Give Thanks

Give thanks for each breath you take, for each note of music you hear, for smiles and  laughter, and for the joy within you, deep inside, always there, ever present, a deep joy in simply being alive.

Give thanks for being who you are, just as you are in this moment, on this day, right now. 

Give thanks for the great blessings of your life, for every moment you have lived and for each event and each person that has enriched the depths of your experience as a human being.

And most of all, give thanks for this moment, right now.  Go deeply into it and feel the quickening pulse of life as it pours through your body, filling you with beauty and wonder.

 Just as life is, just as you are, give thanks.


jana 28th November 2008 2:16 pm

I am sick of people and channelers telling me to give thanks. Like I would not do so. If YOU want to give thanks publicly fine, then do so. But STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO DO.

Mariù 28th November 2008 2:45 pm

I don't think that Carrie Hart channelled this message just for YOU personally. There are many people that can land on this page and find this lovely reminder. Many people in their busy life often forget to give thanks for very little daily things. What's wrong with that?

I bet you were really pissed yesterday!! Was an whole day dedicated to giving thanks!!

By the way, Gratitude is never enough.


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