Acceptance is a refusal to live in the past

Today’s message is in response to a reader’s question:

“You say that when we are truly aligned, we will wish for nothing, but simply accept what is.  I understand that, but sometimes it sounds passive to me.   What about having goals, and working towards them?  What about passion, and wanting to pursue certain things in life?  I understand that we cannot be attached to our passions, but I think they can be beautiful and healthy.  And it does mean that on certain levels, we still have wishes, desires and goals.”

Quado’s response:

When we speak of acceptance in a spiritual sense, we are speaking of acceptance of the present moment.  In the present moment, the only response must be deep understanding and acceptance, for acceptance in this sense means knowledge, means knowingness, means this and simply this:  in this moment, things are as they are.

Too often, people spend their energies in fighting against what is, and this fighting is denial, a refusal to accept that right now, you are where you are.  And within that denial is a deep ignorance, and within that ignorance is the inability to move from your current state.  How can you move from it, if you do not accept that it is?  How can you formulate a plan of action, if you have shrouded yourself in ignorance and denial?

And so, acceptance is a refusal to live in the past, a refusal to deny what you have done and what others have done and what has simply happened.  Guilt and grief will often keep people in a state of denial.  A lack of forgiveness is also a form on non-acceptance.  For within acceptance of this moment, there must be love and connection with this moment.  To truly accept how things are right now, you must embrace this moment fully and be deeply connected with it.  You must love yourself exactly as you are right now, embracing your body and mind and all that you are.  You must embrace and accept and love this moment, knowing that it is as it is, and as it is, is perfection, for that is the ground state of being, perfection and love.

And then, from this acceptance that things are as they are, and this deep and loving connection with things exactly as they are, you can then move from this moment and choose to make the next moment different.  You can move from this moment with passion, with involvement, with action.  You can move forward with deep commitment and intention to learn the lessons that led you to this place and choose differently in the future.  You can choose to let the next moment be filled with love and light.  You can choose to take physical action that transforms your surroundings.

You can choose a passionately committed life, but it must begin from a deep knowledge and connection with what is, right now, and this is acceptance that things are not different than they are, they simply are.

But this moment cannot stay.  This moment will evolve.  And even though you and this moment are as you are, and even though there is a perfection in what is, yet it will flow and change, for life is change and life is evolution.  And the future is deeply influenced by what is, right now.  The future is just the next moment that happens, and it comes from this moment, yet has its own character as well.  It is not passive; it is active.  It cannot be exactly the same as the moment before.  It must be its own moment.  And as it unfolds, it does so in beauty, if you have infused this moment with beauty.  And as it unfolds, it is brightened by light, if you have brought love and light to this moment.

You cannot find happiness in the future.  You cannot find love in the future.  You can only be in this moment right now.  Love yourself right now, in this moment.  Love your life, right now, in this moment.  Accept this moment exactly as it is and make it as bright and wondrous as you can.  And then, this bright and wondrous beauty will carry into the next moment, which you will then make even brighter with more love and light, and this will then carry into the next moment, which you will make yet brighter and more loving, and so it goes, and so it goes.  And your passion and your caring are making your life and the entire world brighter and brighter.

But as each moment unfolds, with your loving light and with the other elements that enter it, look around and see what is.  Accept each moment as containing what it contains, not what you want it to contain, not what you had hoped it would contain.  This acceptance is knowledge, not apathy, not passivity.  This acceptance is a lack of desire, in that you are one with all that is, right now.  But yet, you bring to it even more love and light, and that brightness transforms the next moment in its cycle.

If you bring to it anger, frustration, blame and disappointment, then these emotions darken this moment and the next moment as well, clouding over the love that could be glowing out from all that you are.


Here is a little prayer for today

I am light and love.  I am deeply connected to this moment and all that it contains.  I am full of knowledge and knowingness, immersed completely in this moment.  And I glow with love and understanding, with the light of knowledge.  I glow with my deep love for life and self and I bring to this moment all that is good and glorious.

I am power and light.  I am love.  I am. 



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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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