A World of Non-Duality

Carrie Asks:

The Maui messages and visions presented a world of non-duality, one in which there is no right or wrong, no good or bad, in which the rattlesnake and the eagle, the fireman and the terrorist, are all full of godliness, a world where the dark and the light are equally blessed, where things simply are as they are.

In this world, what is our standard of behavior? How can we strive to walk the path toward greater understanding and enlightenment? How do we evolve into the best versions of ourselves?

Quado Answers:

These questions are difficult to answer from the distance, from the perspective of society as a whole, looking from the outside in. And yet, they are not difficult at all when you are in the inside, looking out.

The truth and the best action are all contained within you, in your heart, as you have experiences and as you respond to them. In that moment, the truth will be known and you will have the choice to follow your internal truth or to respond differently, perhaps according to someone else’s truth or the directives of your training. But the truth of what is right for you at any moment is always there. And that truth encompasses what is also right for those around you at that moment as well as the future which is moving toward you and those in your circle at the moment of choice. All of this truth is there; it is all available; it is all contained within your heart and mind in every moment.

It is the truth we have spoken of so often, the truth that lies like a calm pool of water in your center, underneath the fear and the doubt. This is to be the basis for your action, for your choices. And when you learn to live this way, moving always from this truth, even when it requires great bravery, even when it runs counter to what others tell you to do, even when it breaks old rules you were taught to follow, then you cannot help but walk your path of growth and learning, toward the light of understanding, toward the higher lights of your inner soul.

But this light that shines within you, the one that allows you to see what step to take next, is not a light of judgment that condemns others for not seeing you what you see or feeling what you feel.

And you have done much that you are not even aware of that has affected other people. You have hurt feelings, slighted people, all unconsciously. You have walked in heavy boots through the garden of plenty, and your path is strewn with little destructions as a result. But yet, you are a good person. Yet, you did what seemed right to you at the time.

Each step you take must be full of a great sense of your own goodness and wonder as well as constant and instant forgiveness for yourself and others. For this is the human condition, to be fumbling and stumbling as you go, to walk through periods of great confusion, in which you knock over what you pass and other times when you see life clearly and purposefully and stride forward in greatness, unaware even then that you may be walking across a heavily populated terrain, disturbing the lives of others.

But yet it is life. It is your life and that of the close circle in which you live and it is good. It is good because it is. And what is, is what you are here to experience and be and do.

And the terrorist appears evil unless he is your brother, and you are beside him at his sister’s deathbed and cringe with him as his mother is humiliated and begs for mercy. And the fireman is a hero, expect when he is not, when you are beside him as he takes advantage of those with less power as a way to let off the pressure of long hours of tension and danger. And all of it is life and each does what he or she can.

So come down deeply into your own life and live it, not as a pawn of those who would manipulate you with their own views and prejudices, but as a person deeply engaged in each moment and with each person within your circle. Feel that circle of people. Be with them. See if you can uncover their beauty and wonder, underneath what irritates you, underneath your habitual responses. It is there; it shines.

But most of all, go deeply into your own heart and find that truth, today’s truth, this moment’s truth, knowing that it may not be the same as yesterday’s.

Bring it out and hold it like a jewel before you. Let its light shine out upon the choices you need to make in this moment and inform them. Then take a deep breath and step out. Step out in truth; step out in courage, walking your own path.

And as you do this, feel the freedom, let the fresh air of freedom course through your body. And as you do this, feel the holiness, the deep connection with all that is loving and true that always resides within the pearl of personal truth. Truth always contains love and is contained within it. Love is always the foundation of the deepest truth: a love for life, a love for self and a reverence for the godliness of others, every creature, every person.

And as you thus walk in truth and love, deeply connected within spirit no matter what you are doing, your sense of honor will grow. You will begin to honor yourself deeply, for you will begin to understand that you are capable of doing this, that you are capable of making your choices in grace and wisdom, walking your path of light even as you accept the shadow that you cast upon the ground. For it is all you. It is all God. It is. You are.




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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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