time anything like it pops into our awareness, we will once again be surprised or shocked. The core belief did not change, so the new reality couldn’t.

Here is a small exercise you can do quickly now, and in more detail later. Based on your own current beliefs, make a mental list of what (or who) you would allow to change. Here are a few examples.

Fashion? Sure, that can change. We are used to that.Government? Probably. It’s okay if it doesn’t stay the same, but what will change look like? Technology? Yes, it’s always changing. People? Maybe. It depends on how much we are invested in someone remaining the same.

That’s the first part of the exercise. The second part is to decide on a percentage by which it would be okay with you for things to change. Is technology allowed to change 6%? More? What if your friend or spouse does a full 180. Is that okay? Maybe not.

My point is that as progressive and flexible as we believe we are, we might hit a wall. And it might happen soon. If it doesn’t happen to you, it may happen to someone you know. How we think, believe, and act, really does matter, especially now. I wish that every time we washed our hands, our brain would also be washed. Our old beliefs are not allowing us to see clearly.

In most parts of the world, it is now acceptable to believe in and follow your own version of spirituality, or not to, as you wish. Traditional faith religions are stepping over themselves to show you how and where their established religion blends with your new ideas. Whenever possible, historic, or scientific facts that support scripture are used to underscore faith. Non-organized spirituality also attaches itself to science, and near-science. (I don’t like the term pseudo-science).

For its part, Science with a capital S (what Gaia calls the somber men in pocketed white coats) is softly injecting a little speculation and wonder into its paradigms and proclamations. It is acknowledging that it may not know as much as it thought – perhaps the earth is older than the agreed upon figure, Maybe humanity’s history began elsewhere.

Seems like a win-win for everyone, right? Can you spot any big losers in all that is changing?

At the risk of offending anyone, which is never my intention, I would say that the big loser these days is GOD – the god of our old beliefs, the one from the Piscean age. In the Aquarian age, God is no longer seated on a throne above the clouds. And his son (the sun) is no longer on the cross.

For most of us, the great love we hold for Creator, now rests in our hearts. Others find Creator among the stars, in the face of a newborn, in the lab, or the forest.

So, what does all this have to do with channeling? Let’s find out.

In the 21st century, our century, we can see change in every area of life. The world is changing with or without our approval. And most of time it is happening before we’ve had time to consider how the changes will affect us. We’re figuring it out as we go. It’s happening everywhere and to everything, including channeling.

I started channeling almost 35 years ago. Channeling has changed a lot since then, but not as much as its about to.

It is my understanding that the movement in our hearts and the movement of the great celestial bodies inspires the fast-moving changes we are seeing today, and that includes how we communicate with Loving Intelligence, or the All.

One of the many ways we communicate with Loving Intelligence is through what we call channeling, but it is beginning to evolve into something like what I am calling, Transmural Communication or Transmural Intelligence.

We mostly use the word transmural in the medical community, where it means to pass through an anatomical wall. It also means to pass through any structure or barrier – a door, a wall, or a dimension. Transmural Intelligence communicates and transports the kind of knowledge and information we need in this new age.

Like channeling, transmural communication is received by those who are receptive and unconflicted about how intelligence is transferred, or by whom – terrestrial or stellar. For now, I will simply say that it’s time to get ready.

Our teachers are changing, just as they did at the last great turning, and the one before that. Our beloved single-entity teachers are evolving into multi-dimensional beings, or multi-level complexes. As we become comfortable with this, our acceleration will feel natural – we will feel less buffeted by the winds of change.

Many years ago, sound reached us through a single device or source. That progressed into stereo sound, which added two or more sources. After that, quadrophonic sound used four independent sources to make one natural sound. Today, we use many different sources or channels, and we call it Surround Sound.

Transmural communication includes sources that are linked collectively, dimensionally, and simultaneously. We are part of that link. Eventually channeling will be obsolete. It belongs in the age we are leaving behind.

Are you ready for that? I am! And I have it on good authority that it will be realized sooner than we think. I have begun to experiment with transmural communication and am eager to learn more.

Why now? Because it is the right time. It is on the horizon. It is rising with the sun. It’s our job to notice, inquire, and invite. And that is why getting beyond our beliefs of what things should look like or sound like makes so much sense. If we don’t do it, our old beliefs will harden and calcify around us. You can already see it happening to others.

Based on this same subject, here is a short channeling from Gaia:

Good are the days. And the nights too. You can relax into dreams of the future without fear of nightmares.

Why? Because the future has not been left to chance. There is and has always been a certain amount of engineering that takes place in the background, behind even the best of your awareness.

Most of you would not think of your psyches and souls as engineers, but they are. Your soul upholds your spiritual structure. It rebuilds it each night, strengthens it, empowers it, heals, and attends to it, keeps it safe from the hardness of life.

Your soul connects to the World Soul, to Anima Mundi, the matrix that does the same for the world structure, upholding what can stand on its own and preparing to catch what must inevitably fall.

If we pause to assess the world, to view it in its present-day predicament, we can see that it is time for engineers to follow the architect’s instructions.

Think for a moment how hard you have worked in this life – the struggle to remain awake, the injustices you have witnessed and experienced, and the efforts you have made to assist others, even when the only currency of exchange was hope and sacrifice.

Now, receive the message that there are others like you, multitudes of them, working alone, together, or in concert for the evolution of earth and humankind. It is time for your paths to cross.

We could say that you agreed to this long ago, but you are not expected to remember that now. In any case, it was not a contractual obligation; it was more like a vow or a pledge.

The reminders you receive from time to time arrive with options and opportunities to withdraw or stay the course. Your (solar) soul is the gauge or decision-maker. Personal statements of how capable or committed you are might fool the candle or the wick. Your solar soul must see them both burn brightly as equals before stellar communication begins.

Although this is a one-sided talk, it is a two-way communication. Questioning how this will be accomplished, what you must do, and when it will happen, are noted.

It is already happening. Engineering plans have been approved and the project is underway. Imagine for a moment that a beloved historic structure is being upgraded to withstand the rigors of an evolving environment.

This is you, structurally speaking. Spiritually speaking, I offer a different example. When upgrading a computer, you are advised not to run other programs or work in the background. Care and energy must be given to what you wish to upgrade. The same applies here. Whenever possible, do not add undue stress. Do not accept needless challenges from others. There is no one to audition for, nothing to prove.

This is an ongoing conversation and will continue. For now, think of it as a mirror viewing its own reflection in a new light.




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