A Sword to Vanquish Fear

There is a place you can go, a place where fear has no dominion, a place where doubt does not exist, not even as a shadow flitting in the corners. There is a place you can go, a place where there is joy abounding, a place where all is love. 

And when you come here to this place, deep, deep into the center of your being, up, up into the heights of your being, wide, wide out to the very reaches of your being, where it joins and becomes one with all that is, when you come here, deep and high and wide and all you, all beingness, all centered in the place of I Am, here you are the creator, here you are the light, here you are the alchemist who turns even thoughts into golden being, golden light. 

Begin here in your center and take the gifts you find outward. Come deep, deep into your center and find here your two true companions, Love and Courage, warriors faithful and brave, ready to accompany you out into the world. 

Here, take this sword. Hold it in your hand. See how it sparkles with the light. See how it is made of light and forged in love. See how this sword has the ultimate power, but it is a power of light and love. 

Take the sword of light and love in your hand, letting it give you all of the strength you need to hold back the dark of fear and the shadows of doubt. This sword of light and love can vanquish them. This sword gives you the strength and the belief you need to handle whatever comes your way. 

For it is a sword that can protect you, but cannot harm others. It fights only fear. You are flanked by Love and Courage; you are armed with a sword of light and love. You are ready to go out into the world 

And there is yet another gift you can take from your peaceful center, the gift of inner sight. As you encounter people who seem difficult, you will be able to recognize the shadow of fear that lies across them. You will be able to see the golden heart that lies in their breast, the true heart of love and truth, and separate from it the shadows of fear and doubt which lie upon them. You will have the power to see into the heart and know what they truly want, who they truly are, and will be able to speak to this glowing heart, not to the fear and the doubt. 

For your sword can cut away the thick and dark covering of fear; it can drive away the misty and clingy shadows of doubt. Your sword is light, your sword is love, and you slice it through the air, clearing the way though the fear and doubt for the true heart of love to emerge. 

And as you look around at the problems, the people, the difficult circumstances, the unwanted events, you see that you are surrounded by people shrouded in fear and doubt, yet with hearts of gold beating underneath, sometimes barely seen. 

And this ability to find the golden, beating, loving heart will help you know how to proceed. It will help you choose people whose hearts are brighter. It will help you slice away the fear and doubt from others in order to show their hearts more clearly. 

And Courage and Love, your constant companions, will whisper to you what to say once you see the heart, will tell you how to speak to it, how to speak up and say what needs to be said, but in a way that enables you to speak to that heart of love and truth, instead of to the fear and doubt. 

And if you begin to feel weak from the battle, if you are surrounded by so much fear and doubt that your sword arm grows weary, just allow your companions, Love and Courage, to take you back down to the place of love, the place deep inside, where you will be refreshed. 

They will hold you up when you are weak. They will bring you down into peaceful rest when it is time to refresh and revive. And when you have rested and are again full of love and belief in yourself, they will lead you out again, hand you your sword of love and light, still shining brightly, ready to vanquish all fear.




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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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