The Air of Freedom

There is freedom all around you. It blows through like a fresh breeze, cleansing the house in which your mind dwells, rippling the curtains as it moves. And a part of you yearns to follow it, to fly out the window, to catch that breeze of freedom and leave the worries and burdens of your life behind.

And this you can do. You can climb out of that dusty attic, full of the relics of your childhood, newspapers piled up to the rafters, old toys discarded on the floor, corners piled high with the stones you carry on your adult back.

Leave this and step outside on this lovely balcony where the air of freedom blows fresh across the land, down from the hills and out to the sea.

Breathe in the beauty of life in this moment, right now. Breathe in the wonder of fresh and new possibility. Smell the air coming from the fertile soil, rich with promise. Smell the salty air blowing off the sea, fresh with adventure. Breathe in the perfumed air coming from the garden, full of the wonder of each perfect rose.

All of this is there for you. All of this opens to you. All of this is yours to embrace, simply by stepping out of that attic and out here, outside, into the fresh air of being.

Let us then stand here together, enjoying the view and breathing in the freedom of being. Let us embrace this day from the pink-streaked sunrise through to the deep orange and golden sunset, each moment unique and full of beauty.

This day is yours to own, to embrace, to inhabit fully.

Love it. Love yourself. Love your life. Take a deep breath and open your arms wide, inviting the full force of life to enter you and be one with you now.

Give thanks for the blood that flows through your veins and the breath that fills your lungs. What a privilege to be alive!



Daniel 19th September 2007 1:45 am

Please have a look at the text lay out. Can you correct it


Mariù 19th September 2007 3:40 am

Thank you Daniel!! Corrected now.



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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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