Step Out of Your Head and Into this Moment

Step out of your head and into this moment.  You will find it in your senses, in the veins of a leaf and the petals of a dew-kissed rose; in the crisp smell of morning and the aroma of baking cookies; in earth under bare feet and water pouring over bare skin; in sweet peaches and tangy oranges; in the song of birds at dawn and the sound of leaves crunching underfoot.

Let your body guide you deeply into this moment.  Say it:  Now, this moment.  Know it, own it:  Now, this moment.  Embrace it fully and be within it; hold it close to your heart. 

And within the deep embrace of this moment, right now, know the truth in your heart:  I am deeply loved and surrounded by help and guidance.

Within the embrace of this moment, right now, know the truth in your center:  I am one with all that is.

Then let the vast ocean of your calm mind fill with the only thought you need in this moment:  I am.  


Rainbow Warrior 14th May 2009 12:21 pm

The moment is all that any of us really have.

k 14th May 2009 1:03 pm

Or, recall the wonder watching through a microscope, when the halo of light forms around a sea urchin's egg immediately after it is fertilized, cried as a new baby is born knowing the trials and triumphs he will face, just enjoyed hearing the snoring and groaning of your beloved dogs. Through the mists of the Dark Night of the Soul there are moments of joy and of sorrow, but we allow ourselves to feel, to open our hearts with love. Painful many times, but without feeling we miss out on one of the great purposes of our existance here and we do not come to know the true passion of living.

3littlebirds 15th May 2009 8:28 pm

I am so happy this is on here tonight. this morning I woke up with that exact thought on my mind. I found an old book, The Power of Now. and read a few chapters. Then kept that in my mind, or tried not to keep it in my mind. But I just got home from work and here is this. I guess someone is trying to tell me something.
Thanks for reminding me. I did keep reverting to it all day. It is great.
Great article. Thank you.

k 16th May 2009 12:40 pm

Yes 3littlebirds, it is the ability to enjoy the very simple things in life that helps us stay in the now.


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