It’s Tough Out There

(Q) It’s getting tougher out there. If it’s not global warming, it’s a hurricane. If it’s not a drought, it’s a flood, and it gets worse from there. And yet, other messages (from the good guys) tell us not to give these events any energy, focus on what we want to see in the world, etc. But can we? How can we balance these opposites and still find a way to grow spiritually before it’s too late?

(A) I can imagine being in one of the seminar series classes we did with Gaia over a decade ago. I bet you were there! I can also imagine hearing the audience applaud your question. I bet the people reading this are asking themselves the same thing, wondering how you read their mind, and wishing they had asked this long before now.

The short answer is that every and all aspects of Spirit (a placeholder word) have done their best to prepare us for this time, and they continue to do so. Sometimes I think they started the warning campaigns too soon. Over time, we got complacent, turned our attention elsewhere, and pushed some of what we learned into the background. It’s not anyone’s fault, the timelines we asked for didn’t match our experience. Maybe we thought it was farther down the line, just far enough that we wouldn’t have to do anything about it.

Back in the 80s, a visionary map circulated around awakened communities. I can’t remember everything about it, but I do remember that parts of California were gone (inundated I think) and so was Florida. North America was separated into two continents broken apart by earthquakes and floods that followed the Mississippi River. Don’t quote me on this, I’m going on memory. Other continents had also been displaced or rearranged. Some countries were renamed, others disappeared completely. Copycat maps appeared a short time later, before disappearing into the cabinet of curiosities. Lately, I’ve heard that new maps showing a vastly rearranged earth are making the rounds again. The maps were and are interesting, but they have not been widely accepted or believed. Why? Why don’t we believe that events of such magnitude are possible in our lifetime?

Prevailing thoughts back then were that the big changes would happen around the turn of the century. But they didn’t. They didn’t happen then, and they didn’t happen in 2012, the next big milestone year. Why didn’t it happen then? Because the map is not entirely accurate, and the timelines that intersect with our world are not linear – they are curved, they zigzag, they shift and change – human timelines are doing the same. Something is happening.

When prophecies and predictions do not manifest as foretold, trust goes sideways. We doubt, we forget our old teachers and look for new ones. We look for new messages that agree with our thinking. It’s a human thing. It’s what we do. The map is just an example. The signs were on the wall, they were not hidden from us. And they are not hidden now.

Another popular thought that is still very much alive is that “we” lightworkers, we healers, teachers, awakened beings, etc., would be companioned by guides, angels, and other enlightened beings in ways that others are not. We planetary workers have logged innumerable hours working for the planet and for world peace. We’ve earned a few rewards, and now that things are really falling apart, we would like to collect on a few promises. I used to think it worked that way, but now I’m not so sure. I have not seen evidence (yet) to support this belief.

In the meantime, we’re still here doing our best. But the world is in a bigger mess than we imagined. Things have not turned upside-down, but they are certainly sideways. Louder voices tinged with anger are popular, dangerous agendas are coming out of the shadows and into the light of day, bad guys with money and power to burn have more influence than seems possible. Unconsciousness and unconscionable acts make headlines twenty-four hours a day making them impossible ignore. They draw us into a world we have little in common with. You already know the rest. What to do? Who to believe? Which way is the light? When will help arrive?!

I won’t diminish your question by answering it with spiritual platitudes and cliches whose original meaning has been distorted or lost (even though I still use some of them). We are in the thick of it now. We have moved beyond the constraints of Pisces but have yet to be welcomed by Aquarius. When it does happen, I expect it may be a stern opening (more on that another time). For now, we are in-between worlds, where things break down so that new things can emerge. Energetically, it looks like a cauldron of light and shadow that is being stirred up by natural and artificial forces of paired opposites – positive and negative, light and dark, good and bad. This in-between place does not separate extremes or make sense of them. It simply stirs them up. I can imagine our sun throwing sun bolts into the cauldron to make everything gets well mixed. There will be time to separate and distill later.

Strangely, I feel comforted by this knowledge because something is finally happening. I have seen visions of this time since I was a child, but I have always accepted the possibility that it could have been my imagination. I would be content to be wrong. Sometimes I feel afraid. Like you, I have a vision of what the world could be like if we nurtured it, and ourselves – a world where kindness is king. I look for that world every day. Sometimes I find it but it fades, and my hope does too.

