A Deep Meditation into Now

Today, right now, let us take a journey into this moment, deeply into now, deeply into this well of peace and joy which is this moment and this moment only.

Let yourself drift down and down, deeply into this moment.  Feel the past releasing.  Feel your mind quieting as you cease all thought about tomorrow.  Feel your tensions disappearing as you cease all worries.  Feel the regret lifting from you as you abandon yesterday, letting it be as it was, letting go of hurts and disappointments, expectations unfulfilled, fears and doubts which kept you from doing what you had desired.  Feel all of this lifting from you as you go deeper and deeper into this moment.

Breathe deeply as you immerse yourself into this place of now, this moment and this moment only.  Come deeper and deeper, enveloped in the velvety presence, the soft enfolding oneness of being.

Hear the silence as it comes, broken only by the occasional song of an angel as you dip down into the well of peace which is your center.

And in this well of peace, you find love, love and more love.  All love, only love.  As you drift down and your peace becomes deeper, you can feel it, you can feel the change as fear is replaced by love and doubt is replaced by belief.  As you drift down into the moment, you begin to feel your connection and oneness to all that is, all that is right now, enveloping you, surrounding you, being you.

And within this moment there is both light and darkness.  The darkness is the quiet, the lack of distraction.  But within that quietness that at first appears to be darkness, you begin to see that it is truly light, that there is a shine to everything, for it is all light and nothing but light.

For here in the center of the world, here you are reaching your true self as you exist in this moment, and then deeper and deeper until you are timeless and enter now, which opens up on the other side to a place where there is no now, no past, no future, only beingness and presence, only this and you and all and one and the vast stillness of the shining light.

And here in this state of timeless awareness and beingness, even joy and love become quiet as you simply are, as you are within the vast presence of this moment, only you in the great knowingness of oneness with all that is.

And in this place of oneness where the light and dark are the same, where the past and future are the same, where what you are has always been and always will be, there is only peace as the elements you had thought were separate are now seen as the same, as all things coexist in the embrace of this moment.

And you can feel your mind quiet and wide, reaching out into the mind of all, all calm awareness.  And this connection is vast, this deep connection as you open your mind to gather in all of the knowledge which is, was and will be.  No thought, but instead an opening awareness which will form a foundation for thought, but now, no, no thought.  Just wider and wider, your mind opens, so that it is becoming a great receptacle for learning and knowledge, a gathering place.

Deep, deep, open and flowing, the knowledge flows to you and enters you, filling you.  It is a wisdom which runs deeply through all endeavors.  And it is yours, flowing to you now, as you go deeper and deeper into what is.

And now your heart opens wide and fills with endless love, a great stream of love flowing into you, through you, you can feel it swirling and moving, the endless and stream of love.  And you are this love and it is you.  All here, all deep within the embrace of all that is.

Be quiet here in oneness, the flow of wisdom moving easily through your mind, the flow of love moving easily through your heart.  Feel the motion of life at its depth.  This is what is.  You are all.  You are one. You are joining and melding and blending and being.

And now, deeper still, into the well of power, into the force, the wellspring the source, all here, the glowing light which was the beginning of light, the spark of creation, the all-embracing power which gives form to the light.  Come deep into this burning light of beingness and be subsumed within it.

Melt into the burning flame of light.  Be purified by the white-hot glow of being.  Only light can exist here.  Only pure light can be within this power.  This power that is deeper than knowledge, deeper than any emotion, wider than any beingness but the one which is this being, this power.

You are this power.  You are pure wonder and beingness.  You are this, this glory of being pure and bright, golden and glowing, purged clean and clear.

And now, begin slowly to lift out of it all, slowly, slowly, lifting out of the white light and up into the golden glow.  Allow your center to retain the deep peace which you have felt.  Allow your heart to contain all of the love which has flowed through it in an endless stream.  Allow your mind to retain the wisdom which filled it.

And most of all, retain the power, the glow.  See yourself as a bright glow, a layer of light covering your body, an additional power that you have experienced and that is now a part of you, energizing you in new ways.

For this is the light.  This is the oneness.  This is the shining glory which is you, now and always.  And this life, with all its perceived cares and burden is but the blink of an eye for your eternal being.  But this one little blink of an eye is made glorious through the presence of your oneness, that light being that you are, that shining self that is you. 

Allow it to be present.  Allow it to shine out as you walk through this life.  Feel and know your essential being of light, glowing through your days.


Here is a little prayer for today

I am light.  I am knowledge.  I am love.  I am peace.

I am the deepest and widest.  I am the source and the beginning.  I am creation itself, one with all that is and ever was.

I shine in beauty.  I shine in power.  I am power.  I am.



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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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