Ride the Eagle

You are wondering why you are not more special than you appear to be in this life.  So often you feel buried, unrecognized, and life seems like a burden you bear.  You read that you are to focus on your dreams, that you are to own your life and make your own reality, and yet you are bombarded with other energies, energies that are not of your own making, guidance that leads you astray, images that draw untrue pictures, directions laid out for you that seem to lead you nowhere even though you follow diligently. 

And everywhere you turn, someone wants to give you advice, advice that somehow feels false and over-simplified.  How can it be that simple when your life feels so complicated?  How can it be simple and straightforward when you feel you are tangled up in a web of knots, some of them of your own making but many not so, many just the tangling of interwoven energies in this modern society?  It is dense and confusing.  It is intricate and immensely detailed.  And to find your way through it can seem such an arduous task.

Lift yourself up.  Lift yourself up so that you can look down upon your life and see the larger patterns.  But before you do that, lift yourself up so that you may see the larger patterns that go beyond this little life, that go higher and wider, greater and deeper, than you can possibly imagine. 

Take a ride on the back of this eagle and soar to the skies.  Soar higher and higher up to the stars, up where the planets spin, up where the patterns are so large they contain billions upon billions of stars, all sparkling in the night, each with its own system of planets and swirling patterns.  Go higher and wider, soaring on the back of your eagle, until you see that it is vast and ultimately and deeply unknowable.

And now, listen.  Hear the sound that the stars and planets are making.  Hear the song of the planets as they spin, a heavenly choir of movement and being, a song of infinite beauty.  And as you soar through the skies on the back of your eagle, feel the texture of the life around you.  Feel that it is all made of love. 

Everything is made of love.  Love is the song, love is the movement, love is the energy driving all that is, love is the substance of all that is.  Love is all and everything, in a great glowing wonder.

And now, let it all blend together in a great flow of love, love moving like air, the planets in a free-wheeling dance of love, all beauty and wonder, all light and color, movement and art, flowing and being in the great song of love that is this life, this universe, this being.

And feel yourself dissolve into it.  Feel the eagle disappear as you find you can float and fly yourself, flying among the dancing planets, flying through the wonder of love that is all, the air thick with love, love sustaining you and carrying you like fluffy clouds, like flowing lava, like all that is and is not in the flowing, dissolving beauty and wonder of all.

Feel how every molecule of your body, every bit of your mind and body is a part of everything else that is.  Feel how you are nothing and you are everything.  Feel how you are one with what is and what is not, how there is no light or darkness, there is no this or that, there is no absence and presence, no black or white, just being.  And all the great dance of the planets and stars becomes one vast movement and glow, one great ever-moving, ever-present, ever-still glow of being that simply is. 

And you, you are part of this.  You are this.  There is nothing that is not you, ever and always.  You are all that was and is and will be.  It is all you, glowing golden, charged with energy and light.  You are.

And now float down into your everyday dream of a life, float down as a leaf that floats gently from the highest bough, back and forth, gently dropping with the wind, settling down gently into this little place in the forest that is your life.  See how the noise and drama of your life is just that:  noise and drama.  See how there is an essence that underlies all that is, and that essence is love and that essence is pure being.  And the veneer on top of that love and being is nothing, like a shiny surface that distracts as it picks up colors that are not its own.

Reach down under the noise, under the chaotic movement and meaningless movement, reach down underneath and feel the presence and wonder of love and being.  Reach down underneath and feel the deep connection with all that is, with its unchanging nature, with its intricate simplicity.

There is a truth here, under the flashing mirrors.  I am.  That is the truth.  I am that I am.  I am.

Breathe it in.  I am.  Breathe it out into the world.  I am.  This peace, this wonder, this connection, this being.  All that is, I am.  All that will be, I am right now.  There is no other, there is no else, just the quiet beauty beneath the clatter and flash of mirrors. 

I am this beauty and wonder.  I am this deep abiding peace. I am.



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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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