Dreams and Stars

You think that your dearest dreams are nearly impossible to achieve. They seem so far out of reach that you often deny them. You make them smaller, seemingly more practical and realistic.

And yet, the opposite is true. Your dreams, no matter what they are, are not too large. They are too small. What is achievable, what can actually be done by you and your connection to all that is, is much greater than anything you could ever dream.

Your dreams, enormous and unreachable as they may seem, are nothing compared to what is possible. The possibilities of your life are infinite. Your reach is enormous. You are filled with power. And all of it, all of the power, all of the ability to create, comes from your deep connection with the loving spirit and power that surrounds you.

Let those dreams be like a star in the sky. Not something you build a starship to reach with your toil and sweat, but a light that shines over your life. Make them large enough to shine brightly. Allow yourself to dream the largest dream you can imagine, the highest hope, the ultimate of what you would wish for your life. Then set it up in the sky to light your life. Let it just be a gentle light flooding down upon your path, so that when there is a choice to be made, you will see the little diamonds paving one path instead of the other, lighting your choices as they sparkle from the light of your star.

Gentle and loving, ever present, this is the way a dream should light a life. Not with fear, desperation, frustration or despair, but with a glowing light. There is no need for desperation or unhappiness if you are not living it right now. It lives in your heart. It lives in your awareness. It lends grace and color to your life as you spend what time you can bathed in its light. It is a part of what makes you unique, interesting. It is a spot of softness in your heart that helps you connect in different ways.

Begin to see your unfulfilled dream as a blessing. Begin to hand it over, to give it breath and freedom, to let it take its own lead. Instead of trying to pin it down with goals, assignments and overwrought plans, let it dream its own dream. Let it evolve. Let it hang up in the sky and mingle with the other stars, stars put there by others, shining and dreaming away. Begin to see through the light of other's dreams as well as your own.

And as you step out into the night and look up to your own star, see the infinite sparkling wonder of all of these dreams, hopes and desires; see that a world exists formed by these stars, an infinite universe of loving possibility, all hanging there lighting your way, sparkling and glowing in the night. Then reach up into it. Lift yourself up into the possibilities. Connect and glow.

Know that each person you encounter has a star hanging in this night sky, filling the world with wonder. Begin to connect with others at this level, at the level of their star, of their dream, of the infinite possibility and wonder that lives within them. Let your heart open wide to encompass all of this. Let your mind relax into the freedom and space of it all, the unending, unbounded openness of life. Let yourself expand into the infinite universe and feel there the pulse of life; hear the beat of the heart of the universe, throbbing, pulsing, aching to become, to expand, to glow and be.

You are this. You are this beating heart, this shining star, this infinity full of shining stars and suns and moons. You are this. You are all of this.



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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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