How are we to move into this state of holiness?

Carrie: How are we to move into this state of holiness?

The answer:

You will be guided, of course. And the guidance has already begun.

The keys are meditation and contemplation. And we will continue to produce meditations that will lift people into higher energies, energies of holiness.

Contemplation is important because this is holiness with freedom. You will not be given external rules to follow. You must learn to go within and find your own guidelines for behavior. This is a very personal holiness to be achieved and it requires your conscious and active involvement in the process.

Spend time contemplating sacred writings. You will find that they often ask questions about mystery, about faith, about God, rather than giving answers. That is because their purpose is to lead you to opening your mind so that you may then find your own answers.

You, Carrie, have begun to receive visions that can serve as contemplations for others. This will continue. We will not interpret these visions or try to explain them. Instead we will offer them up as sacred contemplations, to be taken by each person and interpreted in their own way, turned into a holy meaning that is personal, that is deep, that is worthy of this precious life.

And then, throughout the day, you may each begin to live your life a bit differently by watching always for the God that is speaking through each person you encounter and the God that is present in each place you go.

If you look, you will see. If you seek this presence within each moment, you will find it.

Holiness is utter simplicity. It is a way to live that cares not for the circumstances and situations of your life. It does not matter if you are caught in traffic, shopping for groceries, paying the bills or contemplating a perfect sunset. This is your life and it is holy. This moment contains God, for you are one with the wonder and glory that is God. You are God.

And as such, how could this moment not be holy? And the others who surround you, in the car that just cut in front of you, or pushing the grocery cart ahead of you in line, or on the telephone asking you for payment of a charge that you did not incur, these people are holy as well, each and every one. The soldiers in battle, on both sides, are holy, as holy as the monks privileged to be in the distant monastery. All are holy. You cannot help it. They cannot help it. It is what you are.

Our goal here is not to change who and what you are, for that cannot be changed. Our goal is to guide you to finding the holiness inside yourself and others and then to allowing it to express itself through the actions you take in your life. Every moment is a choice you make about how you will spend the precious second that has been granted you in this lifetime.

But do not interpret this as a suggestion that you must change the work that you do, that there are some professions nobler than others. All work done with integrity is noble. The answer is to reach a state of integrity with what you do and to infuse your every thought and action with holiness, which is simply the recognition of the presence of God in everything.

It is simplicity itself.



After the above message from Quado, I went out on the veranda, to watch the sun rise over the ocean. I traced the Karuna Reiki clairvoyance-enhancing symbol over my third eye, an action that had triggered the previous visions. I then received two visions, both of which I recorded in my journal as they came to me.

Mary appears, standing in front of Jesus. She holds out her hand and says, "Come with us now, down into the cave, this tomb of kings."

We enter a cave, dark but spacious. As my eyes adjust, I see that there is some light inside, though I cannot see its source. The air is cool and still. We walk soundlessly across the cool stone floor in the dim light.

Jesus points to the tomb of a king. He was greatly revered and his tomb is covered with stories of his greatness.

"So are the blessed," Jesus says.

We continue walking. He points to another tomb, this one in disrepair. The writings indicate that this was a cruel king, hated and feared, a man responsible for much suffering.

"And yet he is blessed," Jesus says.

Then I see a spirit rising from this tomb, aglow with light, glorious to behold. Angels surround the spirit and sing. I look back to the other tomb and see the same thing, a beautiful glowing spirit surrounded by angels.

The spirits move forward to the center of the cave and merge, becoming one in light and love. Then they are lifted to the light, up through the roof of the cave into the heavens. They are one spirit, one light.

And I am alone in the cave, standing on the cool stones as a fresh breeze blows gently through.


Mary appears with Jesus standing behind her. She holds out her hand and says, "Come with us now to the battlefield."

We are suddenly in the midst of a fierce battle. Soldiers are shooting, running for cover, shooting more. From this vantage point, dropped into this as we were, it is impossible to tell what they are fighting for. But they are dressed differently and it is clear to them who is on which side.

Now I see through the eyes of one soldier. His vision is cloudy. He is in a state of shock, responding only from his training. Then I see through the eyes of a soldier on the other side and it is the same. With the loud sounds, the movement fast and confusing, the dust flying in the air, the experience is even beyond fear. It is beyond what is human and real.

And then for one moment the two soldiers I am within come around the corner and see each other, face to face. Hatred and fear flash across their eyes as they reach for their guns. But it is like slow motion, for Jesus has motioned to a ring of angels who descend, surrounding them. As they raise their weapons, their vision suddenly clears and they see each other as people, as men who can still fall in love and father children, till the soil and watch the sun rise.

This recognition brings tears to their eyes and they turn from each other, back as they came.

Then the angels disappear and the battle continues, the outcome uncertain.




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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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