Life issues you an invitation each morning

When you stand in the fog, the best thing to do is become very still.  The fog always clears, and you will often find it best to stay anchored in a familiar spot in the forest until you can see.

If you cannot do this, then you must rely on your instinct.  You must go deeply inside and ask for guidance with each step, making your choices based on the truth within you and not on the fear of the unknown that surrounds you and into which you are walking.

There are times when walking in the fog can give you greater strength and truth than walking directed by your own volition and active analytical choices.  There are times that the removal of visual signposts allows you greater access to the truth that shines within you, lighting your footsteps one step at a time only.

And when the fog lifts, as it always does, you may find yourself standing in the midst of a glorious garden, surrounded by newness and beauty, a new phase of your life unfolding even as you walked in confusion.

Welcome change.  Welcome even those transitional phases that accompany change, where all of the old directions are lost and the new ones not yet established.  Look back on your life and see the wonder of those periods in your life that seemed difficult at the time but that opened up new vistas of being, new doorways to growth and learning.

What you do not want to do during times of transition is fight to regain what is gone, to walk backward in time, to chase what was or what you had wanted to be.  When life changes all around you, because of circumstances or because you woke up a different person than you were the day before, allow your dreams to change as well.  Do not think yourself weak or confused because you shift your aspirations.  It is appropriate to do this.  Even that star in the sky is changing day by day and the mountain that it shines upon today may not be the mountain it shines upon tomorrow.

All truth is now, in this moment, and only here. Right now, the world is different than it was a second ago and so are you.  Learn this and learn to live within it in joy, for there is great joy in flowing with change.  The joy of stimulation and interest as you are a continually learning and growing person.  The great joy of discovery as you allow yourself to look around and find new flowers sprouting from the earth.  The joy of satisfaction as you see that the golden pears have ripened overnight, while you were off doing something else interesting, and that now is the moment to take a bite and enjoy the golden flowing juices of life’s promise unfolded.

Life is issuing you an invitation each morning, written across the dawn sky in pink and golden inks:  Live.  Live today.  Live now.



Here is a little prayer for today

I breathe in deeply and relax completely.  I am completely relaxed and at peace, one with this moment and this moment only.

I open myself to this day, to all that it holds, to the promise and the wonder of each changing, unfolding moment.  I allow myself to fill with the love and joy that is there for me, ever and always.  I feel it flowing toward me as I greet this day in wonder and in open acceptance of its beauty.

I am one with this glory.  I am one with the beauty of life.  I am.



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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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