Soul Steps

All around you, hear the stones falling and dropping to the earth, then crumbling into dust.  All around you, hear the crashing down of the old as it falls. Do not be startled by the sound. Do not run and hide.  Do not be concerned if dust clouds your vision for a time.

Stand here in this place that is created by your soul as you go deep inside and find there your own peace, your own personal truth, the center of your universe.  Stand safely and quietly here inside and watch; do not be afraid.

Look here, where a wall has fallen and a beautiful garden is now revealed, a garden that was carefully tended for centuries, kept as a fabulous secret and available only to the privileged few.  And now, the weeds begin to spring up and the wall has crumbled to dust.  But look, look.  The flowers are still blooming and the trees are still standing, ready to bear fruit in the coming spring.  There is beauty and bounty here, waiting to be tended by new gardeners. 

And here, across another crumbed wall, there is an open field with deeply fertile soil that is waiting to be planted.  And as you set foot on this fertile earth, you suddenly see a handful of seeds in your right hand and a watering can of pure water in your left.  And something within you yearns to farm this land.

The fields of possibility stretch out endlessly.  It is opening all around you, windows where once there were solid walls, passageways opening wider and wider.

And this is all you need to do:

  • Let fear fall away like the walls; let it drop to the ground and crumble along with the dust of old ways of being and seeing and doing. 
  • Go into your heart and feel your courage.  Pull it out and allow it to fill your entire body, a golden glow of courage expanding outward. 
  • Let your intuition guide you to the opportunities. They are all around you.  Choose one thing and begin to walk toward it. 
  • Take one brave step every day.  One telephone call, one conversation.  One act of courage every day, moving toward something new and unknown, full of courage and curiosity, willing to let life unfold as it will.

Each act of courage, each small but brave step through those crumbling walls and into the fields of possibility, is a soul step, a soul step toward a new life of beauty and wonder.

Stop for a moment and go inside and ask:  Am I to do this, take a brave step every day, just one little thing, but every day at least one?

And hear the answer calling out:  Yes, yes!  Step out.  Yes, yes. 

And a year from now you will look back and see the path you have forged into the new world that is being built all around you.

It beckons.  It awaits.  Take a deep breath and step out now.


Rainbow Warrior 23rd March 2009 12:06 pm

All around you, hear the crashing down of the old as it falls. I FEEL it all around me falling ? So hard not to be pulled back and forth and yet stand in one place as so many are falling and have not come up to a higher vibrational level. Detachment and letting go has been my answer.
Thank you

Nada 23rd March 2009 7:20 pm

With every step we move closer to feeling divine guidance from within, and further away from, "System-ick" bondage. It's exciting! Yet, still in the mix with all the exciting transitions taking place, NOW. WOW!


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