Now I’m going to get esoteric, and you might not like it. An old friend of mine used to call this the part where teachers wriggle out of their teachings, dream up new courses with incentives, certificates, and add-ons, write a new workbook, and look to a new event-horizon, with a date that is far enough into the future to allow new followers to join, but not so far that it would discourage anyone from believing that they have a direct and vital contributing role to play. My friend called this the weasel clause, and he would poke me in the ribs in an ‘I told you so’ kind of way whenever he came across it. I hope I don’t sound like that!

We are whole parts of a larger whole, which is within an even greater whole, which is in direct relationship with itself and all its constituent wholeness. No one (needs to be) in charge. Within this wholeness, light exists as itself and as a reflection of everything else. We are that. Right now, in this moment, without changing anything, we are that. Expressions of wholeness include an individual physical life on earth, aligned and orchestrated by powers (not persons) beyond our grasp. It includes every possible adventure and sensation, and every story that can be told, including the one we are living right now. All stories have at least one villain. Our story appears to have many. Every story includes physical challenges (so we don’t get bored). The book of stories never ends but chapters and storylines do. Stories are dynamic, not static. They move and change as we do. Our world is as real as it can get to our everyday senses, but it is also a façade, a front for something bigger, wiser, and more beautiful. It helps to remember this when we see danger ahead.

Consciousness is knowing (remembering) that we are here to experience being an individual, and whenever possible, to choose experiences that we prefer. Spiritual choosing is different than ordering from a menu and waiting for it to arrive at your table. It can work that way, but not often. When the ability to choose falls below a certain octave, unconsciousness happens and a dense fog envelops our world. That is what we are seeing in the world today, and it could get worse before it gets better.

The things that are getting worse are part of an old paradigm (story). The writer(s) have not finished the last few chapters yet. A variety of possibilities still exist. They are asking for our help. Most of us are tired of the old story, but we placed so much attention on it that it has become rock solid. We can’t remember how to break down rock, but earth does. Gaia does. And that is also what you are seeing in the world now.

Earth is not working against us. Earth is laying the groundwork for our next adventure, but we can’t see that from our limited perspective. We understand this intellectually, but concern for our individual selves prevents us from seeing the bigger picture.

Why should we focus on what we want to see in the world instead of what is paraded before us 24/7? How else will it come about if conscious people don’t focus their attention on it? When I have the energy for it, that’s what I do – I choose it, dream it, ask for it, imagine it, and invent it. That’s where the spiritual growth is. It’s in being and doing what we know is right, even if the rest of the world doesn’t. When I don’t have the energy for it I rest. I conserve my energy. I try not to expend energy in places that have not earned my respect. I keep a polite distance from people who would diminish my dignity.

There are rewards out there and in here too. They just don’t look like we imagined them. Some of us followed what we thought was a rosy path. We climbed mountains looking for wisdom, we chased the dark away and healed the broken parts. And now we are here. Here can be a good place when it is not ruled by fear. One of my favorite cliches is about fear is Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Remember that one? But now it has morphed into Fear is F*** Everything And Run! Gotta laugh!

We cannot ignore the difficult situations we see around us. But we can choose when and for how long we will watch, listen, and read. We can choose how much space and time we will allow it to siphon off our wellness. The message doesn’t change much. It’s repetitive and addictive. We can place our attention elsewhere. We can turn it off. Most of us have lost the ability to turn it (them) off. After we have interacted with the world, we should rest. We should sleep easily and have interesting dreams. I sleep better when I have been away from the roar of the world. The roar sounds like a muscle car that is forever revving its engine, challenging me to a race I cannot win.

Before you listen to anyone about spirituality or anything else, listen to your being-body. It’s just a guess but I don’t think it wants to watch the news channels. I don’t think your being-body wants to see unconsciousness hurl accusatory insults at itself twenty-four hours a day. Your being-body is not interested in surfing or scrolling or posting. I am giving myself this same advice because it’s so easy to forget. The system we want to dismantle is based on forgetting and staying asleep. But you won’t do that because you know how to stay awake.

Comments 21st October 2022 2:19 pm

Pepper: Outstanding perspective and truly motivating! You have captured our deepest/challenging experiences that we have caried for many years...and brought them to the present---and to our Soul Purpose now. Thank you!


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