A Blessing for You to Climb

You, as you are right now, and as your life is right now, are completely responsible for the direction your life will take. From this moment forward, from the place you now stand. There will be obstacles, of course. And there will be setbacks and unforeseen events to be dealt with. There will also be unexpected gifts and joys. All of this will happen as you walk your path.

But nonetheless, you are responsible for your life. You are responsible for how you respond to what comes your way, and you are responsible for creating a fertile garden in your mind and heart where the seeds of love and joy can take root and blossom.

But know this. As you walk your path, you will be guided and you will be showered with love. You will not walk it alone. You are not alone right now. You are surrounded by help and love showers down upon you. And all you have to do is learn to connect in order to receive the guidance; just reach up with your mind into the light, and reach down with your center into the peace. Become very quiet and reach the peaceful center where the truth resides and you will find all the answers there.

But yet, there is more. I wish for you to truly understand, feel and know the love that is there for you. It is a river flowing deep within you, running through every moment of your life. It is a warm blanket to surround you and comfort you in the darkest storm. It is a shining light of joy that not only illuminates your path so that you might find the next step, but also opens to you the gates of knowledge, wonder and glory.

This love is personal and deep. This love is caring and comforting. This love is real, tangible. Open your heart and it will flow in. Ask for its warmth and it will surround you.

And it is this love that leads you ever upwards, into the best and brightest version of yourself, into the higher energies, into the goodness and wonder that you are. For your path is really a growing awareness of your own beauty and power, your own wonder and glory. Once you allow love to lift you, once you allow yourself to be embraced completely by faith and let faith open the floodgates to the light, then you will see the truth: you are everything. You have all the power, all the wonder and glory, for you are what there is. You are the god you seek. You are the angels and the guides. You are the love that flows. You are the garden that blooms, the sun that shines, the stars that sparkle. There is no separation between you and all else, for there is no other. There is only this and you are this, you are that, you are all.

And so this, then, is the ultimate responsibility. To be yourself as fully as you can, present deeply in each moment, fully aware of your own godliness and knowing and feeling the world as an extension of yourself. And then do the obstacles transform themselves into stepping stones, each apparent challenge becoming what it is, a pathway, a step up into the next level of awareness, a means to lift yourself higher, a blessing for you to climb.



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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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